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M. I. H. G Chapter 173: curiosity kills cats, and so does for humans.

Frank would never believe that Xiao Hei’s blind songs could have hundreds of thousands of playbacks. There were definitely not so many fools in China! So, he looked at Xiao Hei and asked: “You honestly explain, how did you do that.”

“Ten dollars five hundred powder, a large number of discounts, or I also give you brush?”

“Ahem.” Although the cowhide was uncovered and vaguely exposed, Xiao Hei replied shamelessly and truthfully: “Ten Yuan and five hundred Pinyin, a large number of discounts is still preferential money, or should I brush it for you?”

Frank decisively asked Xiao Hei to go back to play the game, and then specifically told him that he was going to record a love song for Lin Xiaoxin. The picture might be ashamed, and he must not come in. So, Xiao Hei left with a mouthful of assurance and Frank closed the door, and then walked into the soundproof room with Jigglypuff.

When the lights are full, the accompaniment sounded and the microphone was handed over! Frank put the microphone in front of Jigglypuff. But Jigglypuff didn’t know how to use his two cat claws to complete the movement of grabbing the microphone, but it looked like a big singer in the world of Meow. And Frank said to him: “Big brother, please sing.”

There had been one main reason for Frank to go out of the soundproof room before Jigglypuff sang, letting him exert his singing voice. There should be no problem as long as Jigglypuff sang in the soundproof room. Jigglypuff’s singing can make people sleep, but as long as Frank couldn’t hear it, he was in the security of sleeping.

Technology has changed life.

Frank was sitting outside the soundproof room and watching the fat cat singing inside. He could not hear the sound, so he was a little bored. Suddenly, his mind was wide open, and if he could sing by himself to make people sleep, so what about recording it? Did the recorded fat singer’s song still have the same effect?

Frank thought of this, and immediately opened the recording equipment in the soundproof room of Xiao Hei from the operating console outside, and began to record Jigglypuff singing.

It was said that Jigglypuff’s singing was actually a mystery. Although it had been singing in manga and other works, it had no hypnotic effect, and it was definitely not the true singing of Jigglypuff.

What is the song that can directly hypnotize people?

As the saying goes, curiosity kills cats and so does humans.

Once curiosity comes up, the person will do something stupid.

For example, when Frank was in his fifth grade, he saw on TV that someone couldn’t take off a light bulb after put it in his mouth, and finally they had to take it to the hospital.

‘How is this possible?’ Thought Frank.

So, the fifth-grade kid thought he could remove the light bulb, such as screws and nuts, which could not only be inserted, but also pulled out, and the things could not be firmly fixed.

Can the light bulb get tighter than the screw when it enters the mouth? So, Frank went decisively to find the light bulb, trying to prove that he was more resourceful than the adults on TV. But it’s a pity that Frank’s father took the safety issue of furniture seriously. Nothing at home could easily expose children to dangerous things.

All the lights were the kind of covered headlights, and Frank couldn’t remove them. But he found in the kitchen that his mother had washed the pears before leaving in the morning. And the shape of the pear was the same as that of a light bulb. As a result, he shot a big leg, he would just use pears!

As for the end of things.

In the end, Frank had a pear in his mouth, endured the pain that his chin was suspected of dislocation, he went to their neighbors and knocked on the door of the neighbor’s house across the door, and let the young lady’s girl from the neighbor insert a spoon in his mouth and cut spoonfuls of pear from Frank’s mouth then dug them out and saved his life.

However, although the grown-up Frank’s IQ is a little higher, curiosity was still not too small. He thought to listen to Jigglypuff’s song from the headphones connected to the soundproof room, but not directly, so even if there is a hypnotic effect, it should not immediately take effect. He definitely has time to turn off the headphones before falling asleep completely.

Thinking of listening here, Frank sat on the Xiao Hei’s chair of the recording equipment and then hung up the headphones, then turned it on.

“Bo ~ pineapple radish ~ Bomile ~ Bobo Milebo ~ Bobo ~ Giggle ~ Libo ~ Bolipo”

Jigglypuff’s singing went straight into Frank’s ears without any precaution, and he only felt like he had been in the night for ten and a half months. He is dying to fall asleep. He really wanted to sleep. Frank’s brain gave his body sleep instruction directly, indicating him to sleep immediately.

It seemed like he had to remember what he was must do before, turn off the headphones then going to sleep.

Why didn’t he go to bed first?

And Frank decisively chose to sleep, lying on the chair with headphones. It’s as if life has never been so peaceful, and sleep feels like never been before. A complete relaxation had fallen on all his body as if he had never been so comfortable.

Although Frank used to sleep on his stomach. In theory, this kind of sleeping posture would be very uncomfortable. But now, Frank only feels as if he is sleeping with his head resting on the warm big legs of a young girl with a faint vanilla taste, with naughty hair caressing his face, soft whispers are in his ears, and her nose was full of fragrance. This posture was so comfortable.

Suddenly, Frank felt someone pushed him: “Wake up, wake up.”

This should be the girl which was his own pillow calling him to get up.

“Let me sleep for a while, baby.” Frank subconsciously grabbed someone’s hand.

“To the Bed!” a cry of surprise came over. This sound was rough when he heard it, letting him wake up instantly.

Frank opened his eyes to look who pushed him, the result was only to see Xiao Hei’s face pointed at him in shock: “I treat you as a brother, and you think of me when you dream!”

“Well.” Frank immediately responded and stated his position. “Who wants to be with you, and I always want to be your father.”

“This is fine,” Xiao Hei said, holding his hands in front of his chest: “If you have a daughter with Lin Xiaoxin in the future, I can make you my dad. I have no problem with you. My future father-in-law.”

“Do you have any more discipline?” Frank looked at Xiao Hei and said.

“It’s you who didn’t do the exercises. It’s you who came to practice singing. As a result, you came here to sleep with me in your dreams.” Xiao Hei said, turned around, and then said, “Why did you lock the cat inside?”

Before Frank had time to say anything, he saw Xiao Hei walking towards the glass door of the soundproof room: “The cat is probably going to be bored; I will open the door.”

“Wait a minute!” Frank shouted at Xiao Hei: “Don’t open the door!”

You should know Jigglypuff can still sing in it at this time. If Xiao Hei opens the door, Jigglypuff’s voice leaks out. It is estimated that by then, the entire building will have to fall asleep.

What to do if someone is exercising in bed and suddenly falls asleep.

If someone secretly watched a short movie without their parents being behind him. After falling asleep, their parents woke up earlier than him and saw what he was looking at before, how to explain it all to them.

It’s OK to see AV. It’s the natural throb of youth. And the lovely boy is looking at it. What to do!

But it was too late for Frank to shout, Xiao Hei had opened by the door of the soundproof room!

‘I am ruined.’ Frank thought.

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