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M. I. H. G Chapter 174: Insomnia

When Frank was about to fall asleep, he heard Xiao Hei surprised him by asking him: “Why should I wait.”

‘Hasn’t Xiao Hei opened the door yet?’ Frank raised his eyes and saw that Xiao Hei had opened the door at that time, but there was no sound coming from the soundproof room.

Jigglypuff was so spiritual that he didn’t continue singing when he saw someone coming. Frank looked into the soundproof room and found that Jigglypuff was watching it right now. What’s the matter? Who has offended this little ancestor?

“It’s okay,” Frank hurriedly said to Xiao Hei: “I just fell asleep.”

“I said.” Xiao Hei went into the soundproof room, glanced at Jigglypuff, then turned to Frank and said, “Your cat seems to be getting fatter.”

“You’re wrong.” Frank knew that it was Jigglypuff who was angry, so he got swollen.

However, this unscientific thing was inconvenient for Xiao Hei, so Frank forcedly explained, “Maybe this cat has been in the soundproof room for a long time and because he scratching his hair, it appearing Fat.”

“Oh, that’s it?” Xiao Hei believed it for the time being.

Frank went into the soundproof room and wanted to hold Jigglypuff, but Jigglypuff directly rejected Frank, even when he used a cat food to lure him.

Frank had to bring the cat box over and let Jigglypuff get in.

Who caused this little guy to provoke it?

Frank thought.

Frank plug in the data cable with his mobile phone, and imported the song that Jigglypuff just sang into her mobile phone, and then deleted all the recordings stored in the soundproof room.

“Why, you are afraid I can hear you.” Xiao Hei saw Frank’s action and said.

“I sang a love song for my cousin; You’re not ashamed to hear me?”

“Tut tut Tut, what’s shy about big men? You don’t run naked for love like foreigners do.”

“I’m afraid I was shot off before I ran a few steps.”

“That’s right,” Frank continued, “what are you going to have for dinner? Let’s make it together.”

“It’s called supper in the middle of the night.” Xiao Hei yawned and said, “I will go to die recently. I want to go to bed earlier today, so you can go to supper alone. I can’t eat anymore.”

“It is not so dark to go to sleep.” Frank thought it was at most seven or eight at this time, and said, “wait at least eleven or two o’clock.”

“You really didn’t wake up,” Xiao Hei pointed Frank’s pocket: “Take a look at your own phone, it’s time now.”

Frank took out his mobile phone and brightened the screen.

Lying down! He saw the clock on his mobile phone screen clearly shows that it is now 11.40 Pm on the Internet!

You should know that Frank was gone Xiao Hei’s home from less than six o’clock. Did he sleep for more than five hours in this sleep?

Frank finally knew why Jigglypuff had so much resentment. Because even if it liked so much to sing and wanted to be a big star, it had sung in the practice room for more than six hours, and the only listener was Frank in sleeping, so he would be exploded.

This fat little singer is better than sleeping pills.

Frank came out of Xiao Hei’s house and returned to his living room with Jigglypuff, and then took out all the delicious food that was originally prepared for the big cat trying to comfort him, but Jigglypuff refused to accept it. He was still very angry, even fatter and looked like a person wich went explode.

Helpless Frank was comforting and had assured Jigglypuff the next time, he would never be left him alone in the soundproof room for so long.

Jigglypuff forgave Frank before this and then went to enjoy these delicious foods.

They all say that having a cat is the same as having a girlfriend. It really doesn’t lie to him.

Frank looked at Jigglypuff who was going down gradually and shook his head helplessly.

Because he had slept for six hours successively, Frank had no drowsiness at all, and he felt that he would have no problem until tomorrow night.

So Frank stayed awake and started to translate Russian drama. In one breath he came to more than four in the morning. the translation

” Frank… Frank, when you get up tomorrow morning, recommend me some sleeping pills. I don’t know if it’s the reason for staying up late. Why can’t I fall asleep for several days.”

Lao Bo suddenly sent a message to Frank.

“Why did you suddenly lose sleep?” Frank sent a message asking Lao Bo.

“You haven’t slept yet?” Lao Bo expressed surprise at four in the morning that Frank hadn’t slept yet.

“You know me, I’m used to staying up all night playing games, you first talk about what causes insomnia?”

“Maybe it’s too much pressure to do video recently. The copywriting is not easy to write, the materials are not easy to find, and people who don’t know where they came from, grabbed me a few small mistakes that are not well-groomed, and hacked me online. “

“Don’t bother with these people,” Frank said in a message, “That’s what it does. There are always people who like it, and there are always people who don’t like it. Just ask questions seriously, and some people are brainless Black, you just ignore it. “

“Now think about it, is it a good choice to make a video yourself?” Lao Bo said, “The things that have been worked hard all night and all night have been criticized by others in two or three sentences. You say I am in my the other games in the video are all well-founded, but I have received several inexplicable hacks on my part. “

“Of course, it’s a good choice.” Frank said to Lao Bo, “Why isn’t it a good choice. Someone is black saying you’re on fire, blocking someone’s way or making others jealous. What’s the matter? In other words, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear it. This is also the case. If you want praise, you must be scolded.

“No more, no more.” Lao Bo sent a message, “I really like this business anyway, although so far, I haven’t received any advertising and no income, but it’s a good thing to do it Yes, I am going to sell my chicken farm and get a professional studio to do it. “

“Don’t do it.” Frank quickly persuaded the old to boil, “Your chicken farm has a good income and sold it. You can take time to manage it or hire someone to manage it. If you are now doing video professionally, once you earn If it fails to meet expectations, or if there is conflict between content and advertisements, it will seriously affect the quality of the video. Feelings cannot be eaten. Please take your time. I would like to think of some medicines that have wonderful effects in treating insomnia. “

Frank asked Lao Bo to wait first, ready to open his WeChat, and wanted to find out if there was any relevant professional teacher who could give an opinion.

But after Frank took out his phone, he suddenly remembered it.

It seems to me that I just recorded the song of Jigglypuff into my mobile phone?