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M. I. H. G Chapter 176: Someone seems to have been hit.

The three men joked and laughed, suddenly Xiao Hei asked Frank what he was looking for.

“My computer’s host is broken, and I have an emergency. I’m afraid it’s too late to buy one. I saw that the computer connected to your recording device was very good that day and I want to buy it directly for me.”

“Give 10,000 Yuan.” Xiao Hei waved his hand and said: “I have another new computer like mine. I just come to ask someone to bring it to me back from the warehouse.”

Frank took out the old cell phone that the express delivery man gave to him, and then turned the password in the memo, after writing it down, opened Alipay in the cell phone, and transferred to Xiao Hei 10,000 Yuan.

Xiao Hei was too lazy to accompany Frank to get the computer together, so he gave him the key to his room door, and let it got it by himself.

After arriving at Xiao Hei’s house, Frank took out the computer with the recording equipment, returned him the key and then went to his own house. He turned on the computer, downloaded the software and checked it again. He found this computer has not been restored. So, Frank used the same method to destroy his computer’s hard disk.

Ten thousand Yuan used; ninety thousand Yuan left.

Frank glanced proudly at the ninety thousand Yuan left in the old phone. Frank’s dad is good at everything, even if he knew nothing about the area he was not interested in, he was too lazy to ask people.

Therefore, Frank’s dad thought that the original audio recorded by Frank was in a recording device, but it was not. All the content was stored in a computer connected to the recording device.

The price is of course much cheaper.

Thinking that he might need to spend money to go to Jingling and stayed one night. The rest of the 80,000 yuan was transferred to an account called Xiaomi, and he was sent to the United States.

After doing this, this old mobile phone can also be scrapped. Frank chose to reset the phone, and then unloaded the broken chip, and then threw it into the trash bin downstairs along with the microwave oven he had scrapped.

At this time Sao Wen’s phone was also coming, saying that the RV had been installed at the bottom of the building to drive them to the gate of their community and asked Frank to go down.

Frank prepared Jigglypuff’s food for a few days, brought the cat box, filled with Jigglypuff, and went downstairs.

“Why are you still carrying a cat?” Sao Wen asked Frank when he saw him with a cat box.

“My friend’s cat is very delicate, I can’t leave it alone at home, for fear of accidents. So, I take it with me.”

“The cat can still be brushed on the way.” Tang Rui opened the cat box and looked curiously at the lion cat Jigglypuff in the cat box. Jigglypuff looked at Tang Rui with a white eye.

“This cat is proud, don’t touch it, you can’t touch it.” Frank said.

“Forget it. I don’t want to scratch my hand. I think that kind of sticky cat is only available on the Internet.”

Tang Rui closed the cat box and the men got on the car together. This is a very large family RV. In addition to the driver sitting in the driver’s seat, the remaining space is enough for the three people to play cards, drink tea and play computer games. And so on.

Frank took off the lid of the cat box, and then put the cat box on a bracket of the RV and fixed it to prevent it from falling down.

It takes about six hours to drive from Haiping to Jingling. It’s noon. It’s more than 12 o’clock. It’s about seven or eight o’clock when the four people will have to arrive in Jingling City. Apart from the fact that Tang Rui’s driver’s license hasn’t come down yet, the three of the four people, each of whom can drive for two hours, it was almost enough.

Sao Wen used a Bluetooth speaker to play music, which caused Jigglypuff to come out of the cat box. It seemed he wanted to sing, but he had an agreement with Frank, so he finally resisted and lay down on the Bluetooth speaker listening to the music above.

About three hours later, the driver had been changed from Zhu Longlong to Sao Wen. At this time, it was gradually raining in the sky. This was a summer shower. The four people didn’t care. The car continued to move forward, but the speed was much slower. Sao Wen also opened the wiper.

At this point, the RV was already driving on the outskirts of a small town, and thunder continued to come from the wilderness and Frank reminded Sao Wen: “Sao Wen, drive slowly, please don’t get into trouble, it’s a shower, and it will over in a while.”

Sao Wen turned his head and said to Frank: “don’t care.” and was about to reduce the speed of the car.

Suddenly the mobile phone on the stand in front of the car rang and Sao Wen glanced, someone called on the phone, and the caller was an elementary girl who had been ambiguous before.

Sao Wen connected the phone, then said: “Hey, baby, what? I am now driving. What’s the matter? wait for me to call you later.”

“For a while, you’ll be afraid of pulling me out,” said the angry voice of the elementary girl, shouting to Sao Wen: “I asked you, didn’t you tell me that you were interned at Haiping Local Hospital?”

“Yes, just the affiliated hospital in our school.”

“You big liar, I went to see your mentor today, and your mentor told me that you have interned for the magic!”

“Why are you looking for my mentor?” Sao Wen also did not expect his elementary school girl had such an outing, and suddenly it was a rollover.

“You didn’t send me good night when you went to bed last night, I knew there was a problem. As soon as I asked your mentor, you were really ready to leave.” The elementary girl said in an atmosphere.

Because Sao Wen was driving and the phone was on the stand, the other people as Frank also heard Sao Wen’s conversation.

“A woman’s sixth sense is terrible.” Zhu Longlong shook his head and said, “I had a little soot smell on my body before, my wife guessed that I went to an Internet cafe.”

Tang Rui asked curiously: “How could she guess that? You smoke yourself, too. You just say you don’t smoke yourself.”

“You’re stupid.” Frank looked at Tang Rui and said, “The cigarette you smoke is a kind of taste. How can there be a variety of mixed flavors like Internet cafes.”

“I told you to go to Internet cafes and stay in the smoking area.” Tang Rui said.

Just as the three were talking, Sao Wen’s attention was unavoidable because he had to cope with the elementary school girl and drive a car.

Fortunately, at this time, the shower stopped suddenly, and there was no rain blurring the sight.

But suddenly Sao Wen shouted, “Look!”

The RV stopped abruptly, and the fat cat lying on the Bluetooth speaker slipped off the Bluetooth speaker because of inertia.

Jigglypuff suddenly started to turn around, but where did gone the four people in the car care. About it, they hurried to the front of the car and asked Sao Wen: “What happened? What happened?”

“It seems I hit someone!” Sao Wen slammed the steering wheel angrily, then turned off the mobile-phone call, and threw it aside.

“Hurry on and see.” All four medical students in the car hurried off the car to see what happened.

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