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M. I. H. G Chapter 177: Think About Compensation

After the four people got out of the car, they found there was no one in the front of the car. But before the four people would be approached, the person underneath the car came out smoothly on his own. Sao Wen’s scarred face was all white at that time, and he hurried over. This was a young man who looks between 25 and 30 years old.

“Brother, are you okay?” Sao Wen saw blood on the ground, and he became trembling. And after a while, the shaking heart finally recovered.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” The young man waved his hand, holding his left arm and standing up barely.

“You don’t move,” Sao Wen said quickly: “I’ll see if it hurts.”

“You do not need to look. It’s okay.” The young man stood up crookedly, then kicked the ground with a few feet, trying to prove he was fine.

Seeing this young man didn’t seem to have any big problems, the hearts of the four people finally let go.

However, the appearance of the guy did not seem to have a problem, which did not mean he was really okay. Some of the medical doctors knew that impact always caused internal injuries. Some people seemed to be okay. Maybe when they got home, they would suddenly die after a few hours.

That’s troublesome.

Frank took a look at the front of the RV and found it was not so damaged. This meant the young man was only slightly hit, and it was not serious.

But they had to check to be sure.

“So, brother, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that people would suddenly come out on the highway.” Sao Wen looked at the young man and said, “Otherwise, you get in our car, we will take you to find a hospital for inspection.”

The young man seemed a little angry. He was holding his left arm, which was temporarily immobile and said: “It’s all right!”

Frank was somewhat perplexed by the attitude of the young man.

Sao Wen still looked at the young man uneasily and pursued: “Brother, I’m afraid you have local bleeding or torn tissue in internal organs. You and we go to the town, and you would have an abdominal ultrasound and act examination of the skull, OK?”

The more you study medicine, the more you understand the vulnerability of the human body. So, many people think that when they get sick, they will have a reaction in the body. They can see and observe. But some injuries or illnesses, because of the patient’s constitution, will behave differently. And some patients looked good the day before but died directly the next day. No instrument inspection is needed, but by observation and judgment can be seen.

Take myocardial infarction as an example. Some people can feel something wrong with their heart when they block up at 30 to 40 percent. Some people can feel something wrong when they block up at 80 to 90 percent. They only have a slight reaction, and can still exercise normally.

Of course, this did not mean that 90% of the people who are blocked were in good health, and this disease has no effect on him. It was just the impact was small and slowly accumulates until one day when it suddenly erupted, a wave would take the person away.

Now all four people were worried about is that this person should be hit by an internal injury. In case, when he goes and returned home and had a meal and slept and the next day he would not wake up.

It’s estimated that the four people will face the policeman who was found after the accident in the police office.

So instead of being scared and frightened these days, it was better to figure it out all at once. If it was okay, there would be evidence which this person could not poke them afterward.

But this young man did not intend to be kind to understand Sao Wen and said stiffly: “I do not need.”

“What if your body has a problem?” Sao Wen asked.

“I have health insurance.” The young man said this and was going to leave.

Could this health insurance cover traffic accidents?

Frank almost believed it, but when it came to thinking about the insurance industry, it was all descendants of Dracula. They could pay less if they could pay less and if they could not pay they didn’t pay. How could they already even pay for a car accident? So Frank guessed that something wrong. As well as Frank finally was aware, something was wrong. So he directly opened the sight of Athena and strengthened its insight.

Seeing the young man was going to leave, Sao Wen hurriedly turned on the recording in his mobile phone and shouted at the young man: “Brother, first don’t leave. I’ll give you five hundred Yuan. Go to the hospital and have a check your health, if you have any questions, call me.”

But I don’t know if Frank’s friends did any good in their last life. The young man they met today really didn’t want Sao Wen to lose anything, and he just left.

Just then, Frank saw a wallet on the ground, which should be to the young man and fell off from him when he was hit.

So, Frank calmly walked over to pick up the wallet and shouted at the young man, “Brother, your wallet has dropped.”

While the young man turned his head, Frank opened the wallet and looked at it a few times, as if he was checking whether there was something missing in the wallet.

It was a wallet. In fact, it was a card wallet. There are many card pockets in it, but there was not a card in these card pockets.

On the left side of the card case, inside the plastic transparent card bag, there was a picture of a middle-aged woman. The plastic card bag was tightly attached to the wallet. Frank tried to touch it with his fingers, but the photo has been in the card bag for a long time, and it has been tightly attached to it. So, it was not easy to remove it.

“Is this your wallet?” Frank asked the young man.

“It’s mine if it is not mine. For who else can it be?” The young man said, reaching out his hand and begging Frank to give him his wallet, and he would leave then.

As Frank reached out and handed him his wallet, he asked to pretend not to care: “Who is in your wallet? It looks so good.”

“My object.” The young man answered subconsciously.

But as soon as he said it, he saw Frank pull out his wallet away with his fingers, revealing a picture of a woman about thirty or forty-years-old inside.

“This is my mother.”

The young man immediately changed his face, and then stretched his hands violently, wanting to snatch the wallet from Frank’s hand, despite the pain he felt right after being hit. But as soon as he took the wallet and his arm was retracted. Frank jumped forward and gave a punch and hit the young man’s belly and because this punch was fierce and quick, and this guy was hit by the car shortly before, he immediately lost his resistance. And Frank pressed the young man directly under him.

Frank’s three roommates suddenly saw that Frank directly struck the young man who was hit by them, and they immediately caught Frank. Could it be that Frank, in order to avoid compensation in the future, would like to have a dead body?

“Don’t you want to tie him to bring him to the hospital?”

Tang Rui didn’t know where the brain circuit was wrong and suddenly said so: “Frank, what’s wrong? What are you doing? Hey, the young man did not even think about compensation, and he did not need anything.

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