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M. I. H. G Chapter 178: Misunderstanding

“Bind your big head ghost,” said Frank, looking at the three roommates standing beside him, “come over and help me to hold him.”

Although the three roommates did not know why Frank suddenly attacked this person but after four years together, they still knew that Frank had no mental problems and was quite reliable for most of the time. So, the three came directly to help it to tie on the young man who was struggling. Thereby with their help, Frank’s hands were temporarily freed. Then he pulled out his shoelaces and had tied the young man’s hands and feet with medical buckles.

“I just found out now that when we usually carry rabbits for experiments and tie them up with the rope that way it is not that different from binding people too.” Tang Rui said while watching Frank’s skillful movements.

“This thing was originally not tied to animals.” Said Frank while touching the young man.

When Frank had touched the young man, he found a box of jewelry, and after opening the jewelry box, he found various jewelry which was either gold or diamond-studded, and all looked expensive. So, he kept touching the young man. Now, he found a stack of cash banknotes with a serial number, which should be new. When he touched it again, he found no more.

After all, this young man was not Tinkerbell, why he could hold so many things in his pocket?

At this time, a few talents of Tang Rui reacted, this man was a thief.

“This is a thief.”

“It’s why he probably wants to go,” Frank said looking at the young man. “Otherwise, why we have hit him and not even have to pay the compensation?”

“Let’s call the police.” Zhu Longlong asked, looking at Frank.

“Of course, you still want to eat black?” Frank held the jewelry box and cash, facing the glass of the driver’s seat of the car so that the car’s driving recorder could capture the things, and then he put both things in on the ground.

Zhu Longlong already took the mobile phone at this time and started to call the police and Frank called Sao Wen and said: “Go to the car and make a copy of the driving recorder. Then you will save a copy on your mobile phone and give it to the police.”

“Ok,” Sao Wen said, heading for the driver’s seat.

“Please let me go,” the young man wailed and said: “If you give me to the police, I will be dead.”

“Brother.” Frank looked at the young man and squatted down and said: “Although the number of thefts is a bit large, it can’t be sentenced only by a few years. But it’s a different story if you rob with a knife.”

“Even if he is robbed with a knife, he cannot be sentenced to death.” Tang Rui said.

“What if he kills someone?”

“Oh.” Tang Rui heard Frank’s words, looking at the young man’s eyes a little more scared, and then holding the man’s hand more hard.

“I, I didn’t kill anyone, he died by himself!” The young man shouted. “I was wronged.”

“Really dead ?!” Tang Rui looked at the young man and said, “It wasn’t you who killed you or did someone hit it with your knife?”

“I don’t have a knife,” said the young man. “I didn’t kill anyone either. Someone designed to trap me.”

“It’s strange.” Frank was curious about the young man now. It didn’t look very brave either, and he didn’t carry a knife when he was caught. He was not like a man who would rob and kill someone. Moreover, you should know Frank has been driving Athena’s eyes from the beginning until now. As a result, according to Athena’s judgment, the man did not lie. So, there were only two cases. Either this young man was telling the truth, or this young man was a very trained man who could hide Athena’s vision.

Frank felt that his field of affairs was not as good as Conan’s the god of the death field. When visiting a park, he can encounter professional killers flying helicopters to shoot shooting games.

So, this man should be telling the truth and Frank thought he was trapped. So, Frank motioned to Tang Rui to turn the man over and stared at him after looking at the man, he asked: “Tell me more about it in detail.”

“You, what are you asking for?” The young man seemed a little distrustful of Frank.

“Did you know a group of drug lords broke into the department store in downtown Haiping not long ago?”

“Yes I know,” the young man replied immediately. “Is it you who did it? It’s impossible. Although no one has made a photo of who did it, I heard saying it was a woman.”

“Not a woman, but a female detective.” Frank took out his cell phone and showed the photo of her holding a certificate of honor that was taken at home for Harley Quinn and showed the young man: “Did you see this That’s the female detective and I’m his assistant? Tell me something now maybe can I help you see what happened?”

“This girl is good.” Sao Wen, who had copied the driving recorder, came over and saw the picture of Harley Quinn and asked: “Does she have a boyfriend?”

So, Frank answered Sao Wen’s words directly: “Yes, and it belongs to the category you can’t mess with.”

“That’s it!” Sao Wen knew that Frank said he shouldn’t provoke him, meaning that the four brothers in the dormitory could not mess with others.

The young man saw the picture of Harley Quinn. Although he still had doubts about what Frank said, after all, he could only die as a standing horse. So, he told the story.

This young man was called Liu Quan, and he did not have any serious work on weekdays. He only knows he is idle. He had an uncle named Liu Neng, and his family was in good condition.

Liu Quan said: ” My uncle possessed a farm. These past few days my uncle said: “I cannot really see my nephew inactive.” He said that he would invest some money and let me open a shop in the town. So today, I went to my uncle’s house to discuss with him specifically and take the startup funds. But it was half raining, so I hid for a while and went to my uncle’s house when the rain stopped. My uncle’s house was a small three-story building with a yard. The yard’s door was usually locked. After all, casually the startup funds could not be put in. And when I went to the house, I found that the yard’s door of my uncle was unlocked, but I didn’t care, and then I went in too met him. I found that my uncle was watching TV in the bedroom on the third floor when I went in.

“What happened after then?” Frank asked.

“After I went in, I found that my uncle was sitting in the chair and his mouth was open as if he had been slashed with a blunt knife, and his neck was still full of blood.” The young man said in horror: “I was shaking in the past. After a while, I found my uncle didn’t react at all. I probed his nostrils again, and he was out of breath!”

“Why didn’t you call the police then?” Frank asked.

“I wanted to call the police.” Liu Quan said: “but before I could get out the phone, my aunt came in and saw my uncle fall to the ground.”

“Is it your aunt who immediately yelled that you killed your uncle and then called for the police?” Zhu Longlong asked with a pout and continued: “She had finished calling the police right now, but there was still some distance from the town, so the police would not be able to arrive until ten minutes later.”

“How do you know?” Liu Quan asked, looking at Zhu Longlong.

“Isn’t that the way it’s played on TV?” Zhu Longlong naturally said for granted, “isn’t your aunt particularly stingy and bad to you, and then she firmly opposes your uncle lending you money to open a shop.”

“No.” Liu Quan said to Zhu Longlong did not follow the routine. “She was very kind to me, and she has no son and treats me as her son on weekdays, otherwise I would not be so idle without work. For years. “

Zhu Longlong was stunned by Liu Quan’s words at once, and couldn’t say a word.

This kind of damn drama, the TV drama has never been played in this way.

“You said.” Sao Wen looked at Liu Quan and said, “there are only two people in the family. You and your aunt, either you or your aunt killed your uncle. Now you say you didn’t kill your uncle and that your aunt could not kill your uncle. It couldn’t be thunder that killed your uncle?”

After listening to Sao Wen’s words, Liu Quan did not refute anything.

Indeed, there are two people in the house and one of them must be the killer.

Frank looked at Liu Quan and asked: “In other words, how did you get this box of jewelry and this cash?”

“My aunt allowed me to run away.” Liu Quan said: “I did not speak at the time. My aunt thought I had killed my uncle and did not listen to my explanation. She just gave me a card and a jewelry box and she stuffed me with money and the jewelry box that she smuggled from abroad and asked me to wear them before they were found by the policemen. “

This sentence of Liu Quan has also been judged by the judgment of Athena’s Vision, and there was no problem, which means that Liu Quan was telling the truth.

“What’s the matter with your wallet?” Frank pointed to the wallet he had found to be fallen before and asked, “this is your uncle’s original wallet. There is no card in it. What are you doing with it?”

When Frank asked this question, Liu Quan’s face suddenly embarrassed and became a little bit redder, but he immediately reflected over and said to Frank.

“The wallet was given to me by my aunt, saying it was a luxury product, and it was expensive. When I was on the road when I had found no money I threw it out.”

There was no problem with this sentence. After all, one of the important reasons why luxury goods are expensive was money protection. Buy something with a sum of money and sell it when the price difference of the product was not big, and the flagship store also has a special place to be responsible for identifying if it was authentic. Therefore, many people who smuggled would smuggle some luxury goods together without eye-catching, and could also exchange living money at a critical time.

However, according to the judgment of Athena, this end sentence of Liu Quan is the only false one among all his narratives. So, Frank touched his chin and looked at Liu Quan with a kind of watching eyes until he saw Liu Quan was a bit shaggy and avoided its eyes.

For awhile Frank opened his mind and reasoned. It looks like he has guessed something incredible, but it is not easy to reveal it, so he didn’t say it.

“Frank, what do we do now?” Zhu Longlong looked at Frank and asked: “Are we going to press him to his uncle’s house and see what is going on? Yes, three Zhuge Liang and one smelly leather craftsman. Let’s be four medical students, among them one forensic doctor. At that time, maybe we could become famous this night and became an internet celebrity. There was no internship at that time, and I would lie at home all day to make money.”

Sao Wen put his hands in his waist, thinking innocently.

“You think too much.” Frank poured a basin of cold water for Sao Wen saying: “Quantitative changes sometimes do not necessarily cause qualitative changes. Professional knowledge is different. Even if we come to ten people, we won’t be able to stand-in a forensic doctor.” Frank stood up and said to the other three, “Wait for the police. TV shows and life are different, don’t think of having Sao Wen operation, maybe we have to put ourselves in too.”

“No, didn’t you say you would help me?” Liu Quan said struggling and looking at Frank.

Frank patted Liu Quan’s back, motioned him not to struggle: “Rest assured, I will help you. When the police arrive, I will tell my judgment. If it is convenient, I will trust the police to protect you, so that they do not rush to close the case and investigate the matter clearly. I do this much more than to go directly to your uncle’s house to find the truth for you. What’s more, killing a person should be sentenced to death.”

“At best, it’s a death sentence.” Sao Wen thought for a moment. “The death sentence will be shorter than life imprisonment in the end, and it will come out for more than 20 years.”

“So, there is something wrong with our law. has some serious mistakes such as the man who was sentenced to a suspended death sentence, but it is not as serious as indefinite.” Tang Rui said.

“Wake up, two legal illiterates.” Frank said, “Our country changed this set of rules in one or five years. Since August 29th of that year, all those who committed the first crime (the crime of corruption), who was sentenced to reprieve, was suspended for two years and was sentenced to life, imprisonment, parole. Regarding your life you will be confined to your life, no matter who you are, as long as it is not the central government that specific issues you an amnesty so you have to stay inside.”

Tang Rui really didn’t know this: “Well, is it so powerful?”

While the people were talking, an old-looking police car came over, and it looked like the police in the town had arrived. And Frank’s group waited for the police car to stop at the side of the road, then two men a woman got out of the car. The two male policemen were both adults in their thirties and forties. After all, the policemen in the town were generally not very young, except for the co-police. The policewoman was surprisingly young, looking only about twenty years old, and very energetic.

After the three police officers got out of the police car, they came towards Frank’s group side.

Sao Wen quietly pounded Frank’s waist and said: “This policewoman looks pretty.”

“Do you believe it or not I will let her in my arms within five minutes?” Frank said.

“How about cheating ghosts do you think you’re such a windy, flirty handsome figure?”

“Gamble.” Frank said, “If I can do it when I will change you, I will only drive for an hour when I will change you. If I can’t, I will immediately change and drive the car until I enter the Jingling Area.”

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