My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter: 131 Shielding Failure.

It’s no wonder that Chen Jian is embarrassed. If this is not a coincidence, then this person who is behind the scenes, Chen Jian really can’t think of what he wants to do.

It’s not that there are conflicts in this world. If you look for someone else’s family, it’s nothing to avoid you to find the other family. Even if you say that you are offended in the system, then even if the other side retaliates, it will certainly limit some actions in the system.

If these tricks are found out, it will not be mixed in the system from now on. This is basically destroying everyone’s rules of the game. Anyone will be afraid to become the next one.

If it is a person outside the system, it is even more impossible. This will start with people in the system. Once it is serious, the state machine will work. It is really a joke.

Then the only thing left is the Chen Jian family destroyed the other’s house, leaving only a few orphans and widows. And the other side remained with bloody enmity like the sea. Then the other side naturally starts recklessly without regard for the consequences.

However, whether it is to assist the death penalty prisoner who is about to be executed to escape from prison, or to organize a small team of fake adult traffickers to kidnap Chen Hao, it doesn’t look like an orphan and widowed girl can use it.

Whether it is Chen Jian or Frank, they have no clue at all, and it’s impossible to guess who is the brain of this kidnap.

After the conversation between Frank and Chen Jian, Chen Jian went into the ward again and threw the cigarette into the trash, then took Chen Hao back in the direction of the house.

On the way, Frank asked Diana, who was sitting in the co-pilot position: “How do you learn to lie today? I mean, although you did a great job, you are not given the honor of the Holy Fire.”

“What is the honesty of the Holy Fire?” Diana looked at Frank and asked.

Frank remembered Diana should not know her own life at this moment. Her mother always lied to her when she was a child that she was made of clay.

So, Frank asked in a different way. “What do you think of today? I deceive everyone, and I am a policeman.”

“Hey, isn’t your brother?” Diana said afterward.


Frank asked Diana a few questions, only to know if Diana had made a mistake.

It turns out that Paradise Island has no concept of police. Therefore, in Diana’s consciousness, the so-called policeman has the right to control others to not make mistakes, and Frank took Diana and dealt with the escape. When Frank came with Diana for the first time, he told her he would handle the accident and she must escape with Chen Hao, so Diana mistakenly believes that Frank is also a police officer.

And this misunderstanding of Diana also made Frank know a flaw in Diana’s Athena view.

That is to say, the function of Athena’s vision is not to distinguish the truth from the falsehood, but to perceive the human heart and judge the truth of a person’s speech from the hard emotions to be found by ordinary people.

In these circumstances, Frank called himself a policeman, because he decided his old brother Fang Cheng would guarantee for himself, so there was no panic in his heart.

In this case, Diana naturally made a misjudgment.

The role of this Athena vision is a lie detector with an accurate rate.

At the doorstep, Frank took Diana to the downstairs. When she was ready to go upstairs, she saw Xiao Hei just downstairs.

“Yeah, before, I have listened to the old man said you turned to a little Lori, I thought he lied to me, did not think really.”


“Friend’s daughter, Friend’s daughter,” Frank said quickly.

“You have so many friends.” Xiao Hei said, “When will you introduce me to your friends?”

Xiao Hei said that and he entered the elevator with Frank. And then suddenly said, “Yes, if you have nothing, go upstairs and play with me for a while.”

“What a Contra?”

“No, you will know when you come.”

Xiao Hei did not say this only, and he just led Frank to go home and said he would take care of the meal at night.

Just as Frank was too lazy to cook, he took Diana to Xiao Hei’s home.

Xiao Hei turns on the projector, he doesn’t want to play the old game with Frank but takes out a PS 4, open it, enter the game.

‘Unjust alliance?!’

Frank saw that Xiao Hei had already entered two accounts, chose the 2p mode, turned his head and looked at Diana, who was concentrating on snacks. He was a little relieved and played games with Xiao Hei.

The game of the unjust alliance is about a series of tragedies. Superman finally overthrew all his previous practices and turned to the creation of a seemingly peaceful world that led to Superman and Batman confrontation.

To put it simply, Superman is blackened, and the key characters that make Superman black are one, the clown and the other is Wonder Woman.

Although most of the characters in the unjust alliance have changed their personalities, they all have tracks to follow, which is reasonable.

Only the Unscrupulous Alliance version of Wonder Woman, the character is much different than other versions of Wonder Woman is a magical son-in-law.

Of course, because of the reason for shielding, Diana should not see some of the pictures involved in the game. So, Frank is also sitting there and playing with Xiao Hei.

The two have been playing until the evening. Xiao Hei said that he would treat the guests at night, but after playing, both of them were lazy to go out the door. And the little Xiao Hei simply ordered a takeaway from a hot pot restaurant.

After a while, the door rang, it is estimated that the person who sent the takeaway came. Xiao Hei stood up to the door to take the takeaway, Frank turned off the game and prepared to eat.

At this time, Diana the little Loly suddenly came over and said to Frank: “Brother, how is the woman who is just good or bad. she also called Diana, and I have her name.”

“Oh, because, because,” Frank said by his mouth and could not continue.

Wait, what about the shield?

How can Diana see herself in the game?

Although Diana has grown up in the game, the little Loli Diana did not recognize it, but it is reasonable by a principle she should be completely shielded!

Frank was thinking of using any reason to fool Diana’s past, and Xiao Hei at the door shouted: “Frank, come over and help me.”

Frank immediately turned off the game, then patted Diana’s small head and let Diana wait for a while.

After walking through the other two rooms of the small black armor. Frank came to the door and saw Xiao Hei the pot in his black arms and a lot of ingredients under his feet.

“Why didn’t you let the person who sent it directly to get it in the house?” Frank asked.

“It seems to be raining outside. There is mud on his soles. I didn’t let him in, where I have to find someone to mop?”

“It’s raining outside?” Frank turned his head and looked at the window. It was a faint raindrop.

Frank picked up the boxed hot pot ingredients and took them to the kitchen with Xiao Hei.

When the preparation process was completed and the food was ready to be eaten, Frank called Diana to come over. At this time, Diana had already forgotten what she had asked Frank.

The three persons finished the hot pot, and Frank led Diana to go home. For the remaining two days, Frank tentatively showed something to Diana and found the shield really failed!

This amnesty is doing something.