My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter: 132 only digging holes, no matter buried.

Fortunately, although the shield has failed, it is still difficult for Diana to touch a comic or other film and television work related to her.
Frank still sent Diana away smoothly.

After waiting for a while, the fat orange big meow, which was lying on the ground and eating and waiting for death, suddenly hit a spirit and stood up. Frank knew that this should be the wise soul who came back.

Then he reached out and grabbed the big cat’s neck and smashed him.

“Come on, little comrade, say why the shield will be invalid.”

“Oh.” Dixie turned his head and looked at Frank, posing a pitiful look to win the sympathy of Frank.

“Frankly lenient, resisting strictness.” Frank said to Dixie, “You have no right to remain silent.”

“Old brother, you don’t follow the routine,” Dixie said.

“First explain to me why the shield will fail.”

“There was a little accident.” Big meow licked his paws and said to Frank. “Because the shielding setting of the next guest is a bit difficult, I can only temporarily release it when debugging. Anna’s setting was lifted.”

“There should be no big troubles,” Dixie said to Frank.”As long as you’re not going to die for showing her the movie of Wonder Woman, it should be fine.”

“But she looked at the unjust alliance.”

“Well, not much trouble, these two people are not in the same universe,” Dixie said to Frank.

“It sounds like you manage a lot of universes, and it’s very high.” Frank will scream to the front and say to the big meow, “I don’t know if I say it to you now. Why do you send these people to my house?”

“Have you seen the first chaos in history?” Big meow was carried about by Frank, unable to move around, so he could only answer honestly:

“It’s just that the timeline has been broken, so many important people have nowhere to go. There is confusion in the fusion process of the potential planes of the multi-cosmic, which plane fusion causes the sons of the planes to repel each other. The large thousand potential surfaces interfere with each other and cause time and space distortion, resulting in space-time distortion. The long river of fate has collapsed, and many of the originally planned lives need to be corrected. “

“Keep blowing.” Frank put the big meow on the glass tray on the coffee table in the living room and said to the big meow: “All the light microphones are for you, telling your life experience and your journey.”

“Originally I meant to say you are carrying the heavy responsibility of saving the world.” Big meow looked at Frank and said: “But with my understanding of you, maybe after I say this, you will be at the end of the world.”Before looking for your little girlfriend Pa PaPa to the day of the universe explosion.”


What Dixie said is indeed Frank’s inner thoughts, but it’s so red. It’s still very shy to say it directly, and he’s also shameful.

“Cough and cough.” Frank coughed twice and then said to Dixie with a serious face, “as a man with justice in his heart, I am full of goodwill. If I really want to take on the task of saving the world, as long as the reward is reasonable, I am willing to do it.”

“If the world really needs your saltwater fish to save, I guess I am ready to go to the next world ticket, find you and buy a lottery ticket that is the least likely to win and test the luck.”

Dixie shrank himself into a ball, like a soft body without bones, shrinking into a glass dish, and then said to Frank:

“If you have the money, you can take it. If you have nothing to do, don’t ask why I want to put people here. I will tell you when I need to tell you.”

“You’ll get pounded like this, I tell you.” Frank’s hand rubbed the exposed belly fat of his big meow.

“There are so many bosses doing this in the world. I’ve never seen anyone beaten.” The big meow was rubbed by Frank comfortably and was stunned by Frank’s comfort.

“You just said that the shielding setting of the next guest is a little difficult. What’s the matter. Isn’t the next guest a super troublesome one?”

“It’s not very troublesome, because there is a historical image of the historical characters, so it will be like this. But the problem is not big.” Dixie said a little, then the topic turned and said to Frank, “Yes, the time of the reward, I will hurry to give it to you away.”

“A cat who only knows how to eat and sleep seems to be busier than me.” Frank spit.

“Diana has left a small gift for you.” The big meow climbed out of the glass dish like a reptile, then suddenly got up and jumped into the arms of Frank. The big meow came over and kissed Frank’s cheek.

“Give a gift as you give it. What are you doing with me? What are you kissing me for?” asked Frank.

“This is the gift.” The big lazy went back to the coffee table and said to Frank: “The gift that Diana left for you is a kiss, but she is already gone, so I will do it for her.”

“Can this special Loli do it for you?” Frank stared at Dixie. “You still have a soft and fragrant Loli kiss.”

“Well, I didn’t see you dislike me before when you licked cats.”

“Cut, when you see me when I licked cats, you disliked me.”

“You also know it was before.” Frank pulled out the old photos from the mobile phone and exposes them to the big meow in front of the big face. “Look at your look. You used to be a little.” When the cat licks, it’s so cute. Now, even if it’s fat, even if it’s thrown into the pigsty, no one will find you are different from the pig.”

“The old iron is tied.” The big meow shook his fat and then said to Frank, “do you want the reward?”

“Tells me, what’s going on this time,” Frank asked.

“Athena’s vision, the gift of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite and the gift of the goddess of hunting, Artemis.”

“Well, in Athena’s view, I know what it is. The goddess of hunting should be the ability to communicate with animals. What is the gift of love and beauty, makes me more handsome?”

“Yes.” Big meow unexpectedly confirmed to Frank. In fact, Frank did not even think of the option of plastic surgery in the task reward.

“It’s like changing your face for a perfect man’s face made by the God of love and beauty.” Big meow said and produced a picture for Frank to see.

The photo is a male and female, a face that can make men and women at the same time high.

Frank just looked at this face that was almost shameful.

“That one.” Frank asked Dixie, “if I change this face, will the photos on my ID card and the memory of others will also be replaced?”

“If I have the ability to directly tamper with other people’s memories, use the money to let you receive the guests for me?” Dixie looked at Frank with a big contempt, as if he was disgusting Frank’s IQ.

“You tell others directly, and you can’t do it if it is in plastic.”

“This is a straight face change, isn’t it. Whose family plastic surgery has this kind of effect. Don’t say, my mother. I don’t know myself anymore.”

“I don’t care about it. I just dig a hole and bury it. You can deal with the follow-up matters yourself.”

“How do you deal with the virtues of the online novels?” Frank looked at the big meow and finally thought about it. And said to the big meow: “I choose the view of Athena.”