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M. I. H. G Chapter: 175 Destruction

It is unrealistic to let Jigglypuff sing to Lao Bo. With this fat man, it is estimated that the entire building will suffer at that time. But it was still a Trojan horse to let Lao Bo listen to songs with earphones.

Now the question is whether the Jigglypuff’s songs recorded by Frank have the same effect as the songs singing by himself.

Frank poured out all the songs stored in his cell phone, then downloaded a software, recorded songs for six hours, intercepted a part of it which lasts twenty minutes. And then made a lossless broadcast format of AV. He took out a toothpick, broken it into several pieces, pinched it in the palm of his left hand, took an earphone in his right hand, and wore only one headset. After doing all this, Frank began to play Jigglypuff’s song.

The voice with hypnotic effect once again entered the ears of Frank, but the hypnotic effect of this time was still quite different from that of Jigglypuff himself. Although he was in a lossless format, after listening to it for more than ten seconds, Frank was still not hypnotized. Is it really without any effect?

Frank was thinking, now that he was full of sleep, he gradually began to feel sleepy. The most comfortable way to sleep was coming again; ‘the tall girl with long legs as a pillow appears again.’

Frank hurriedly squeezed his left hand, and the toothpick stung the nerve of his left hand and he woke up. He took off the headphone, now he understood. After recording the singing of Jigglypuff, although the power of hypnosis will be not compromised, it was still good.

If this six-hour audio is circulated, it will remind the world of the fear of being dominated by: ‘the Black Sunday’.

Although ‘the Black Sunday’ is said to have caused 70% of all who heard it commit suicide and 30% of those who heard it felt depressed, there was no way to confirm it because its original music has been destroyed. It may be that there was such a suicidal song in the world, or it may be another rumor that was born through the Internet?

However, some psychologists have done a simple experiment. They have collected the eight existing versions of ‘the Black Sunday’ on the Internet and they played one version with only one minute and one version with two minutes. And they carried out experiments on ten uninformed experimenters.

The end result was that five out of ten people felt unwell, and a woman by the music became nauseous and wanted to vomit. And the discomfort caused to these people had been stopped when the song stopped playing, and when it was changed to jazz or country music, the discomfort had disappeared.

The final conclusion is that due to the common music cognition of human beings, some songs will arouse some emotions of human beings. If ‘Black Sunday’ happens to meet a person with suicidal tendencies, he will touch his suicidal memory and complete such actions as self-harm or suicide.

It should know that this was not originally “the Black Sunday”. Only in this way can human emotions be aroused? Then it is impossible to imagine the original effect of ‘the Black Sunday’.

Music can really stir up people’s feelings, so the lyrics of a song can be filled in randomly, such as ‘What?’ I should be under the car. It shouldn’t be in the car. ‘What?’ You have to lose your body’s greatness. Modern civilization will eventually castrate you poetically. ‘What?’ Ten men, seven stupid, eight stupid, nine bad and one loved. ‘but as long as the music is good enough, it still resonates with people.

Therefore, heroes need to be equipped with BGM.

Of course, the role of all the above knowledge was the reason why Frank could take out this piece without being suspected.

Anyway, there are a lot of hypnotic songs on the market, and there is nothing more powerful. However, this effect must be reduced. Even the recorded Jigglypuff songs still have amazing power.

Frank took those twenty minutes of Jigglypuff songs from the MP3 format and then tried again. The effect was much worse this time, and after about ten minutes of drumming, Frank began to feel sleepy. According to the progress of doze, in twenty minutes, Frank was completely hypnotized and fell asleep.

Although the effect is still good, even if it is spread, it will not cause much social harm. After all, it takes twenty minutes to hypnotize a person to fall asleep, and the premise must not be that it is stimulated by the outside world or there is no violent activity. And once the lossless sound source is converted to MP3 format, it is like broken porcelain, and it will not be converted back to lossless again.

Frank gave this twenty-minute tune to Lao Bo.

“Did you sleep? Try this. It’s a lullaby that my friend has developed exclusively. It’s very useful.”

Lao Bo said to Frank while receiving the file: “I have tried many lullaby songs, but basically nothing worked.”

“This is different.” Frank said to Lao Bo: “this is the exclusive version that my friend hasn’t released yet. If you listen during twenty-minute, you will fall asleep. Try it.”

“Okay, then I’ll try it, but you still remember to get me some medicine.”

“I see.” Frank continued, “Yes, remember, don’t spread it out, just use it for yourself.”

“You know me, and you can rest assured.”

Frank waited for about fifty minutes and asked Lao Bo’s news again, and when he did not get its reply he concluded ‘it seemed to be working.’

Frank looked at the fat song of the six-hour non-destructive sound source on his computer and felt that he wanted it.

The lossless sound of Jigglypuff’s song has a fifteen-second hypnosis effect. Of course, this effect may be discounted when people exercise vigorously or do other activities, but it is also quite amazing. Mainly when it used for special operations, the effect is simply explosive.

If there was an invasion by foreign enemies again, we don’t need to go to war. We have to find people with disabilities with hearing problems, or we have to plug equipment into our ears that can completely isolate the sound. We have to hold the tweeter and play the Jigglypuff song on the opposite side in the middle of the night.

It is estimated that before the other side got up, they were all hypnotized and fell asleep, and then we can throw the people with bedding out of the border.

Of course, if you are a little darker, you can directly let the other party steam out of the air. And then shake your head the next day to show that you don’t know where these people have gone. Maybe they have secretly retreated or sneaked into the territory.

However, the darkest way is to be at the border today, hypnotize and fall asleep that night, put music all the way, put it in an airplane and pull it directly to the court of the Imperial City the next day to start the trial.

Frank exported all the six hours of Jigglypuff songs from his computer to a removable hard disk, then deleted the original files, and then started to download various messy files and small videos from the Internet. And took out the various game discs from the previous collection and started the installation. The computer’s hard drive was full, leaving no megabytes of extra space. Then Frank did the same thing for his phone.

Frank looked at the time. It’s already eight o’clock in the morning. He would give a copy of the old MP3 files to his dad and briefly said the effect.

Immediately afterward, Frank completely formatted his computer. Then disassembled the host, took out the hard disk inside and threw it into the toilet bucket. After that, he took out an old spare phone from the bedroom, transferred some important information on his mobile phone to the spare phone. And then completely disassembled his phone with a screwdriver. Except for the phone card. None pieces were left and all were stuffed into the microwave oven.

A few minutes later, Frank’s microwave oven had stopped. At this time, he had taken his hard disk out of the water, removed the casing, burned the disk with an alcohol lamp, and then physically destroyed it again with a kitchen knife. After the destruction of all the fragments into debris, he poured the small ones into the toilet and let the water throw away and put the big ones together with its domestic garbage, ready to throw them away later.

After doing this series of madness actions, Frank received a call from his father.

“The phone is encrypted, you can rest assured.” Frank’s Dad said to him.

“Well, I’ve been addicted to playing music recently, and my good friend can’t sleep anymore. So, I’ve made a few blind sounds, and you must try it.”

“Don’t do a story in the future, just don’t do it, just talk about it.” Frank’s Dad didn’t say nonsense and asked directly. “How strong is the effect without loss of sound quality.”

“Fifteen seconds.”

“How long is all the music?”

“Six hours.”

“Have you stored it on the devices?”

“My computer’s hard drive and my cell phone have been completely shredded, it is stored left only on my friend’s original recording equipment downstairs.”

“I’ll give you 50,000 Yuan now. You buy the other party’s recording equipment and destroy the hard disk.”

“Dad, I am afraid you are living in a dream.” Frank groaned. “You add a zero, and I still have to ask the person if he would sell it.”

“A recording device is so expensive?” Frank’s dad was embarrassed.

“Your lab has a suite in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou for the cost of materials. This recording equipment is so expensive.”

“No, my remittance is too much at one time, which may cause some unnecessary surveillance. I will give you a total of 100,000 Yuan, and will see if you can only buy back the storage equipment from the other.”

“How can you wipe out the 100,000 Yuan accounts in the end?” Frank asked.

“A new computer host and a new phone.”

“Daddy, you are so generous this time, is it the best match for aliens?”

“I will give you back the sentence you gave me in a dream.” Frank’s dad said: “The computer is about 20,000 Yuan, and the phone is a fraction. There is a telephoto zoom lens worth 80,000. Put it at its place someone will take it away after a while.”

“Don’t you really think about giving me an extra ten thousand? I don’t want the top match. Just get one that can be used together.”

“Make it yourself,” said Frank’s dad: “Don’t think that I don’t know that almost all of your living expenses for the three years of college have been supported by your brother Feng. I don’t object to some support, but don’t represent support. You should consider it.

“I don’t care. Once the commercial version was made, I will be a shareholder.”

“We will talk about these later. I’ll arrange it right here. You will be in your rental house in the morning. Don’t leave.”

“Hurry up, I still have a business in the afternoon.”

Frank was logged in to his WeChat and had contacted his dad. The two played well together and played an unfilial son who did not consider the hard-earned hard work of his father, not only to play for the poor generation Electronic equipment but also to play the poor three generations of SLR, smoothly with his father for 100,000 Yuan.

Then Frank took the 100,000 Yuan and ordered a computer host, a mobile phone and a telephoto zoom lens at three Taobao stores in the same city.

At about noon, the packages from the three stores were run by courier boys.

Of course, Frank received not only these three things but also a mobile phone.

“The password is in the memo.” One of the three courier boys whispered and handed Frank the hard drive containing the six-hour fat song into a courier box, and then mixed it into the courier behind the courier car.

Frank first brought all three things back to the rental house. The computer and mobile phone were taken apart on the spot and used. The telephoto zoom lens was carefully placed in the table cabinet.

He hasn’t figured it out yet. How do those who play SLR and photography run around with hundreds of thousands of equipment, it is just a mobile soft girl coin.

Holding the old mobile phone given by the courier boy, Frank knocked on Xiao Hei’s house downstairs, where no one knocked for a long time. He called and found out that Xiao Hei was not at home now. He turned around and knock on the opposite door.

Lao Bo opened the door with a radiant look and welcomed Frank with enthusiasm. “The song you gave is so effective.” Lao Bo said to Frank: “I wanted to get up in the morning and thank you. But when I got up in the morning, I suddenly got inspiration and I’ve been making videos.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Frank said politely.

“In the opposite hotel at noon, I’ll treat you.” Lao Bo waved of a hand, with a quiet atmosphere.

Frank walked into Lao Bo’s home. The living room has been changed into a studio for recording videos. On the table are some out-of-print games and consoles.

Xiao Hei is sitting in front of a computer and is replaying a video. In the video, he is full of excitement and passion. “With the help of one of my buddies, I finally got this game disc which is said to be one between 500 in the world.”

Xiao Hei had temporarily interrupted the video game, and then turned around and said to Lao Bo, “Lao Boa, Lao Bo, I have an opinion on you.”

“What’s the opinion?” Lao Bo looked at Xiao Hei and asked.

“You are always a buddy, I don’t think I can help you in making videos I think to change your name.”

“Then what am I going to change?”

“What do you think of Hei Ye, Hei Ge or Hei Da?”

“I will try it.” Lao Bo got a spicy trump and said: “With the help of one of my friends, I managed to get it…”

“Stop, stop!” Xiao Hei hurriedly interrupted Lao Bo and said: “You still be my buddy.”

“It’s okay to call it a wallet,” Frank teased. “It’s all your money.”

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