My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M I H G Chapter 179: Wu Xi.

“Bet held,” Sao Wen felt that even if he lost the bet, the consequences weren’t serious, so he made a deal with Frank decisively.

As soon as Sao Wen finished speaking, he saw that as soon as the young policewoman saw Frank, she rushed forward as if she had seen her brother.

“Junior, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

Frank reached out helplessly and grabbed the reckless girl, and the moment she fell into his arms, he quickly whispered into her ear: “Be careful, you’re still at work now.”

“Forget it, I finished the job.” The policewoman rushed out of Frank’s arms and looked at the two older police officers behind her.

An old policeman with a dark complexion and a lot of wrinkles on his eyebrows looked at the little policewoman and coughed heavily, and the dissatisfaction in his face was out.

“Captain Fan, I couldn’t help myself when I saw my younger brother,” the little policewoman said piteously.

“Brother?” The other middle-aged policeman looked at Frank and asked curiously: “This young man is a policeman too.”

“He’s not, it’s the Master’s younger brother who educated me before,” the little policewoman explained.

“Captain Fang’s younger brother.” Captain Fan looked a little better as if he knew Fang Cheng.

This little policewoman was called Wu Xi, from Jinling. Soon after graduating from the police academy, she was transferred to Haiping during her internship and was supervised by Fang Cheng for a year. During this time, she became familiar with Frank.

Her personality was secretly a carefree, thick, and thin girl, but sometimes the IQ drops.

“Are you sure this guy is a thief?” Captain Fan came over and asked Liu Quan who was in the field.

“I thought he was a thief before, but now things are a little complicated,” Frank told Captain Fan what had happened, and then asked Sao Wen to show him the video of the driving recorder.

After listening to Frank’s words, Captain Fan turned to look at Wu Xi and asked: “Did we get a call for the murder case today?”

“No.” Wu Xi replied in the affirmative: “From this morning until now, there have been three calls. The first is the dog from grandmother Zhang’s house on Yucai Road has been lost again. She found this out when she was coming back from the East Market. The second, a fruit seller started fighting over the stall, and the third another uncle broke his head because his wife had broken his head. He called the police to take care of his wife.”

“Oh, that means that person’s aunt hasn’t called the police until now.” Captain Fan glanced at Liu Quan and asked: “Are you telling the truth?”

“This is true!” Liu Quan hurriedly shouted: “I was really wronged.”

“Is that wrong? Let’s take a look at the scene.” Captain Fan motioned for the other policeman to untie Liu Quan’s rope and replace it with handcuffs.

“If there is nothing wrong, let’s start first.” Frank told Captain Fan: “We have to get to Jinling quickly if we have anything to do.”

“Don’t worry little brother.” Wu Xi ran and looked at Frank and said: “There is no forensic pathologist in our small town. Junior brother, you are studying medicine. Can you investigate and see?”

“No forensic pathologist?”

“Yes, the Criminal Science and Technology Room can only be installed at the level of the city-level public security bureau. We are a police station and we can only ask for the ID. Isn’t that good enough when you help us solve it? If there isn’t a problem, it’s easier for us than asking for an assessment from above. “

“Okay,” Frank nodded, realizing that he had already promised Liu Quan to help him.

“Criminal Science and Technology Hall?” Sao Wen heard Wu Xi’s words from behind and asked: “Isn’t the forensic department generally called the assessment department? How to correct this muddled name.”

“The evaluation department is a judicial department.” Frank explained: “And the evaluation department is not a professional evaluation department, but a department responsible for contacting the evaluation agency. Our national public security does not have this department.”

“I was deceived by the TV series again,” Zhu Longlong said with his lips curled back.

Captain Fan and the other middle-aged policeman squeezed Liu Quan into the police car and moved towards Liu Neng’s house.

In the motorhome, while Zhu Longlong was driving the motorhome behind the police car, Wu Xi apologized that there was not enough place in the police car and she followed Frank into the motorhome: “Junior Brother, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, do you miss me?”


“It’s sad.” Wu Xi looked at Frank with her pounding cheeks.

Frank took out an ashtray where they put melon seeds and put them on Wu Xi’s cheeks: “Cry, cry, it is not a sin for a woman to cry.”

“Hmm.” Wu Xi looked up at Frank.

“Miss Policewoman, you are so close to the people.” Sao Wen looked at Wu Xi and told her in a sentence she found very beautiful.

“Really, thanks for the compliment.”

What else did Sao Wen say to make Frank hit him in the waist? Then said: “Remember our game agreement.”

“That kind of game which is completely your routine is also counted?” Sao Wen wanted to distract.

“What game?” Wu Xi asked curiously to Sao Wen and Frank.

“Nothing,” Sao Wen quickly pretended not to say anything.


One of the taboos of women is telling them others take them as a bet, and Sao Wen doesn’t make that kind of mistake, although Frank is the initiator, whether that person is good or bad.


Wu Xi and Frank talked about the past, and then Frank asked her: “Did you have a good grade back then? Why did you come to the police station in this little place to be a policewoman?”

“This is my hometown,” Wu Xi said: “I am from here, so I want to work in my hometown for a few years in my first few years of graduation, and then I will go elsewhere.”

“There aren’t many people who can take the initiative to ask to go to the front line, it’s difficult now,” Sao Wen helping Wu Xi.

“Fortunately, they are all familiar people, and there is nothing difficult. People are also very enthusiastic.”

As Wu Xi had just finished her sentence, she saw the fat cat lying on the Bluetooth speaker and listening to music.

“What a cute cat, who owns this cat?” Wu Xi said as she went hugging the fat cat.

But Fat Ding was still mad at Frank’s gang right now. He had fallen out of the Bluetooth speaker for quite a while without anyone looking at it. This can be seen by its ball magnification.

So, facing Wu Xi’s hand, the fat cat decisively stretched out his claws with a meow, the meatball faced Wu Xi, as if saying: “Absolute refusal.”

At that time, they arrived at Liu Neng’s home. Zhu Longlong, who was driving, stopped the car and let everyone get out.

The two groups of people got out of the cars and stacked in front of Liu Neng’s small western-style building. Captain Fan did not enter directly. He rang the doorbell, and then yelled repeatedly if anyone was there.

After a while, a woman in her forties who looked rather beautiful opened the door to the house, and as soon as she opened the door and saw Liu Quan who was taken, her legs trembled, and her feet became limp, and she collapsed to the ground in fear.