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M I H G Chapter 180: Lightning.

Liu Quan couldn’t bear to see his aunt collapse to the ground, but he didn’t move. As for Wu Xi who saw the situation, she quickly helped the aunt to stand up, and then everyone went to the living room first.

“Mr. Police Officer, my husband is violent. He must have hit our nephew before the nephew accidentally injured him.”

“First of all, don’t speak.” Captain Fan told the aunt: “Don’t worry, calm down, let’s go to the scene first.”

Wu Xi supported the aunt at that time, patted her back lightly, and whispered some comforting words, then everyone went up to the third floor together and came to the crime scene.

“That’s it is,” Liu Quan said, pointing to the bedroom’s small balcony.

The balcony of this bedroom is a balcony separated from the bedroom by a glass door. On the balcony, there is a small table, a sofa, and a TV. It appears to be where Liu Neng reads and watches TV in his spare time.

The balcony is fully enclosed, with a small wall underneath and glass above, and Liu Neng, who was thick and dark, fell in front of the sofa.

“You are standing here now.” Captain Fan signaled everyone to stand at the bedroom door and entered alone.

“Frank and Wu Xi, come in and take a look.” Captain Fan motioned for the two to enter.

Frank and Wu Xi entered the crime scene, then Wu Xi went to examine the corpse professionally, while Frank used his Athena vision to observe every little detail.

On the small balcony, there was a broken cup of tea. The spilled liquid from the teacup on the floor has dried up. In addition, there was a pen next to the corpse’s left hand. It seems he fell when the deceased fell to the ground.

At that time, Wu Xi, who was examining the body, clearly told Captain Fan, after entering the crime scene: “The deceased is lying on his back. There is a 40-centimeter bruise at the hairline. Of the right forehead, which appeared to have been caused by a blunt wound, there is cracked skin in the center of the wound and the pinched tissue of the crack is brown, and the skull looks like a pumpkin hitting. There are signs of fractures,” the very reliable little policewoman immediately became serious and professional.

“Can you be sure he was killed by a blunt weapon?” Captain Fan asked.

“No.” Wu Xi shook her head and continued while checking: “The deceased was wearing pajamas, with a slight red mark on his neck, and his hair appeared to have curls as if it had been burnt.”

Sao Wen outside the room heard Wu Xi’s words and whispered: “The hair burned, is it possible that the killer used a hot weapon?”

Zhu Longlong hastened to grab Sao Wen and motioned for him to remain silent at the scene, which was the most basic respect for the dead, so Sao Wen also obeyed and stopped speaking.

“There’s a little hole here,” Frank said, gesturing to the window next to where the deceased fell to the ground.

Wu Xi and Captain Fan looked and found that there was a small hole where Frank showed, looking like a round shape, with slightly smooth edges and three small cracks.

“Could it be done by firing a sniper rifle?!” Captain Fan blurted out in surprise.

After all, the appearance of this little hole was really a coincidence. If someone used a sniper rifle to kill Liu Neng directly from a distance, then it’s a big deal that can rock the whole province!

“Impossible,” Wu Xi said, glancing at the hole: “The size of the hole is not appropriate for a hole made by a bullet.”

Although Frank didn’t know much about military affairs, he didn’t know what the size of the hole the sniper rifle bullets could create, but he estimated the height of the late Liu Neng, then looked at the height of the hole from the ground and said: “Not so much. As a gun, the height of the small hole was exactly the height of the wound on the forehead of the deceased, but the wound on the forehead of the deceased was clearly a blunt wound, not a gunshot wound.”

“So how did this man die?” Captain Fan frowned as he looked at Liu Neng on the ground.

“The deceased seems to write before he died.” Wu Xi knelt down and looked at Liu Neng’s hand and said, “He seems to have a pen next to him, but the tip and cap of this pen seem to be gone.”

“Did it fall somewhere?” Captain Fan didn’t care much about this little detail.

Frank glanced around using Athena’s eyes and found that there were no pen tips or caps on the floor. He checked Liu Neng’s neck again, and then turned to ask Liu Quan who was standing outside the room.

“Liu Quan, are you sure you’ve seen blood on your uncle’s neck before?”

“These are bloodstains, and these are bloodstains, the whole forehead is filled with blood-red dots,” Liu Quan said quickly.

“He was talking about bleeding spots, wasn’t he,” Wu Xi glanced at Liu Neng’s neck, and then said: “But now all the bleeding spots are gone, only the forehead is red.”

“It’s not a bleeding spot.” Frank finally found the whole process based on the existing facts.

“Not a bleeding spot?” Wu Xi turned her head and looked strangely at Frank.

“It’s a lightning bolt.” Frank said looking at Liu Neng’s corpse: “The lightning current will cause congestion of the blood vessels under the skin, forming vascular patterns on the skin.”

“Furthermore,” Frank continued: “Within three to five hours if the blood vessel does not rupture, the lightning will go away.”

“The contusion on his head was not caused by a blunt weapon, but mechanical damage from an electric shock. The high voltage from the lightning will compress the surrounding air, forming a powerful shock wave, causing severe damage. Mechanical limbs and contusion, injuries are the most common, and fractures are sometimes accompanied by bruises and lacerations. “

“Look.” Because Frank was not wearing plastic gloves, he did not directly touch the corpse. Instead, he pointed to the bruised wound on Liu Neng’s forehead and said: “Look, the wound is browned. The lightning burns. The core temperature of lightning is extremely high, which can form deep electrical burns on a surface of small volume, indicating that it must be the entry of lightning.”

“If there is an entrance, there will be an exit. As long as the corpse is handed over to the forensic pathologist for examination, it will be discovered that there must be an exit somewhere.”

“So the cap and the tip of Liu Neng’s pen were directly vaporized due to the high temperature caused by the lightning?” Wu Xi asked.

“Yeah. Look at his watch.” Frank pointed the watch at Liu Neng’s wrist and said: “The watch has stopped running.”

People outside also heard Frank’s words, especially Liu Quan who was almost like a new student, and the police immediately stopped shaking his legs and hands, ready to welcome a new life full of sex.

By that time, Captain Fan had already made a good movie, and then said: “If so, then we can actually find out the facts by bringing the deceased to the hospital.”

“Yes.” Frank nodded: “The facts are now clear.”

“Thank you, Mr. Police Officer, thank you, Mr. Police Officer.” Liu Quan looked at Frank and the police and yelled at the spot. He didn’t even look at the other guy. The police officer pulled him up and said: “Liu the one on the ground is your uncle.”

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