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M I H G Chapter 181: Adultery case.

Liu Quan’s hands were still handcuffed, and he didn’t know what to do, so he could only show his sadness with this sad expression: “Oh, uncle, uncle.”

As for the aunt, who was lying on the floor, she was really sad at the moment when everyone hadn’t noticed her.


When matters were clarified, Captain Fan also removed Liu Quan’s handcuffs, then asked him to maintain a fluid conversation at all times these days, especially when the police contacted him if there were any questions to put.

Liu Quan quickly nodded to ensure there was no problem. After all, this year the information is quite advanced, there are cameras everywhere, and Liu Quan is a person with no experience or skill, which is a very risky thing for him to flee the country.


Because there were still other things to be sorted out and the three policemen were to stay at Liu Neng’s house, Frank said goodbye to Wu Xi and left.

“Junior Brother, are you going to stay a few more days in Jinling? You’re not going home, are you?” In addition to the crime scene, Wu Xi became the living girl again.

“Not sure.” Frank thought he had nothing to do now, and Lin Xiaoxin would take another exam next week, plus the next week there would be a new term of school, and he would still have to go to class.

It had been two weeks, and Frank figured that if there weren’t any more accidents, he would stay in Jinling until the following week. Next Wednesday, Jinling will have a concert by the super popular virtual idol Luo Tianyi.

“Don’t forget to let me know in advance when you come next time. I’ll take you to eat the delicious food from here,” Wu Xi said, narrowing her eyes at Frank.

“Yeah, definitely.” Frank nodded.

After stepping out of Liu Neng’s house, Frank lifted his head and glanced at the top floor of Liu Neng’s small three-story western-style apartment building, then took another look at the sad aunt with disappointment.

“Aunt, grief and change.” Frank said to the aunt: “It can be seen that you really love your husband, but only the living can continue living happily to give peace to the deceased family.”

“I know.” The aunt leaned against Liu Quan’s arms, then said to Frank: “He is the pillar of our house, which can I do after he leaves?”

The aunt told a lie that looked wrong in Frank’s vision of Athena and could be unfooled anymore, but then there was real sadness on her face.

Frank lowered his head slightly to express his sympathy, and then returned to the square car with the other three roommates.

As soon as he got in the car, Sao Wen smiled and said: “Brothers, do you know what I found?”

“What did you find?” The others asked.

“This aunt and Liu Quan are having sex with each other.”

“Puff, that’s right.” Tang Rui said annoyingly: “I realized something was wrong at that time. The two seemed to be hugging each other at the end; something was wrong really not going. “

“You let Frank speak.” Sao Wen said while looking at Tang Rui: “I just feel something’s wrong, Frank can certainly explain it.”

Frank was too lazy to say anything, but when he saw Sao Wen suddenly name him, he must have said: “Did you notice how I found out that Liu Quan was wrong before?”

“It looks like there is a problem with the wallet,” Tang Rui said.

“It is true there is a problem with the wallet.” Frank nodded and counted: “In his card case, there is only a photo of a woman in her forties, and there are no bank cards or other things.”

“So, you said the photo in the wallet was pretty. He said first it was a relative, then his mother. But whether it was a relative or his mother, the age of forty is not correct.”

“The main reason is he insisted on not having compensation, coupled with the wallet problem, and that made me doubt him,” Frank explained.

“What if it was?” Sao Wen looked at Frank and asked: “Since you found out that he is not a thief after we run over him, and if the photo in his wallet is really his mistress, what will you do?”

Frank hadn’t spoken yet, and Tang Rui interrupted him and asked: “He’s only in his twenties, how could the subject be in her forties?”

“I don’t know what a mature woman felt when she looked at a child.” Sao Wen laughed wryly.

“Seriously speaking,” Frank said: “When I really found out that this guy wasn’t a thief after he fell, then I told him I was going to take him to the hospital for a review that is a simple thing.”

“That is true.” The others nodded.

“So the photo in this wallet is really his aunt, and this wallet is not his uncle’s, but his,” Tang Rui suddenly realized.

“Aunt and nephew, it looks like they’re watching the countryside.”

“It is believed that in the future, the two will live together in a fair and equitable manner.” Zhu Longlong sighed: “You said this person was so unlucky that he was killed by thunder while still stay at home.”

“Every accident actually has inevitable factors at a deep level.” When Frank saw these guys staring at him, he just spoke his own judgment.

“What do you mean?” Frank’s words immediately aroused everyone’s curiosity.

“Before entering the house, did you see the television aerial on the top floor of their house?”

“I saw it.”Zhu Longlong said: “Aren’t there a lot of antennas in the countryside that secretly broadcast?”

“Didn’t you pay attention to the location of this antenna?”

Zhu Longlong thought about it and discovered that the location of the antenna was indeed likely to bring lightning to the balcony on the third floor.

“This person is too careless.” Tang Rui said: “He doesn’t know how to install a lightning rod.”

“Maybe there was, but it was taken out,” Frank said lightly.

“You mean, this aunt deliberately removed the lightning rod during a thunderstorm to be with her nephew?” Zhu Longlong looked at Frank stunned and said: “Your brain is too big, even if you pull it out. The likelihood of a lightning rod struck by lightning directly through glass like that is too small. Who would bet on that?”

“It’s a stroke, It’s a stroke.” Tang Rui also thought it was impossible.

“No phenomenon will appear on its own,” Frank told the three of them: “I’ll explain this to you another way.”

Frank pointed to Zhu Longlong and said: “Suppose you have an ugly husband.”

“Bah, baah, what do you mean if I have an ugly husband. I don’t want to get involved,” Zhu Longlong directly interrupted Frank.

“Okay.” Frank said helplessly: “Suppose you have an ugly wife, but your wife has a very young sister, that is, your sister-in-law.”

“It’s almost the same thing.” Zhu Longlong was satisfied.

“You and your sister-in-law had an adulterous affair. As a result, one day, your wife accidentally died. When she passed away, your sister-in-law was next to her. What would you do in the first place? “

“I must first ask how my wife died, then see if I can claim to be sad about what happened on the scene and find out what caused the accident. If it is successful, can’t-I does not enjoy my sister-in-law every day? “

“Yes!” Frank hit his thigh and said to Zhu Longlong: “This is the crux of the matter!”

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