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M I H G Chapter 182: The second disease.

“If a normal person encounters this sort of thing, why should they check first, or asks clearly how the person died? Only then was the decision made in advance,” Frank said looking at the crowd: “Can’t you see the aunt’s actions are too suspicious?”

“In other words, after realizing her husband had really been killed by lightning, the aunt told her nephew to run away immediately. In fact, she had thought of this plan in her heart.”

“It’s like buying a lottery ticket.” Frank said: “For example, some people buy a ten Yuan lottery ticket every day after leaving work, and these ten Yuan lottery tickets are likely to be the same number. They thought someday this number would win. They must have thought about getting rich someday, and they’ve already thought about how to spend that money in their minds. Although the odds of winning are very low, these people just take this behavior like a habit.”

“Therefore, this woman probably has a habit of taking out the lightning rod every rainy day. If one day her husband is dead, it is equivalent to winning the lottery.”

“But why did she let her nephew run away?” Zhu Longlong still did not understand.

“You do not understand?” Frank said looking at Zhu Longlong: “This woman had no choice before, so she can only fornicate with the nephew who can have a reasonable existence with her in the same house, now that her husband is dead, and if she’s still with her nephew? Won’t that elicit criticism from the townspeople? So, better he takes the money and leaves so she can catch other little faces white.”

“I understood well!” Zhu Longlong then understood why, when the aunt saw her dead husband for the first time, she let her nephew run away with the money. She wanted to kill two birds with one stone. While burying her husband, she let her nephew take the money and go, so as not to prevent him from being cool in the future.”

“Awesome.” Zhu Longlong thought for a long time and finally said: “Of course, you better be young and simple.”

“What does simplicity have to do with youth?” Sao Wen, who was driving, interrupted him suddenly: “It’s like the black mushroom isn’t black, has nothing to do with age?”

“Drive your car.” Frank, Zhu Lonlong, Tang Rui, the three brothers shouted at the same time.


Due to the delay on the road, the group did not reach downtown Jinling until 8:30 p.m.

Sao Wen borrowed a friend’s house, but when they arrived, and when Sao Wen called his friend, the latter told him that he had already gone home because he couldn’t wait any longer, and left her the key under the doormat and asked her to take it.

Sao Wen parked the RV in the community, and because it was not a car of the community, then he paid a lot of parking fees.

The four people walked towards a large house, Sao Wen touched under the doormat, and he found a key.

“Your friend is a strange person too.” Zhu Longlong told Sao Wen: “Just dare to hide the key under the doormat, and he is unafraid of losing things.”

Sao Wen opened the door with the key and said: “He has long since ceased living in this house, so he lent it to me for a few days. I guess there is nothing of value in there.”

The door opened, and as expected, as Sao Wen said, there was nothing inside. There is only a square table in the living room with all kinds of trash and wireless routers densely placed on it.

“Looking at the situation, shouldn’t we be sleeping on a hard bed?” Zhu Longlong said while opening one of the bedrooms, but the surprise was good as he found that it was already arranged inside and the sheets and duvets were brand new, which looked like a special invitation for them.

“Yeah, doesn’t that sound like it’s being very safe?”

“That is true,” said Sao Wen triumphantly: “The friends I make can be worse.”

“By the way, you’re not from Jinling either, how do you know the people here. Is he from our school?” Tang Rui asked.

“Internet users have never met,” Sao Wen said.

“Puff, surfer.” The other three people looked at Sao Wen in shock: “You internet users are too brave, you lend yourself houses like that?”

“How old are you, don’t always look at internet users from an old society perspective,” Sao Wen said.

“Some internet users chat every day, can’t they figure out who the other party is? So even if they borrow something, they will feel relieved.”


When the friends were chatting, the doorbell rang. Sao Wen opened the door and saw there was a young takeaway delivery standing outside.

“Hello, the meal you ordered is here,” said the takeaway’s brother to Sao Wen.

“You’re wrong,” Sao Wen said, looking at the takeaway’s brother: “We didn’t order a takeaway.”

“No. 1, Building No. 4, Unit 602, it’s right here,” the delivery said and glanced at his takeaway order, then said: “It’s written in the remarks, dinner for dear Yaowu.”

“Are you Yaowu?” The delivery guy asked.

“Yes Yes Yes.” Sao Wen quickly took over: “Yaowu is my nickname.”

After the brother had left the takeaway, Sao Wen used his cell phone to contact his friend, and then said to Frank: “It’s my friend who worries that we haven’t had dinner the evening ordered this for us.”

“He’s a really good person.” Tang Rui glanced at the hearty takeaway and said to Sao Wen: “You internet users are reliable.”

The people put things away on the square table, then put whatever the delivery guy of the takeaway brought on the table. They happened to have nothing to eat at night, so it was a great dinner.

“Sao Wen, your Penguin ID and your WeChat ID are not called Yaowu, why is your internet user calling you Yaowu?” Frank asked.

“That’s the name of my morbid circle,” Sao Wen replied casually.

“Sick circle?” Tang Rui immediately looked at Sao Wen and asked after hearing this: “What kind of illness do you have? Can it be cured? There are still circles. It is probably difficult to treat.”

“Such a waste.” Sao Wenbo said: “This is the second disease, not the kind of disease you think. The reason my name is Yaowu is that I defined my character as a fogged-man of old times.”

“Puff.” After listening to Sao Wen’s words, the others burst out laughing.

“How old is the other patient,” Zhu Longlong said with a smile.

“The heart is not old and is not backward.” Sao Wen looked at Zhu Longlong contemptuously and said: “A current person like you will not understand our second disease spirit.”

“I don’t think you have a second-degree illness, and you just lie to cheat on girls,” Frank told the truth, then continued: “Don’t rush to deny it. I’ve done it before.”

“Did you also claim to have a second-degree illness?” Tang Rui asked curiously.

“No, I pretended to be a gay dude and joined in with the rotten girl circle,” Frank said in embarrassment.

After all, it’s quite a dark story. If Hannibal was there, he would have realized where Frank had learned the gay grouping method from.

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