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M.I.H.G Chapter 43: Replica

“Forget it, let’s go.”

If Han Zhenzhen was still in the roadside stall, not in this upscale hotel, and Han Zhenzhen is not in a big lady’s dress, Frank will be given her the WeChat.

But now Frank is the person who doesn’t want to have anything to do with Han Zhenzhen. Combined with Bruce’s comments of Han Zhenzhen’s preparation for sleeping last night, it is estimated that it is another story of a married couple of great families and the indulgence of the woman in the middle of the night. Frank did not want to lose a mouthful of meat but also make a fuss.

“The hotel is very clean and comfortable. All the descendants of the hotel have slept in their rooms, not even a WeChat?” Han Zhenzhen stared at Frank and Bruce with wide eyes.

Sister, if you talk like this, it will make people misunderstand.

Frank just wanted to explain, look up, at that time, sure enough at this time that Lin Miaomeow has two eyes light, ready to listen to gossip.

“I think you may have remembered it wrong,” Bruce said. “We just sat in the hotel chair for a few hours. If you have a memory disorder because of drinking, we can find an organization to identify yesterday’s clothes and see if we had any liquid exchange yesterday.”

Bruce was silent, but when he spoke, his words have the attitude of a venomous the snake’s attributes.

Sure enough, Han Zhenzhen was immediately stunned by Bruce’s words, and Lin Miaomeow, the long-hair girl, almost burst into laughter.

The communication on the liquid is too connotation.

“Go away, See you next time.” Frank waved and left with Bruce. Looking at the figure where Bruce and Frank were leaving, Lin Miaomeow asked Han Zhenzhen, “Who are these two people?”

“Two idiots.” Han Zhenzhen said with a bleak eye, “When I was returning home, I went to get some food. Then I met these two fools, and they didn’t want to have meat with me.”

“Watch out.” Lin Miaomeow said to Han Zhenzhen, “Unlike foreign countries, pay attention to your style, or you will not look good on your father’s eyes.”

“Meow.” Han Zhenzhen suddenly grabbed Lin Miaomeow’s chest and said, “There are so many nightclubs on Hong Kong. Don’t say you were a nun studying this year.”

“Public places, be careful in public, ah! Itching!”

Frank and Bruce went to the garage to pick up the car. As soon as they came to the front of Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, they saw a McLaren 540c coming slowly from the next parking space. Then they got out of the car, a fashionable young man and a reddish-faced woman.

“Husband, husband, how come there are such rotten cars here?” shouted red-faced woman indicating Bruce’s Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.

The young man next to him laughed and said, “Maybe it’s the car that the repairmen drive in the hotel, and keep your voice down so that people don’t hear you.”

“Let them hear me.” The red-faced woman said with arrogantly. “I used to hear about how high-grade the Blue House is, and now it looks like this. Actually, let the maintenance worker’s car parked in the parking lot. There is no place for this car.”

“Almost.” The young man thought for a moment and said, “This car still costs fifty or sixty thousand Yuan. It cost almost like my clothes.”

“Out-of-print bloody teeth, Lafayette’s court coat, full of cl is for 50,000 Yuan.” The woman ascends off the version of the word in the mouth after saying one after another, added another sentence, “Oh, I forgot your husband’s Cross heart Silver Ring.”

“Lower your voice.” The young man hugged the red-faced young woman, cast an apologetic look at Frank’s side, and then walked to the Blue House Hotel, which Frank had just come out of.

The man’s quality was good, the woman’s a bit bad.

Frank frowned, opened the door and stepped inside the car of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, even a small car like the Wuling Hongguang, which could sell for tens of millions even if it was a small device outside. But this car is exceptional.

“This person is fascinating.” Bruce smiled and started the car.

“In just 30 years, the economy can develop rapidly. But people’s quality can not follow the rapid development.”

Frank sighed and said, “It is estimated that in the next few decades, it may be better for the mainstream of society to be replaced by our generation. Maybe it will be better.”

“No, no, I am not talking about that woman,” Bruce said that and started the car. “The young man is very interesting.”

“What happened?”

“Have you heard a bunch of nouns that his woman just burst out?”

“Only ghosts know what the woman just murmured in her mouth. I am a woodlouse. I don’t understand your rich people.”

“Bloody teeth is a series of slp, old Buddha is Chanel, nailed CL is cl’s shoes, Crowe is a brand famous for silver jewelry, these brands are quite famous internationally.”

“Can Chanel not sell perfume, how can it still sell clothes?!”

“If you turn a brand into one of the most famous luxury brands, then you will sell everything because your other products will be sought after.”

Bruce explained to Frank, “But this is not the point, the focus is on the young man, except for the Crowe heart ring I did not see clearly, the others are replicas.”


Frank thought for a moment and asked, “The word “replica” is common in games. It means that players can save the prepared appearance as a garment.”

“There is almost the same in reality,” Bruce said to Frank. “Re-engraving you can understand him as a high imitation. But the reason why it is called a replica is that the re-engraved clothes are made according to the real one. Some advanced re-enactments will also be made using the same raw materials as the original ones.”

“How do I feel that it is too high to imitate the name is too ugly, and it is said to be a self-comfort in the re-enactment.” Frank spit.

“Well, you can understand that.”

“Maybe it’s because it’s more popular in Europe and the United States to duplicate old fashioned clothes, so it’s better to call it that way,” Bruce said.

“So, that kid is actually a fake?”

“Yes,” Bruce said. “So I said it was exciting. He usually, wear fake good marks and tell others that this is a genuine person who is inferior and wants to be respected by others. He will deliberately mock others. The way to show that he was superior. But the young man’s mentality is very good, so I said it was very interesting.”

“Is it wrong?” asked Frank.

“No.” Bruce shook his head and then said, “When I was young, I learned something about it at a luxury factory. I knew how all the black profit chains in the luxury industry of fashion work, how to distinguish between genuine and duplicate products.”

“How have you studied everything?” Frank snorted and then turned to look at Bruce’s clothes.