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M.I.H.G Chapter 44: Bruce is gone

Frank curiously looked at the clothes over Bruce’s body and asked, “What brand of clothes do you usually wear? Let me open my eyes.”

“My clothes don’t have a brand.” Bruce pulled a look at his coat. “I have an OEM factory under my name. The clothes I wear are specially designed by designers, and I wear them when they are made by my factory.”

When Frank heard Bruce say this and let him thinking of Batman’s movies, Bruce said to the butler, ‘Arrange a low-key car for me, just Lamborghini.’

The real Rich people pretend to be loaded so that they are forced to install so much that there is no way to get rid of it.

Frank and Bruce returned home. Looking at Bruce’s rest, Frank turned on the computer curiously to check the price of replication of luxury goods of big brands.

After all, everyone has a pushy heart.

Then Frank looked at the price of nine thousand Yuan, more than one thousand Yuan duplicate clothes on the screen, looked at the balance of his bank card, and silently closed his laptop.

Frank can not afford to buy genuine clothes, even the high imitation he can not afford to buy it!

If you can’t afford genuine products, you can’t even afford Even the high imitation. What’s the matter?

Bruce rested for a while, got up and looked at Frank with a sad face as if he had lost the meaning of life, so he began to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Bruce, do you know any way to make money quickly? Teach me.”

“I know a lot.” Bruce sat on the sofa, grabbed an apple, peeled it carefully, and said, “This method has been written for you in the laws of your country. The more you judge, the more time you have. The more you meet your requirements.”

“How did you get so much money at a young age, Bruce?” Frank asked.

“I have money because my father has money and my grandfather and my grand grandfather also has money. And my family is called the Wayne family.” Bruce replied naturally.

After listening to Bruce’s words, Frank was even more desperate.

“But Frank isn’t your major a doctor? It’s a high-income profession. You shouldn’t worry about your income in the future.”

“Well, Bruce, you have reversed the doctors in our country and the doctors in your country.”

“Shouldn’t the profession of doctors be a high-income profession all over the world, because it holds the lives of patients and can’t have a low income?”

“Our country does not eat big pot rice economically, but in spirit, we still require everyone to eat big pot rice together and pay attention to selfless dedication.” Frank quietly spit, “of course, the most important thing is that our drug traffickers earn more than doctors.”

“I don’t think it’s a little more to listen to your resentment.”

“I am afraid that if I say more, I will be cut off when I go out.”

Frank and Bruce chatted for a while, tired ready to sleep, suddenly heard the violent vibration of the mobile phone, open the screen to see is the only particular concern on QQ messages.

Lin Xiaoxin: Emoticon Pack: Poke you.

Frank: Expression Pack: Hey you.

Lin Xiaoxin: dirty expression bag. By the way, baby, you don’t know I’ve been in pain all day.

Frank: What happened?

Lin Xiao Xin: because ah it’s too long. I can not think. Most girls in our school will feel the pain and will hurt when they are five inches. Some of them can not stand it when they are three inches. At first, I thought I was a woman, but I did not think it was only two inches and I could not stand it in half an hour, and I will not survive. I really do not know how the little girls on TV who do not think it’s a big problem the eight inches is a good thing. Will Survive.

Frank: There are activities in your community. If you can’t do it for the next time, you won’t have two inches.

Lin Xiaoxin: This is not the point! The point is, why are you not nervous!

Frank: What am I nervous about?

Lin Xiaoxin: Length, I said the length!

Frank: You mean two inches, you feel pain, then it will be one inch next time. I will be able to satisfy you with a small female bill saying one inch.

Lin Xiaoxin: Why don’t you want to be jealous!

Frank: Because I am not dirty, I am useless for the routine.

Lin Xiaoxin: Hey, who believes. I am going to bed, good night!

After Lin Xiaoxin sent the messages, the state of QQ became offline instantly. Frank’s face has long been accustomed to the expression of the mobile phone to the bedside, and he was ready to go to bed.

Early the next morning, Frank got up, and Lin Xiaoxin said good morning, and then saw Bruce make breakfast again.

“Take you to the hot pot at noon today.” Frank stretched his arm and said it to Bruce.

“It doesn’t matter what you eat, but there are still three days left to show me around the city.”

“There seems to be no famous scenic spot in Haiping.” Frank began to think in his mind what the city was worth visiting.

“If you don’t go to the scenic spots, just turn around.” Bruce answered, “It’s rare to come to such a peaceful city. I’m on vacation.”

“It’s fine too.” Frank nodded.

Then for the next three days, Frank took Bruce to the streets and played in Haiping for several days.

When it was Friday, it was finally time for Bruce to go back.

Although he had only been together for five days, Frank’s impression of Bruce changed a lot. From the dark knight who only existed on the screen, he became a living person, which made Frank have a more intuitive impression.

Standing at the door, watching Bruce, who was about to turn away, he suddenly reached out and hugged Bruce.

“GAY! GAY!” Bruce picked up his eyebrows and said to Frank, “Yes, I left you a small gift. I hope you like it.”

What small gift?

Frank wanted to ask, but in the blink of an eye, Bruce was gone.

Turning back to the house, Frank wanted to find big Dixie this foolish cat, go in the living room did not see it. As soon as he looked up, Dixie opened the refrigerator turned over the door and hid in it.

“No charge for electricity,” Frank said as he walked over to Dixie. “Are you coming out of the refrigerator or do I close the door and shut you in.”

“I am coming out.” The big Dixie jumped out of the fridge.

Frank grabbed the fat cat with one hand, closed the refrigerator door with one hand, and then looked at the fat cat and said, “I don’t feel how hot it is. How do you hide in the refrigerator?”

“It’s getting hot. I am dying.” The big cat licked his claws and said, “I just came back from a particularly hot place.”

“Hey, your soul can leave the body and travel.”

“I don’t just have such a body.” Dixie said, “This time the guest is not at all dangerous, it is not fun.”

“You still tell me what rewards I can get this time.” Frank touched the Stun-Gun Wristwatch on his hand and asked him.

Although two thousand Yuan were urgently needed by Frank, the rewards of Dixie were indeed more precious. After all, Conan’s Stun-Gun Wristwatch helped him a lot.