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M.I.H.G Chapter 45: Language Master

“There are three kinds of rewards this time. You can choose one of them.” Dixie said to Frank, “The three titles of Batman, the detective master, the interrogation master, the language master, you choose one.”

“Title?” Frank pinched the face of Dixie, pulled back and forth and said, “You think it’s useful to play games, what are the specific functions of talking about them?”

“Stupid human, let go of me.” Dixie said with small claws to resist Frank’s pull, “Detective master is the detective ability of Batman, and the interrogation master is to get Batman’s interrogation ability, the language master is the same as Bruce to learn seventeen languages, you choose one.”

“Does it have to be chosen?” Frank let go of the big face and rubbing big meow belly full of meat said, “It must be a master of language.”

Batman is fluent in 17 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Latin, Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Sanskrit.

These languages basically cover the language of communication in the major countries of the world. With this ability, Frank will not only travel around the world without language restrictions but also more important.

Compared to detective masters, these qualities of interrogation masters sound cool, but they are used less in real life. If Frank is living abroad, he may be interested in becoming a detective master, opening a detective office, and handling the case.

However, the existence of private detectives is totally prohibited in China so the detective office cannot open, and even if it does, it is estimated that it is also to accept the original commission to investigate juniors, parents are hired to track their children whether puppy loves this messy thing.

The language master is different.

Think about it, people who are proficient in 17 languages can’t find it in the world, and Bruce’s proficiency means perfect communication, and it will read and write. Basically, it looks like the locals.

Even if Frank does not go abroad in the future, he can also be a translator. That industry calculates the amount of money per word. It is still easy to earn extra money in the future.

In addition, even if he does not earn extra money, he can speak Japanese. It’s worth Frank choosing the title of a master of the language. After watching small movies, you don’t have to worry about not understanding what people are saying.

But wait, it seems that small movies don’t need to be understood, anyway, they are fast-moving to the key place.


Seeing that Frank chose the ability of the language master, Dixie stretched out his claws and scratched Frank’s forehead, and then countless information flooded into Frank’s brain, each storage. The nerve unit of memory began to overload, causing Frank to become dizzy.

It took more than twenty minutes for Frank to respond slowly, only to see him open his mouth and say a series of American English, is the pronunciation of authentic Americans. This is followed by a series of British English. This time London accent, and then there is a series of languages from all over the world, including Sanskrit, a rare language that can speak fluently.

Pronunciation approaching native language level, and no crosstalk at all!

Do you want to be a translator in the future?  Frank thought, after all, the translation industry is much more popular than the doctor industry in China now.

At least, the translation of sentences is wrong, there is no worry about life.

Frank was thinking about it. He saw Dixie lying on the tea table in the living room and looked at him with a contemptuous look. It looked like he was saying that you were dying.

“Have you finished your excitement? If you have finished your excitement, there’s something else to tell you.” Dixie walked gracefully and then jumped on Frank’s knee.

“What else?” asked Frank.

“There is still a car.”

Dixie said, “At the request of the guest Bruce Wayne, the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile will be left to you, do you want it?”

Well, Bruce actually put down the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile to him?!

No wonder he said that he had a gift for him. He didn’t expect to leave the Batmobile. Also, this Wuling Hongguang Batmobile is probably the ugliest of the bats of all ages. Bruce is estimated to bring back the life of ash, but it is better to give it to him.

However, Frank hesitated for a long time, or the export said, “I don’t want it, can you send it back.”

“You have turned this wealthy?” Dixie looked at Frank with a serious look. “That is a luxury car worth billions Yuan, only one in the world.”

“It’s really because the value is too high, so I can’t ask for it.”  Frank looked at Dixie and said, “Although Wuling Hongguang Batmobile can’t see anything on the outside when it comes in, it knows that it is a refitted car. Illegally refitted car. In China, it is to be detained. At that time, people will come to my house to ask me where the car came from the next day. I’ll give you a slice to study it.”

“Since I want to give it to you, it must be that all the procedures are done,” Dixie said and licked his paw. “After the car is given to you, there will be a legal record of the car in the police station.” And then all kinds of information will be completely legal, you can drive around, as long as it is not too arrogant, no one will notice it.”

“A bunch of high-tech equipment in the car?”

“To help you do camouflage, usually just looks a bit bloated and strange, you can start again when you need it.”

“That’s fine.”  Frank nodded. I want the car.

After Frank finished, he squeezed his face and said, “You are really thoughtful and consider it for you to come home.”

“Stupid shit shovel officer, Ben Miao is only responsible for enjoyment, suffering things do not think of me,” Dixie said, turning around and going to the side.  Frank knew that this is the wisdom soul in the body of Dixie to leave, so he did not stop.

At this time, Dixie suddenly turned to look at Frank, and then said to Frank, “Is there a very popular movie “Raw” recently?”

“It’s the movie that the girl eats human flesh.” Frank thought about it and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” The big cat hesitated and still didn’t say anything. He just left a sentence before leaving. “If you have nothing to do recently, look up for similar movies.”

Inexplicably, Frank looked at the fat cat and went back to the cat’s nest to sleep. Is it true that the woman in the “Raw” is the next guest?

The female host looks pretty, and the symptoms are not as serious as her sister, and she can control her own impulse to eat human flesh.

If it’s her, it’s a bit troublesome but much better than Conan, the god of death.