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M.I.H.G Chapter 46: Infiniti

But now it’s not the question of who is the next guest. On Friday, Frank’s girlfriend will come again. Frank is ready to tidy up the room where Bruce lived and welcome Lin Xiaoxin.

Just thinking, Lin Xiaoxin came to the phone.

“Frank, I can’t come this week. There are activities in the club. I can’t get away from it.”

“No problem, I will come to you.” Frank thought of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and thought that it was not too much trouble to drive by himself.

“You come here, how are you coming here? Where are you staying?” Lin Xiaoxin said on the other end of the telephone. “You have to go to the subway for three hours, six hours back and forth. You can’t go back that day, and there is no place to live.”

“I can drive,”  Frank replied.

“If you can borrow a car, you can do it at night. If you sleep in the car at night, I can come out to accompany you.”

“It is shocking? Listening is just exciting.”

“Fuck off, I sleep in the back seat, you sleep in the front seat, uncomfortable, but you won’t die.” Lin Xiaoxin said over there.

“Well, I’ll open my room in the hotel then.”

“Come on, we are at the beginning of the month we eat in the room, at the end of the month on the floor, it’s the middle of the month. I do not know how much money you have, I want to eat thoroughly.”

“Why are you so pessimistic, Lin Xiaoxin.”

“You’ll be muddled if you talk anymore.”

“Well, good, wait till I get there, it is estimated that I’ll be there tonight, and I have recently worked part-time. Even if you have not enough money, you can rest assured.”

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin finished the phone call, and then he took little daily necessities, put it in the bag, carried the bag downstairs, and found that the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile still stopped at their own downstairs.

Frank walked over and touched the position of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile lock with his finger. The light slammed, and the door opened.

There is a simple, intelligent system on Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, so the saying that there is no car key that prevents someone from stealing the car key and entering the car to check.

Drive the car, leave the yard, and then drive to Lin Xiaoxin’s school. If Frank goes to Lin Xiaoxin’s school, it takes three hours if he got on the subway. In driving it was nearly the same time be because the roads are blocked. In fact, time is similar.

Frank’s Haiping Medical University is in the east of the city, while Lin Xiaoxin’s University, Haiping, is in a county town that is still in the west of the city, so it is necessary to go down three kinds of transportation.

You have to go downtown by bus to the city first, then do the subway, and then do the bus. However, if Frank is driving, he just needs to go through the section where the city is relatively blocked. When the speed is raised, he will arrive soon.

But Frank couldn’t help agreeing to squeeze through the traffic and arrived at a more biased intersection. Just as he was about to speed up, he heard the car body shake slightly.

Frank thought that when he had hit a stone or hit a person, the body of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile automatically released the image into the front window of the car. It turned out that an Infiniti hit him.

Frank pressed the playback to confirm that the Infiniti had accelerated around the corner and that he had just collided with the normal driver.

Frank got out of the car and saw the driver who hit him in the back with the Infiniti and got out of the car. He was a very young and handsome guy.

Frank first glanced at the model of Infiniti and confirmed that it was an imported Infiniti 60s of more than 600,000 Yuan. Then he looked at the place where the two cars collided.

Frank’s Wuling Hongguang was unscathed, and Infiniti’s front cover was recessed.

“What do you mean, buddy, what are you doing so fast on the way to a pickup truck?” The owner of Infiniti’s car spoke very rudely.

You just pull the car, your whole family is pull’s car.

Frank glared at the owner of Infiniti and then said to the owner, “I’m driving normally your responsibility.”

“You said my responsibility is my responsibility.” Infiniti’s owner pointed out that the dent on his car said, “My car is hitting, you are not planning to pay for it. If you can’t pay for it, if you say it, don’t count it, call the traffic police.”

“If you call the traffic police, it will not be a matter of twelve thousand Yuan.” The owner of Infiniti pointed to the cab of his car and said, “My car has a traffic recorder.”

“I also have it,” Frank said, pulling out his mobile phone and letting the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile send the previous video to the system, and then shoot it with his mobile phone.

“I see it clearly, I am driving normally.”

“You broke a Wuling Hongguang, and the car recorder is behind the car?!” Infiniti’s owner was shocked.

“After all, some so many people touch porcelain these days that they can’t stand it.” Frank said and looked at the boy again and said, “How do you say it now, we called the traffic police, or settle privately.”

“Privately, why not half the cost for both.”

“Brother, your full responsibility, half of both of us?”

“Is your car not insured? It is not yours anyway.”

A family car that pulls goods is not a truck.

When Frank looked at the time, it was too late to say to the owner of Infiniti. “I have no insurance. If you don’t call the police, I will leave. I have something urgent.”  Frank saw that the owner did not want to call the police. Should also be a matter of fact, fearing that the alarm will delay things?

But you said that a person who can afford an Infiniti 60s who cost 600,000 Yuan, Even if it is not insured, you will pay some money to repair it. How can it be the same as driving a car? After being hit, whether it’s your responsibility or not, it’s the same as asking you to pay some money.

Looking at Frank going step by step back to the car, Infiniti’s owner is quite unwilling, but there is no good way, only to see Frank’s car launched. Seeing that the car is about to leave, the owner of Infiniti actually rushed over and kicked with his foot on the rear light.

But even if it’s the rear lamps, it is the rear lights of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile. The feet of the Infiniti owner not only did not ruin the lights, but they bowed themselves and fell to the ground, He watched Frank’s car throw off the exhaust of his face.

Frank had no trouble getting out of the car to find the owner of Infiniti. He had to rush to see Lin Xiaoxin. But the Infiniti owner was really upset. Frank suddenly thought of the McLaren owner in the Blue House Hotel. They would not be the same. The car was rented from a rental car shop.

After more than an hour, Frank saw Lin Xiaoxin’s university, Haiping, far away, saying that although their university was far away.

Haiping is only a branch campus here because it is in the county, the place is quite big, so the vehicle can be docked after registration.

Of course, the parking fee is a bit cheap.

Frank parked the car in the spacious parking lot and then called Lin Xiaoxin to ask where she is now.