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M.I.H.G Chapter 63: Life lost combination


As soon as he heard the name, he knew that this is a foreigner. However, it seems that Lecter is the surname. How can a foreigner introduce himself by his surname instead of his first name directly, and it is entirely different from Conan and Bruce. The name, Lecter Frank really has no impression of which character is it.

So Frank went on to ask, “What is your full name?”

This kind of demeanor, temperamental and refined young people do not want to say their full name, but in the face of Frank’s inquiry, this young man seems to be bound by some kind of power, and he has to tell the truth.

“My name is Hannibal Lecter.” The man finally said his full name.

“Oh, let me call you Hannibal,”  Frank said casually, turning to take the water cup and preparing to pour water to Hannibal.

“You seem to be a little fluttering.” Hannibal looked at  Frank, who turned to the opposite table and took the cup.

“I did not sleep very well last night,”  Frank replied and used the action of taking the water cup to cover the insurance of Stun-Gun Wristwatch.

God bless. Fortunately,  Frank did not take off his clothes and take off his watch when he slept last night. Otherwise, it would be bad.

If Hannibal can see  Frank’s face at this time, he will find that a large swath of sweat is rolling off  Frank’s forehead. He is scared!

Hannibal Lecter.

This name is definitely a nightmare.

This guy is an ogre. This ogre refers not to the ugly monster in the game or the West Magic, but literally.


And he is different from others. Hannibal is very artistic in spirit and the ability of the superpower.

He is a superb psychiatrist, and he is a mental illness.

He had lived through the Second World War, during which he had been bombarded to death with his parents and teachers, he escaped the death of this bombing with his sister. But in winter, towards the end of the Second World War, for lack of food for a long time, a group of Nazi soldiers took Hannibal and his sister and had eaten his sister in front of him.

Of course, Hannibal’s tragic childhood experience did not end there. After the war, he was picked up by his uncle and met his own wife, Lady Murasaki.

Later, his uncle’s wife was unintentionally killed by a butcher to defend the reputation of Lady Murasaki. Hannibal chose to take the blood and revenge, completed his first kill with a sword, and placed the butcher’s head on the altar of Mrs. Murasaki, and by the way, opened his own cannibal journey.

In the next five years, Hannibal found the enemies who killed his sister and completed the revenge, but in the process, his hobby became more and more serious. Can’t leave him, and went to the United States in the sunset.

This life experience, listening to it is horrible, and even more terrifying is that although Hannibal changed state, IQ is also high.

In addition to his psychiatric skills due to his own work, he is also full of medical surgery because of his hobbies. And he has high attainment in classical literature and music.

The hobby of the artist, this horrible combination, in the general story, made him in the rank of the big devil.

But our Dr. Hannibal is also full of math and physics skills, and according to the introduction, few Americans can surpass him in these two areas.

This is an unwanted guest.

Frank would rather live in a family of detectives, such as Bao Zheng plus Sherlock Holmes.

He does not want this ogre to come home to live with him.

Frank’s hand was about to reach the edge of the cup, but he suddenly turned around and pretended to look his watch without saying anything!

Frank doesn’t want to get close to him.

So, after Frank guessed Hannibal’s real identity, he would definitely be discovered by Hannibal once he turned around!

Then, Frank was not pressing to use the launcher of the Stun-Gun Wristwatch, he expected Hannibal first step, so directly to control the situation and use the launcher of the Stun-Gun Wristwatch!

So, this distance is just right!

Hannibal’s reaction was extremely fast, he had guessed that Frank must have known him, based on Frank’s fluttering pace after hearing his full name, so he was ready.

Although  Frank’s movements were fast enough, Hannibal’s movements were faster. He jumped forward to avoid the position where  Frank might shoot and then flew directly toward  Frank.

With such a small anesthesia gun, it is certain that the time interval between the two shots is extremely long, so he can definitely knock down  Frank when  Frank carries out the second launch.

However, Hannibal never imagined that  Frank was very knowledgeable about him. In this case, how could  Frank’s actually launch an anesthesia needle and hit one’s aim?

Just when Hannibal was about to approach  Frank,  Frank finally pressed the Stun-Gun Wristwatch.

Hannibal knew it was a trap at this time, and it was too late to dodge.

Conan’s Stun-Gun Wristwatch is definitely a black technology and does not say that the anesthesia needle can’t is observed by the naked eye. The extremely short anesthesia time alone is enough to surpass hundreds of anesthesia guns on the market.

So although  Frank’s anesthesia needle only penetrated Hannibal’s shirt and poked into his chest, it was enough to faint Hannibal in a matter of seconds.

Hannibal finally fell to the ground one second before his hands were about to grab  Frank, and he fell into a deep sleep.

“Huh, huh, huh.” Frank looked at Hannibal, who was asleep but was not relieved to fill another shot. He was sure that Hannibal had completely fainted. Then he dared to sit on the table with a big breath.