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M.I.H.G Chapter 64: Bundle

Conan’s watch anesthesia gun lasted a long time, and Frank added a needle because he was afraid that Hannibal was just pretending to sleep.

At present, Frank has at least half an hour to dispose of Hannibal. Of course, killing is impossible, not a question of daring, but who knows the fat Dixie said that the distance between two people can’t exceed 100 meters, does it mean that only in a living state can it be done?

If Hannibal died, Frank also hangs, and the game is over.

Therefore, the reason why Frank has asleep directly Hannibal, he does not worry that Hannibal hurts him but that he gets hurt. After all, Hannibal is not a clown. Once he is crazy, who knows if he will commit suicide, Hannibal will not take risks in his life.

However, Hannibal is a change of state, and there are many ways to torture people, not to mention the fact that Hannibal is a person who has a strong interest in the despicableness of human nature and the ugliness of human beings.

Therefore, Hannibal is not allowed to take some experiments with Frank.

Speaking of takeaway, Frank picked up his phone, found a shop that had been ordering food before, ordered a meal, and then,  asked the other side, to send food over, and by the way, buy something for him.

After doing this, Frank should handle Hannibal.

Frank looked down at the Hannibal, took his right hand, and looked at it.

Six fingers.

Hannibal suffers from a rare, fully overlapping middle finger deformity with six fingers in his right hand. Later, to avoid the pursuit of the FBI, Hannibal smashed his extra finger.

Therefore, Frank speculated that Hannibal should be young, and has not yet become the famous Hannibal doctor. Looking at this age, he should be at the age at which the young man avenge his sister.

Of course, the young Hannibal is certainly not as sophisticated as the doctor Hannibal, and can even escape from the prison where he is being held by the FBI. But this does not mean that Hannibal is a good deal at this age.

Hannibal in his youth was the most prosperous thing in his military power.

As far as Frank’s body is concerned, it’s probably Hannibal’s punch.

Frank take Hannibal’s coat, inner clothes, and pants all off then checked Hannibal’s crotch and found that there was nothing other than the man’s thing and it was reassuring to put the underwear on Hannibal.

Frank had to be more cautious about this kind of people who could fight back with a single wire.

Hannibal’s clothes were thrown aside, and Frank took Hannibal to the bedroom, then took all the sheets and mattresses on the bedroom, leaving only a bare board.

Frank put Hannibal on the wooden board, and then pulled out his own belt and used it like Hannibal bundles in the general police textbook to temporarily bundle Hannibal.

(Big arm binding method: Wrap the belt around the other arm. Wrap it into a figure-eight shape and tighten it.)

This method of bundling is enough to subdue the average ordinary person so that he can’t move. But one of the most serious drawbacks of the big arm bundling method is that the belt will definitely fall, just a matter of time.

Of course, Frank can also choose to use another kind of big arm bundling method, which is to reverse the other’s big arm behind the body and use the anti-joint binding method to limit the opponent’s action to the greatest extent.

Although this bundling method is very useful, it has great requirements on the strength of the belt. The general metal buckle belt was tied in this way, and it is possible to cut off. If he couldn’t cut off, it must be the kind and the waist.

However, Frank was only fixing Hannibal with a belt, which was to fear that Hannibal suddenly woke up.

Frank go out to the next room, find the wide tape left for the wallpaper before, tear it open, and return to Hannibal’s room again.

Next is the time to play bundling, although a subject is a man, but also handsome, make use of it.

If you tie a person with a rope, it may cause the person to be hurt, and the quality of the rope is also easy to break. The tape is different and absolutely safe.

Frank pulled Hannibal’s hands to the back, then put the back of the hand against the back of the hand, followed by a wrap around the wide tape, until a roll of wide tape was used up.

Then Frank found another kind of tape that was previously unknown to the dry hair, which is the kind of tape that students usually use to change their work.

Frank used this tape to pull Hannibal’s thumbs out and then tied the thumbs in a circle, and then the remaining eight fingers, unfortunately, Hannibal is stuck with nine fingers.

Then the bundled hands were finally alive, and Frank found the gloves he bought in the winter, forced Hannibal to put it on, and then bundled the gloves with a little bit of thin tape.

At this time, Frank’s takeaway has arrived.

After the takeaway man handed chicken chops to Frank, he gave Frank a bag containing a very good quality nylon rope.

“Frank, why do you suddenly buy a rope?” The takeaway man and Frank are also very familiar, so he asked casually.

“In a few days, I have to install some local products to go home, so I use this rope.” Frank smiled and gave him the money to buy the nylon rope.

“Frank, you are so polite.” The takeaway man took the money and counted the amount. “It’s a waste of such a good nylon rope tie. In fact, the general tape is quite strong, which is inconvenient to disassemble.”

After the takeaway man left, Frank closed the door, took out the nylon rope, and walked back to the bedroom.

Frank lifts Hannibal’s calf, and then cross the calf to the toe, cross into a cross-like shape, and let legs split. The horns are supported on the ground. Then use nylon rope to bundle Hannibal’s legs with a special bundling method, pull out the rope head, and circle around Hannibal’s two wrists. Finally, Frank was originally planning to be in Hannibal. He also pulled a circle around Hannibal’s neck, he thought about giving up. Because it was so cruel and may kill him.