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M.I.H.G Chapter 65: Cat and Hannibal

Frank found the eye mask that he uses when he sleeps during the night, and he put it on Hannibal’s eyes.

At this time, Hannibal almost woke up and Frank was able to see Hannibal’s flesh being wrinkled irregularly.

“Wake up, wake up, and don’t pretend to be asleep.”

Frank moved a chair and sat opposite Hannibal and looked at him.

Hannibal is estimated that he had almost woken up before Frank put the blindfold on his eyes, but he was evaluating his own situation because he could not get rid of his multiple bindings. He just pretended to sleep to see what Frank would do next.

“I do not sleep.” Hannibal moved his body a little and made himself feel comfortable.

Although according to Frank’s binding method, Hannibal did not feel at all comfortable anyway.

“I was just wondering should you know me very well, you started to do with me these things just after I have confirmed my identity.”

“Almost.” Frank looked at Hannibal and said, “I should say even that I know you better than you do.”

“Oh.” Hannibal’s tone was very calm, and there was no confusion at all because of the binding with Frank.

This makes Frank even more uneasy because as such as Hannibal is quite mature, he will not be confused by his own situation but is always looking for opportunities to fight back.

“I don’t think there will be someone in this world who knows me better than myself.” Hannibal’s voice is very magnetic, very nice, probably the kind of sound that can make voice-activated girls addicted.

“The reason why I dare to say know you better than yourself. It is because you are a mentally ill person. I don’t think a mentally ill person will know himself very thoroughly.”

Hannibal licked his lips, saying, “Do you think my hobby is a disease?.”

Hannibal’s licking of his lips made Frank feel creepy, but he looked at the tied Hannibal, and he said in a stable manner.

“In addition to eating human flesh, your mental problem is mainly From the tragic experience of childhood, the anti-humanity, anti-social personality, you are very keen to appreciate the human ugliness and test human nature, which just illustrates this point.”

“Do you have a cat?” Hannibal listened to Frank’s words and suddenly spoke of a topic that was not on the sidelines. “I saw a fat orange cat in your bedroom when I first came in. It should be your pet.”

Doesn’t Hannibal know Dixie?

It seems that neither Conan nor Bruce ever said who sent them.

Now Hannibal said that. Dixie should be just a liaison to himself.

“That orange cat is my pet.” Frank nodded.

“The orange cat looks overweight and needs to lose weight. You like that orange cat.”

“Generally I like it.” Frank’s replied, but he thought that the big cat really should lose weight, even others said it, and later gave the big cat’s cat food 30%.

The soul of Dixie, who knows where she was at this time, knew that Dixie would curse Frank angrily.

This should be called self-confidence.

“Do you think that I am anti-social and anti-human, then what is a cat?”

“What do you mean?” Frank didn’t understand how Hannibal suddenly called Dixie.

“When a cat catches a mouse, it will first tease the mouse until the mouse collapses and later will eat it. Does he feel cruel?”

“After all, the cat is an animal.” Frank did not want to talk about it.

“Then, did you forget that human beings are actually a very intelligent animal? Why do you think that cats do not feel cruel, and I feel that I am cruel?”

Hannibal’s sudden acceleration, although his eyes were blinded by Frank’s eye mask, he still turned his head to Frank’s direction with his feelings.

Then he said.

“Just because the cat is adorable, why you give me a prejudice?”

“Stop!” Frank hurriedly stopped Hannibal and took care of his thoughts.

Then he said, “You are stealing the concept, the mouse killed by the cat, not it is kind, but you are killing the same kind. This is not the same.”

“Isn’t that life?” Hannibal sneered. “You are afraid of me because I kill the same kind. It’s what you think of human beings as the same kind and the mouse as an insignificant creature.”

“Let me guess,” Hannibal said, pointing his head to Frank. “What is your occupation? Police? No. Military? Not right, you are a doctor.”

Hannibal grinned because he accurately guessed Frank’s career.

He said to his opponent Frank: “How many mice and rabbits you have killed in the lab as a doctor, you have never murdered too smaller?”

“What do you want to say?” Frank couldn’t keep up with Hannibal’s thinking.

“What I want to say was very simple, You think that you know me better than me because you think I am a mentally ill patient. But in fact, I am just different from your opinion.”

Hannibal revealed an evil smile to Frank. “I just brought myself into the role of a cat, so I don’t think that everything I do is caused by anti-human personality.”

“But you have challenged the understanding of most normal humans.”

“The cat also challenges the perception of most normal humans.”

Frank knew what said this psychology doctor. He simply left the chair and walked out of the bedroom.

In the living room, he grabbed the fat orange cat and then threw it in front of Hannibal.

“Well, I am now catching the initiator. You talk to it and see if some of the cats’ killing of mice is a moral criterion that challenges the world.”

After Frank’s words were finished, the smile on Hannibal’s face disappeared. Because there is no such thing as cat psychology in the human world.

Frank looked at Hannibal, who said, ‘How do you not follow the common sense?’, put out a towel and stuffed it into Hannibal’s mouth, and then returned to his bedroom.

Because of the sudden arrival of Hannibal, Frank is no longer able to call his buddies.