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M.I.H.G Chapter 67: Thought Collision

“Why do you say that?” Frank chewed the apple calmly and looked at Hannibal Lecter.

“Your bundling technique tells me because only the geeks can use this bundling method,” Hannibal said again: “At this time, it’s only been half an hour since I woke up. This time is not enough, to allow you to finish the thesis, and getting relevant information, after that you have the boldness to bind me completely.”

“That’s reasonable.” Frank chewed the apple calmly and said, “Do you want I buy you a mouth plug and neck collar.”

“That’s quite reasonable to say it.”

Frank calmly gnawing at the Apple said, “Do you want that I buy you a mouth Plug and neck sleeve so I will do it.”

While the two men were talking to each other, suddenly Hannibal asked again. “Look at the thesis that you just do, it shows that you student ready to graduate.”

“That’s right.” Frank nibbled over the apple and put the nucleus on the table.

“Then you think the medical profession has to sacrifice a large number of animals to carry out experiments for the sake of progress.

“Do you think this kind of thing is cruel? After all, these small animals have also life.”

Hannibal went on to say, “Not to mention, some of these medical clinical trials have even led to the death of some innocent volunteers.”

Forget that Hannibal is only proficient in Chinese for the reason of traversing, but he doesn’t understand some of the obstacles with Chinese characteristics.

This is in line with the ability of Frank acquired Bruce’s language proficiency, but he also had to ask Hannibal to help him translate some sentences in the medical language.

There are many terms and sentences in other languages.

If you look at each word separately, you know what it means, but when they are together, they form a high number of the special, and they can form more than one sentence.

This is all a mess, so you need a professional person to explain.
“To be honest, I think anything that involves politics is more disgusting than what I think.”

“What you’re doing is disgusting to everybody, but some people are happy of this. Can you do the same thing with humans?”

After Frank finished, he went on to answer Hannibal’s question.

“It is impossible for human beings to give equal rights to all animals, but human morality can be reflected within the limits of what can be done.”

“As far as possible, to maintain the morality of an action.”

“For example, the small animals we used for experiments were bought from biological companies. These animals were raised for experimentation.”

“But in some groups, even so, what doctors do is challenging their ethics.”

“The group you said is the most powerful one among the vegetarians in the insurance.”

“But in fact, whoever provokes the plants, who worked so hard, was eaten to supplement the nutrition, and then they actually used it.”

“I ate the body that the plant grew up to protect the small animals. If the plants can talk, they will protest.”

“We provide oxygen for you, but you chew our lives.”

Frank stared at Hannibal. “You see, this is not a morally immoral thing at all. It is a painful thing.”

“Moreover, I really want to finish.”

Doctors are supposed to be in the back, and those cosmetics companies are much more cruel that we are to animals like rabbits.”

“To detect the toxic effects of cosmetics can be much crueler than us.”

“This is the same as I thought.” Hannibal’s mouth hangs like a curved arc.

“The Virgins think that vegetables grow out of the supermarket, peace is by mouth, and medical progress is based on imagination.”

“But if you want to eat vegetables, you have to deal with dirty farmyard manure. If you want peace, you have to deal with bloody wars. If you want to make medical progress, you have to deal with death.”

“Yes.” Frank looked at Hannibal. “So I can just answer your second question, how do you look at volunteers in clinical trials. Just look at their colleagues and classmates because I know In order to do parasite experiments, a doctor drank three locust eggs and observed the activities of mites in his body.”

“So, can we draw a conclusion?”

Hannibal seems to be very happy to say to Frank, “If there is progress, there must be a sacrifice.”

“It’s true. ” Frank’s words were just as soon as they were exported, and they felt that they brought Hannibal into the ditch.

“So, why do you don’t know that when I eat people, it’s only to cure my mental illness,” Hannibal revealed with a smile.

“How you do not know that everything I do was to find out the possibility of curing my illness?”

Frank was shocked and stood up and retorted. “But your method does not help you in curing this disease.”

“As we discussed before, science has a lot of experimental experiments at the beginning.”

“Perhaps after my success, the follow-up treatment does not need to be like this?”

Hannibal speaks faster and faster. “You know me right, you know my past, maybe you know my future. Then you should know that my habit of eating people is not born. In the history of human beings’ written records, the number of incidents is even more numerous.”

“So!” Hannibal raised his voice. “How do you think that I am not doing a great experiment?”

Damn, there is no way to refute!

Frank’s criticism of Hannibal is focused on the issue of eating people, but you must know that it is in ancient China also, and there are many such things.

For example, Cheng Hao, a famous adviser in the Three Kingdoms, took human flesh as military food.
“Untie me the rope.” Hannibal said softly to Frank, “I think there are many misunderstandings between us. We need to sit down and have a good talk.”

Frank’s eyes flickered and saw Hannibal, who was tied into an extremely uncomfortable posture, walking uncontrollably towards the bedside.

His mind was a spark of various thoughts, which made his reason to lose control of his body for a while.