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M.I.H.G Chapter 71: Another case

Fang Cheng seems to be really busy. After a few words, he started to take a nap on the sofa in the living room.

Frank also returned to his bedroom to organize the thesis and organize the order.

around twelve o’clock, Fang Cheng’s mobile phone alarm sounded.

When Frank went out, Fang Cheng was wearing his clothes and was ready to leave.

“It’s almost lunch. I ordered a takeaway. why do not go after lunch?” Frank said to Fang Cheng.

“There’s no spare time. I can handle it on the way back to buy two pieces of bread.” Fang Cheng waved his hand and went out.

After Frank looked at Fang Cheng leave, he was about to call him and say that the home delivery person that he had ordered will be coming.

If he didn’t do it, he does not would Fang Cheng return. At this time, the doorbell rang.

Frank looked through the peephole. It turned out that the home delivery man came and he is outside.

Frank had to take two takeaways and then made small steps and came to Hannibal’s room.

Hannibal plunged into a shallow sleep and assured himself of his spirits. Frank give a pat on the buttocks of Hannibal. He woke up.

Frank untied Hannibal’s earplugs and the towel from his mouth.

Hannibal said, “In fact, you are really a bad guy.”

“No.” Frank denied firmly.

“Then why do you want to pat my buttocks?”

“I wanted to slap your face, but I thought for a moment that if I hit you in the face if you could break free one day, I would die miserably.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you look for the buttock.” Hannibal said very seriously, “My human organs are not just one buttock.”

“Other places are handy.”

“I.” Hannibal heard the words of Frank and was completely speechless. He stopped talking.

Frank began to take out the home delivery. He originally ordered two chickens, but now he can eat them all alone.

Of course, he can still feed Hannibal at the point where he can’t finish the rest.

After all, he doesn’t want to eat this stuff.

“What do you eat?” Hannibal asked about the taste and asked curiously.

“Chicken Gong, you can understand the delicious chicken made by special methods.”

“The home delivery in your country is very convenient.”

“After all, we are a big food empire,” Frank said that.

He deliberately came near to Hannibal and ate it in front of Hannibal.

“You don’t think that you when you are doing this, it is easier to cause my hatred than hitting my buttocks.”

“Of course, no.” Frank caught a piece of chicken and threw it in his mouth and said, “It’s noon, and I’m not here in the middle of the night to eat this in front of you. “

Frank’s words obviously put the young Hannibal into the internal wounds.

After all, Hannibal is not the Hannibal who has been arrested for several years by FBI he is now a young man.

“Right, do you want to eat?” Frank asked.

“Do you want to eat!?” Hannibal asked.

Frank always feel that this word is a bit bad. If you change the scene, it will ruin the sky.

“You do me a favor, I will give you a good meal.”

“Deal.” Hannibal agreed to it.

After all, in a short period of five days, Hannibal will eventually find a way to obtain freedom if he does not want to be thrown out by Frank.

The premise of all this is to maintain a healthy body state.

It was really fed by Frank with breadcrumbs and apples for three or four days.

Even if Frank let him go, he would not have been able to beat Frank.

Seeing Hannibal’s quick promise, Frank said to Hannibal again what Fang Cheng told to him.

“A very simple case,” Hannibal said to Frank.

“The difficulty of this case it is not how complicated is it, but because your thinking is in a mistake.”

“What do you mean?” Frank looked at Hannibal.

“It’s very simple, you can think about it,” Hannibal said to Frank.

“If you’re the offender, how would you do your crime without leaving evidence, or directly, how do you avoid staying?”

“Wear a condom.”

“Yes, wear a condom.” Hannibal looked at him with a look of an idiot.

“But the victim’s body won’t stay after wearing a condom?.”

“Wear someone else’s.”

“This is not the same, and so on.” Frank finally couldn’t stand the contempt of Hannibal and stopped what he had to say.

“The police didn’t think of it in the first place because their habit of thinking in the case led to a misunderstanding of the situation.”

“For them, DNA was not right, which means that the police might have been scratching the wrong way.”

“Their stress and thinking habits don’t make them easy for them to find out what they’re missing, but as a bystander, if you can’t even see it, I can only say you have a problem with IQ.”

“I think what is going on.” Frank lowered his head and finally thought of how the suspects get rid of their suspicions.

So Frank quickly called Fang Cheng.

Fang Cheng has not returned to the police station yet. His mouth is like chewing on the bread while walking.

Frank told Fang Cheng about his inference.

“Why, I didn’t think about it.” Fang Cheng suddenly realized and then hung up the phone.

“What about my chicken?” Hannibal asked.

“The correct statement is my chicken.” Frank sighed, shaved a piece of chicken bone, and then threw the meat into Hannibal’s mouth.

“Are you a bit too much of a Cautious against me?” Hannibal said, eating a muscle without bones. “Do you think that I will use the chicken bones to open the rope and escape?”

“You are a wolf. I am a sheep. It is not too much to use.”

“The question you just consulted has no meaning at all. I don’t need to tell you a case. You can guess what the truth is like,” Hannibal said.

“Okay.” Frank ate the remaining dish of the chicken gong, and took out a small mirror and stood in front of himself, staring at himself in the mirror.

Hannibal got the permission of Frank, cleared his throat, and began to tell.

“A young mother was killed, and only two people present gave almost the same confession.”

“The police first received the call from her husband, Kerry. He said on the phone that his wife, Jenna, was killed and died in the living room. The murderer was his friend Bill.”

“The police went to the scene after receiving the call. The scene was terrible. The weapon was in the pool of blood of the victimized woman. She was killed by a baseball bat.”

“The police believed him on the spot and went to inquire about Bill. The police found that Bill was also injured. He was stabbed in a knife and was being treated in the hospital.”

“And Kerry, in another hospital, his arm is broken.”

“According to Kerry’s testimony, this was the case: at around 3 pm he went home, opened the door, walked into the hall and saw the baseball bat hit him. Even though the living room was next to the hall, he did not see his wife. He started to defend himself, so the two men fought from the entrance to the hall and continued to fight. They were both tired, arrested, After a while, they remembered that a good piece of television was about to start, so they stopped to rest and drink. They went to watch TV. “

“After watching the TV play, Kerry went to the kitchen to get a knife, then stabbed Bill several times, and Bill ran away.”

“Kerry went back to the kitchen and saw her wife Jenna lying on the floor of the living room, her flesh and blood blurred.”

“It sounds like the facts are clear, there is no doubt,” Frank asked.
“You will listen to Bill’s testimony again,” Hannibal continued.

“Bill’s testimony was like this: he went to Kerry’s house, opened the door, walked through the corridor, and saw the knife stabbing him. He was stabbed several times and wrestled with Kerry. He didn’t see Jenna lying on the living room floor. They fought in the hallway. He saw the baseball bat beside him and broke Kerry’s bones. After that, like Kerry’s saying, they stopped to rest and drink. They went to watch TV.”

“After sawing it, They went on, and after a while, he left.”

“The testimony of the two is the same?!”

“Yes.” Hannibal nodded and said.

“The two confession are basically the same. The difference is who is the first to fight. But they have not seen Jenna being killed. They didn’t see Jenna lying in the living room when they entered the living room.”

“In the process, the two people have been each other. The witness was not present. Kerry pointed out that Bill had killed Jenna, but he didn’t know when Jenna was killed and when she was killed, and Bill said the same.”

“How is this judged?” Frank himself began to get confused.

“The prosecution brought the two to the court, but all the evidence was simply confusing.”

“The jury could not understand the testimony. The two men have argued for a while, took a break, they have argued for a while to drink, then looked at the TV drama again, this story is more bizarre than the movie.”

“What about the last judgment?” asked Frank.

“The jury discussed 24 hours and finally did not make a judgment. Bill and Kerry were acquitted.”