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M.I.H.G Chapter 70: Suspects are never

Hannibal’s IQ is really high, though he is a bit changeable.

Because of his hobby of changeability, his medical attainments are not limited to psychology.

With the help of Hannibal Lecter, Frank’s thesis is progressing at a tremendous speed.

What kind of information is needed.

A little description, Hannibal can tell him which one and many.

When Frank is not good at explaining the description. Hannibal can always help Frank to complete.

It’s like a professional professor writing a thesis in his hands.

If Hannibal hadn’t been too dangerous, Frank would have been willing to talk to Hannibal and learn more knowledge.

Half an hour later, Fang Cheng sent a text message saying that he was downstairs.

Frank came out of the room and reappeared afterward then.

Frank put on Hannibal’s blindfold, earplugs and a towel on his mouth, then checked the glass in the bedroom, all locked from the inside, thus preventing the old king from hiding on both sides.

Then Frank closed the bedroom door and locked the bedroom door with a key.

“Hey.” The knock on the door came, and Frank opened the door in, and Fang Cheng came in with a small bag on his back.

“Sit on the sofa, I’ll bring you a beer can.” Frank greeted Fang Cheng and walked to the refrigerator.

“No need.” Fang Cheng let out.

Sitting on the sofa, Fang Cheng said, “If I’m busy in the afternoon. I took a half-day off.

In fact, I’m going to hide for a moment at your home, I’ll don’t drink beer, and give me drink water.”

“I have not carbonated water here.” Frank opened the refrigerator and looked at Fang Cheng, then turned his head and said, “Juice or ice sharp, you choose one.”

“I really can’t drink anything alcoholic. Our director is an old drunkard. He can smell the smell of alcohol from a distance when you drink it.”

Frank took out a large bottle of juice from the refrigerator, two paper cups, and then placed it on the coffee table, and poured the juice in it to Fang Cheng and him.

“How to be so nervous, I have not heard of any vicious cases recently.”

“That’s what we didn’t mention, the bureau was pressing, fearing that the news leaked before the arrest of the person, causing the suspect to dare not come out and try to commit the crime.” Fang Cheng said while taking out an envelope from the bag.

“There is not much money, because it is not a reward, it is incentive money sent by the bureau.”

“How many are there.” Frank picked up the envelope and held it. He has the spirit in the money and began to count.

“Don’t count, you have in this envelope, for a total of five thousand.”

“Yes.” Frank smiled and threw the envelope aside, then said to Fang Cheng, “I don’t want to give you anything to pay for.”

“It’s for you.” Fang Cheng gave Frank a contemptuous look.

“You don’t know, I’m dying of poverty, I don’t know my mother anymore. She said, I have a poor son and a rich daughter, and there are not as many dogs as at home.”

“You are not an only child.”

“What do you think is the difference between my mother and her own daughter.” Frank sighed helplessly. “My mom actually wants to say that she has a poor son. She has not enough time to spend her own time with me. Let me work for myself.” I believe in tuition fees.”

Fang Cheng imagery is to recall what kind of person Frank’s mother is.

immediately understand Frank’s situation, muttered, “Who let you, your father was virtuous, a family of two control.”

“By the way,”

Frank asked, curiously. “Give me the biggest case that you just found. I have a lot of research on criminal psychology recently to see if I can help you.”

“How do you learn criminal psychology when you study clinically?” Fang Cheng’s remarks were a bit unbelievable.

“Speak, let me talk, can you still believe me?” Frank shook his arms.

“Say it is ok, don’t tell anyone, don’t worry about posting on the Internet, or your brother’s hat will have to collapse.”

Fang Cheng finished, did not wait for Frank to laugh and refute, and began to say the case directly.

“This case has been going on for a month, and there was no progress. The first time a few children were playing in the lake, they found a female body.”

“After the alarm, alarm, the police took a look and found that she was raped and later killed. Her identity was quickly determined. The family members also found and informed.”

“According to the family, the woman was on a small night shift. She works between eleven PM to two o’clock AM. Every time she got off her work, she was stayed 1 to 2 hour to go home, so she took a taxi and disappeared four weeks ago.”

“The taxi driver is the most suspect,” Frank interjected.

“Yeah, we think so too.”

Fang Cheng continued. “We checked the money of the victim. Except for a few pieces of cash, the rest is all.”

“Now, in this society, everyone knows. People generally don’t bring cash in person, so taking money is just a matter of convenience, the essential was to kill.”

“But I didn’t check it out here. Then, on the wasteland in the Kongbei District, I found another female body. It was similar to this female body. She was also a little parlourmaid.”

“Finally, we started a search. In the nearby suburbs, four female bodies were found, which is a situation.”

“So we also directly locked the suspicions on the taxi driver.”

“The police haven’t found it yet?” Frank asked.

“Now, the box office wants to know what can’t be discovered. We caught the suspect in a week, but the problem has come.”

Fang Cheng frowned, and couldn’t figure it out.

“The most suspect driver we caught, the blood test showed that the driver’s DNA and the DNA found in the victim were not that person’s DNA.”

“The evidence we have in hand can only prove that this guy is suspect, but there is no conclusive evidence to prove that this person is doing it.”

“You know the current rules, and the suspect is never suspect, so we have to let this person leave. And we give it up.”

“Do you catch the wrong person?”

“No.” Fang Cheng said with a certain face, “According to the experience of several old police officers in our bureau, I also think that this driver is the most suspect, but there is no evidence!”

“So, the question now is that this DNA is not the same?”

“Yeah.” Fang Cheng nodded. “We are also checking whether other people are suspected, but it is too difficult to compare DNA, so I am too busy to conclude this time.”

Our country’s laws have been making progress over the past few years.

The most typical example is the inclusion of suspected crimes. That is, there is no conclusive evidence that this person is a criminal suspect, then this person is not guilty.

Even with more suspicion, no amount of other supporting evidence will work.

For example, in an empty room, there are two people. A person is suddenly killed, so usually, understand, another person must be the murderer.

But if the police can’t find fingerprints such as fighting, fingerprints on the weapon, or weapons, then the person may be released from the guilty suspicion.

Ps: The word is a homophonic word, and the original word will be harmonious.