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M.I.H.G Chapter 69: wonderful habits

In fact, there are not many people who have contacted Frank in the past few days, and very few people have motives and possibilities to commit crimes.

It can’t be said that it’s very few. It should be said that it’s basically none.

After all, it is impossible to see who has the knowledge of hypnosis.

Moreover, Hannibal can’t hypnotize Frank if does not know it.

This level of ability is already against the heavens. Because watching TV series and films hypnosis, hypnosis is powerful.

In fact, to successfully hypnotize a person, conditions are very harsh because hypnosis is much more difficult than hinting.

So who has this power?

Just when Frank was thinking hard, Dixie didn’t know where to sleep suddenly enough sprang to the table and screamed twice!

Got it!

Frank had a thunderstorm in his mind. He finally knew why he was most susceptible to be hypnotized.

Frank always feel something wrong with what he said that day because he hypnotized himself!

Frank looked at Dixie, and rushed to it and lifted it up.

“Hey?” Frank looked innocently and pretending to be a fool he always plays dumb and said to Dixie, “Is this guy hypnotized me?”

“Hey.” Dixie was stunned by Frank, and he couldn’t move.

“Forget it, do not say anything to yourself who is not wise.”

Frank threw the big cat on the couch and finally understood what was happening.

Hypnosis should be the first time a wise soul enters Dixie, and the second time before Conan leaves before Bruce comes.

The first hypnosis was probably not deep. The second was probably so deep.

Although Frank was a little annoyed, this guy did hypnosis to Frank without saying anything, but everything still had to wait for Hannibal to go out the next day to find the big trouble.

now it is midnight, and he should sleep.

Frank was lying in bed with a mobile phone to give Lin Xiaoxin a good night, then took off his clothes and was ready to cover himself by the quilt.

So Lin Xiaoxin returned him a message.

Lin Xiaoxin: “Remember to brush your teeth before you sleep.

Frank: “I am Sleepy, I brush in the morning.”

Lin Xiaoxin: “Don’t be lazy, you still learn medicine, don’t you know that it is more important to brush your teeth at night.”

Frank: “When are you reading science articles?”

Lin Xiaoxin: “I can’t sleep. I don’t know what to do. I wake up, and I check, I find that it is important to brush your teeth at night.”

Frank holding back the sleepy, went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.”

Lin Xiaoxin: “When you sleep, the human mouth is in a closed environment. Harmful bacteria are more likely to breed and breed. Therefore, you must brush your teeth before going to bed at night.”

Frank: “I thought you were concerned about me, I wanted to be moved, I didn’t expect you to feel bad.”

Lin Xiaoxin: (angry),” I just feel bad about you.”

Frank: “Well, I know, I brush my teeth, I can’t sleep at night, I can count stars.”

Lin Xiaoxin has a habit of telling every night when she can’t sleep all kinds of whimsy.

For example, one night she told Frank to have a big power that she expected before a long time.

One night she also said.

She is in the largest air force in the world. The result is, of course, the American Air Force, but the second largest air force in the world is also very interesting. It is the American Navy.

“One night the winner of the French Scrabble game did not speak French.”

In short, Frank has also become accustomed to Lin Xiaoxin.

One night, he anger at midnight, she dares to harass him up in the middle of the night, when she can’t sleep.

After brushing his teeth, Frank took a photo of his whitening teeth and sent it to Lin Xiaoxin, but the screen there was already dark, that is to say, the girl then slept after harassing Frank.

After Frank brushed his teeth, fell on the bed until the next day.

He woke up refreshingly, ate two pieces of bread, and then tore off a thumb-sized piece of bread with a glass of water and went In the bedroom of Hannibal.

Hannibal has not yet woken up at this time.

In fact, experienced people will not wake up at this time.

Because people are in an uncomfortable posture or environment, the quality of sleep is very poor.

In order to get enough rest, it can only extend sleep time.

This is why some people sleep five hours a day, and they sleep very well every day.

Of course, this example does not include the students of elementary school junior high school and high school.

Their sleep time depends on the periods of day’s lecturers.

Frank awakened Hannibal in a light sleep state, and then saw Hannibal’s unnatural wrinkling on his cheek, obviously awake.

“Wake up to have breakfast, not to eat breakfast is not good for your health,”

Frank said as he took the towel from Hannibal’s mouth and pinched Hannibal’s cheek.

A small piece of bread was thrown into Hannibal’s mouth.

“This is my breakfast?” Hannibal swallowed one part of the bread and swallowed another part.

“Yes.” Frank nodded, then said to Hannibal.

“By the way, I tell your lunch in advance, a small piece of apple. There is no dinner because it is easy to lose weight afternoon.”

Frank inserted the straw into the cup, and then the straw was inserted into Hannibal’s mouth.

Hannibal quickly drank a glass of water. It seems that he intended to use water to cover up the hunger in the stomach temporarily.

“I have a friend coming today, so I hope you can be quiet.”

“I can’t be quiet like that.” Hannibal could not laugh or cry.

Frank did not pay attention to Hannibal, saw Hannibal ‘satisfying enough’ and then quickly took out the computer so that Hannibal helped him translate a large number of obscure words.

Hannibal is also very honest to say that, the extra words are not mentioned, and Frank also seems to have the same thing that happened yesterday.

However, Frank’s attitude made Hannibal frown, which is more uncomfortable with Frank’s disregard for him.