One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 111: Internal Power!

“Human acupoints, such as stars, are distributed throughout the whole body. Chi connects each acupoint in series, wantonly navigates through the body and lights one by one.”

“This is the method of human body operation, every time after the operation, can drive the potential of the human body, and converge into energy, the formation of light the body of the acupoint lamp.”

“And this light is a source of powerful energy for the body.”

Gradually, with the analysis of these martial arts in Rogen’s mind, his thoughts became clearer and clearer. For the internal exercises that he wanted to create, there was a clear outline.

The Dragon Root sailed slowly, and according to Jason, it took about seven days to get to the Calm Belt.

During these seven days, Rogen got up in the morning to practice Dragon Elephant Prajna and made himself strong as The King of the Golden Wheel. After lunch, he sat cross-kneed on the deck and meditated quietly.

During this period of the voyage, they were not alarmed and did not encounter any powerful enemy.

Generally, they only encountered merchant ships on the sea that passed by. That’s why Rogen has made rapid progress.


On the morning of the seventh day, after a night’s rest, Rogen was full of spirits, and his eyes burst with a confident light.

Sitting cross-legged in the bow, he once again entered into meditation.

Vaguely, Rogen’s eyes seemed to have many bright constellations composed of lines. These constellations are made up of all the acupoints in his body. There were 365 acupoints in his body, all counted, and they were connected perfectly through these acupoints.

“From the Ren Du’s two veins, through the central acupoints of the human body, through The Gallbladder channel of Foot Shaoyang, through The Stomach channel of Foot Yangming, to the Yongquan Point, and then going up through the back, reaching the Bailao, the Shenting Du Meridian, and finally converge at Dantian.” (These weird manes were all found in the wiki page)

“A complete map of the stars will connect all 365 human stars in series. It can absorb the vitality from the void and reinforcing itself by Cooperating with the special effects of the Divine Gong of the North Ming Dynasty.”

Rogen’s face showed a faint smile.

“It’s a tremendous and inclusive internal work, but it has a strong explosive power!”

“It fits me right now!”

“As a transitional period, it’s the best.”

Opening his eyes, Rogen looked at the sea, and his eyes became more and more bright.

In his body, from his head, neck, chest, Dantian, to his thighs, legs, heels, a bright thin line began to connect, as if it was connected by a light wire.

When the acupoints were opened, the Chi was quickly pulled from the depths of his body under the operation of these exercises.

Just in the three-interest, a purple mist appeared in his Dantian area.

“This feeling!”

Instantly, Rogen perceived the difference of his body after being baptized by internal forces.

He pushed his hand forward, and an invisible print was printed immediately, pressing rapidly into the sea.


The seawater splashed and made a loud sound, and Rogen smirked.

This palm flew ten meters, his strength was still very sufficient, and this was the dark force generated by his internal power, completely unaffected by some substances, can directly penetrate into the human body, destroying the functions of the human organs.

“Ren Du two veins, coupled with my martial arts Wizard and the speed of practice ability, are tens of times faster than the Dragon Elephant Prajna!”

One-step out, Rogen actually crossed three meters to reach Zhangxu level.

Such a speed shocked his heart.

This is the role of internal forces as if in the ordinary operation of the human body to add an additional layer of subsidiary attributes, can increase the body’s various functions. Speed, reaction, strength, under the influence of this internal force, are far beyond average.

“Is this the innate realm?”

Standing at the bow, Rogen closed his eyes, but still could clearly feel all the movement beside him. It was as if he had an extra 360-degree dead-angle eye, and was watching all around at the same time.

Get through Ren Du’s two veins, cooperate with his true spirit, let him immediately return to the original, return to congenital, achieve the realm of harmony between nature and man.

A few steps toward the boat, in these steps, Rogen’s body pores have begun to shrink, squeeze, and drained the toxins he had swallowed, digested, or hidden.

The odor began to come out of his body, and Rogen naturally smelled it.

He wasn’t surprised, but he was delighted with the effect of internal forces.

Soon, he pushed open the bedroom door, entered it, opened the water, and began to clean his body.

This odor increased with the operation of the body’s exercises.

Black and purple-blue dirt continuously discharged from the pores of his body, and the water becomes more and more dirty.

However, Rogen’s body gradually has a delicate and exquisite feeling. Gradually, time passed, and finally, a fragrance came out of his body.

“Washing Marrow, but I didn’t expect it to break through at this time.”

Rogen saw clearly that with the operation of internal power, a series of changes began to take place inside his body.

Dragon elephant Prajna’s torture to the body, strengthen the abundance of Chi and blood, causes the internal Chi to flow unceasingly, the explosive surge also leads to the sudden change of these two methods.

While taking a bath, the purple flowing light whirlpool in his Dantian area was getting bigger and bigger, and the feeling of fullness in his body was becoming more and more obvious.

Rogen’s whole spirit was on a new level.

His inner Chi was thick and growing at a faster rate.

“The vitality of the pirate world is far more abundant than the martial arts world. The effect of practicing internal skills here is better.”

Breathing, Rogen felt the energy in the air, which was roughly the same as his own body, and knows it in his heart.

That’s why he has been here for more than ten years, and his physical skills are much stronger than his previous life. The differences in the attributes of the world make great differences among individuals.

“Now my strength is enhanced again, with the help of Internal Powers, many skills, swordsmanship, will become stronger!”

His eyebrows were full of confidence. Rogen changed his clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

“Captain, we had come to the Calm Belt!”

At this moment, Jason’s words came over, and there was some tension in his voice.