One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 112: Calm Belt!!

After Jason’s words, Rogen looked at the sea in front of him.

His eyes suddenly became serious, and under the control of Jason, the Dragon Root stopped moving forward.

“Captain, do you really want to pass?”

Jason asked, and his eyes were full of tension.

From the first sight, the sea seemed to be like the regular seas they used to sail in, but everyone knows that under this calm sea, there were countless sea kings.

In the calm belt, no one could sail because there was no wind over there, and also the sea kings would be a dangerous enemy for everyone.

“It’s just the edge of the calm belt, it’s about 1 kilometer to reach it!”

Jason said.

Rogen nodded, and he felt that his hair was blowing slightly, there was a good wind before they enter the calm belt.

“The closer we get to the Calm Belt, the more wind disappears, and we’ll find trouble for sailing!”

“Of course, the calm belt looks calmer and quieter than other sea areas, and many ships entered this restricted area because they can’t distinguish it.”

Listening to Jason’s words, Rogen said with a great self-confident.

“Well, keep sailing!”

“Captain, do you really want to pass from here?”

Jason was uncertain, it was clear from what he said that he has an inexplicable fear from this area.

“Jason, don’t worry. We’re not going through this sea.”

Rogen smiled.

“Not going through this sea, what do you mean?”

Jason asked.

How could a boat sail on the sea without crossing it? That captain was getting more and more mysterious.


Rogen suddenly put his hand on his mouth and blew it violently.

The sharp voice broke away in an instant.

The Dragon Root kept sailing slowly, and it was getting closer and closer to the Calm Belt.

From a distance of a few meters, Rogen and his crew could clearly saw the calm waters in front of them.

From the surface of the sea, it was impossible to see that this area was different from the others, the same deep blue, and the same shining light. The only thing that can be distinguished was that this sea area wasn’t rough.

Rogen observed the sea in front of him carefully, and his eyes became gradually serious.

There was something wrong with this area, there was no wind blowing, and even fish, there wasn’t any little one jumping.

Far away, Rogen saw a few prominent sea water bags. And he knows in his heart that this is not caused by abnormal sea water, nor is it caused by topographical reasons for the formation of undersea peaks and corners.

“Sea king!!”

There was only a part of its body, but Rogen was very sure about it.

“It’s a big one!”

Looking far away, there was a different color than the sea, it was like 200 meters, just like a small mountain.

The biggest creature that Rogen saw was the black Phoenix, and after its wing was unfolded, it was nearly a hundred meters. But this horrible beast hidden in the sea was twice as big as the black Phoenix, and this was just what Rogen saw.

“Captain, if we keep going on the boat, we would die, what’s the point of controlling this big bird?”

Jason asked anxiously.

“The 100 meters Black Phoenix, can let us ride up it and fly through the calm belt, can’t it?”

Rogen smiled.

“But captain, we don’t know how long the distance would be, are you sure that we can rely on it?”

Jason wondered.

“Of course, there’s no problem.”

In the moment of facing Black Phoenix, he didn’t only instill his will into his mind but also transmitted the fragments of some things that Black Phoenix had experienced to his mind.

A black bird with a wingspan of more than fifty meters flies high through a group of huge mountains with sharp eyes full of arrogance. Countless beasts Roared under it, but it didn’t care at all and didn’t panic.

When it flickered its wings, nothing could attack the big bird, and it could sneak down, attack fiercely, and let them scream and died.

“The Calm Belt has no pressure on the Phoenix!”

Rogen raised his hand to the sky.

Suddenly, a black spot appeared quietly, and it was getting larger and larger.


With a sharp sound, the Black Phoenix slammed down, and in a blink of an eye, it came to the top of the crew.

Its huge body covered the sky, which made Jason stunned.

“Oh My God! I didn’t expect that our captain could do that also!”

With a smile on his face, Rogen watched the huge black bird approaching them and yelled.

“Black Phoenix, grab the ship and take us through the Calm Belt!”

Eyes confrontation between Rogen and the Black Phoenix, and it seems that the Phoenix understood what Rogen just said.

The giant bird nodded and made another sharp sound.


“When I grab the boat, it will be unstable, so, let us go up on your back!”

“Jason, Rouge, little master, get on the Black Phoenix, hurry up!”

As he said that, the Black Phoenix fluttered its wings and lowered its body to the level of the ship.


Jason took the little master and Rouge and got on the Black Phoenix, and Rogen went after them. He stepped a little on the deck and suddenly something happened, just a flicker, and Rogen was on the Black Phoenix’s back.

After that, the Black Phoenix lifted off, and when it was nearly 500 meters above the ground, it flew down again, as if it was exciting.

Its claws were like iron hooks, tough and sturdy.

In a moment, the Black Phoenix caught the ship with its claws.


The sharp claws plunged directly into the body of the ship, and it was firmly fastened, followed closely, it waved its wings and pulled out one by one.

The Dragon Root was like a prey between the big Black Phoenix claws, it has been a rise in the wind and went straight into the sky.


Jason, after what he just saw, he was very excited.

The ability of that giant bird was far beyond his expectation.

After that, the Phoenix flew toward the calm belt, full of greatness.

Rogen and his crew from the high altitude could clearly see the enormous beast under him moves in the sea.

They looked down from the black Phoenix’s back.


A series of inverted inhalation sounds began, and their eyes.