One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 113: Crossing the Calm Belt!

There was a lot of Sea Kings like mountains distributed in this sea area. Their bodies were long and thick, they were separated, and far from each other, and every time they roar, they are like thunderstorms, shaking the void with tremor.

A big sea king was jumping from the sea, and made a curtain flowing from its body, forming a majestic waterfall. Also, the drops of water falling into the sea created a fantastic scene from outside.

The huge sea kings are the most terrible creatures in the world, even though they have no unique skills, but his exaggerated size was the most terrible weapon.

“Roar!” “SFX”

The screams of the Sea Kings echoed in the sea.

The Sea Kings were standing on the sea and forming an archipelago while they were mooring there.

“they are too big, how can be there such a huge creature in the world? It’s something hard to imagine!”

Even Rouge, which has been dispassionate, couldn’t hide the shock on her face.

The creatures she has already seen were beyond her imagination, she used to see big creatures, but not as what she saw with Rogen. These Sea Kings were tens of thousands of meters long, and if they stood in the sea, they could be seen from kilometers. The Dragon Root was like a fragile toy compared with them.

“Without the strength of Admirals, it’s almost impossible to step through this area!”

“Even Vice Admirals, it’s extremely dangerous for them to pass!”

Rogen sighed.

The Sea Kings were big and huge, but Rogen and the others were like ants, they have no powerful skills of devil’s fruit abilities, and they wouldn’t cause any harm to these enormous creatures.

Even Rogen, facing them alone, would find a difficulty to defeat them.

He was getting stronger and stronger, but he has only one skill with massive area power, and it was the Buddhist Palm. As for his swordsmanship, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even pierce their skin.

Seeing these Sea Kings, Rogen found his own shortcomings.

“We are not strong enough to face them, each one of us could barely deal with low-level Sea King, but in the face of the huge creatures, we can do nothing!”

That mountain’s figure, Rogen didn’t know how to deal with them, in the original story, people stronger than his crew could barely defeat them and sometimes they failed.

It has to be said, Luffy, the thin body, can beat these beasts with a punch, it was hard to believe how powerful his body was.

“Captain, these creatures are terrible, we could barely cope with it!”

Jason whispered.

“Its huge body is the most impenetrable defense!” Rogen nodded.

At that time, Rogen guessed that the Sea Kings that appeared in the Anime were a hundred meters or some, only this way could explain how Luffy and others subdue the Sea Kings.

The horror of the Sea Kings in the depths of the Calm Belt was unimaginable to human beings.


Among these huge creatures, the black Phoenix soared and made a sharp scream.

With fierce eyes and cold temperament, it was like a king flying in the sky and looking at these massive creatures, with no fear.

Even occasionally, he passed by at low altitude, as if it wanted to provoke them.

That scene made Rogen and the others stunned.

No one expects that the black Phoenix was so overbearing and dare to challenge the Sea Kings.

“The world is so big. I’m afraid this Phoenix is also unusual!”

Rogen praised.

Black phoenixes were flying very high, and the Sea Kings who were basking in the sun couldn’t touch them, so Rogen and the others were safe.

Rogen thought that they could fly safely through the windless belt and reach the Grand Line.

But after two days, the bright sunshine made them open their eyes.

At this moment, a terrifying roar burst out.


The voice shocked the sky and echoed in the canyon seaway, where the Phoenix was traveling. That sound shocked everything there.

Rogen and the others hurriedly looked down.


At this time, the black Phoenix also made a fierce scream as a response for that sound.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became serious, and the two beeps were like challenges.

Looking at the sea, the eyes became cold, Rogen and the others saw a figure with a kilometer long, shaped like a snake. A white body with black lines on it.


Another roar burst out from the huge snake. Its voice was dull as thunder.

Its head was raised high, and the body straight pointed to the black Phoenix flying in the air.


The black Phoenix was angry and made another scream.

Then, the big snake’s body stretched and bounced beneath it.

The huge figure produced a tremendous power, Rogen, and the others clearly saw that the snake has been set up collapsed and disappeared. And then, it appeared like a long stick. Straight to the sky, rushing toward the black Phoenix with precision and fierceness.

It was very fast, like lightning.


Until a second later, the sea was rebounded by this force, and a large amount of seawater flew into the sky and formed a huge waterfall curtain.


Between the splashes of the water, the sea king roared, opened its mouth and bit the black Phoenix.


Rogen’s face changed, also the others.

Big trouble encountered them, a big mouth like hills opened and attacked the Phoenix. The faint blood smell came out.


At that moment, the black Phoenix screamed and waved its wings.


Suddenly its speed accelerated, and in a flash, it left the big mouth of the snake.

In horror, Rogen heard a loud roar from behind.

The black Phoenix’s eyes were indifferent, and it was still with the arrogant look and ignored the Sea King behind him.

In a moment, they were away a few kilometers from the Sea King.

In this dangerous, Calm Belt, the giant black bird flew like a king with pride.