One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 114: The Chef!!

There was no danger along the way, the black Phoenix glided proudly among the sea kings with no fear, it looked like a king in the air.

No Sea King could stop him. Also, no one dares to threaten him. The huge bird was cold, indifferent, it kept flying on the enormous beasts with no fear.

Another day later, they reach the center of the Calm Belt, which was the densest area of the Sea Kings.

“There’s a lot of Sea Kings, and their sizes are getting smaller and smaller!”

Jason was happy.

“Captain, we’ll reach the Grand Line soon!”


Rogen’s eyes were loose, it was good to see the black Phoenix passes through this area safely, but it was still a problem to cross this distance with them and the Dragon Roots.

During this time, the Phoenix didn’t rest for a day, its wings sometimes trembled and sometimes glided by airflow. Everything was done in the most labor-saving way.

Such details, Rogen have noticed them.

“It seems that flying like this is a big pressure on the Black Phoenix!”

However, Rogen didn’t find any fatigue in the black Phoenix’s eyes, this point makes him even more surprised. He was afraid that the black Phoenix would be seriously injured.

It wasn’t afraid of the sea kings, and its physical quality was very amazing also. This kind of phenomenon only shows that this black Phoenix has a strong will, which was very unusual.

Under the command of Rogen, the black Phoenix continued to fly.

As they moved forward, the number of Sea Kings was getting smaller and smaller, and also, their size was getting smaller about 100 meters or less.

“Captain, we are very close!”

Jason was very excited.

Unexpectedly, they were able to cross the Calm Belt and enter the Grand Line safely.

Rogen’s face showed a faint smile.

In just a few days, they entered the Grand Line. Also, they were sure that the marines couldn’t chase them.

Three hours later, they sat on the back of the Black Phoenix, and they were able to see the difference between the Calm Belt and this area.

“There’s wind, Captain, we made it finally!”

Jason shouted, and Rouge was happy also.

“Black Phoenix, put down the ship, thank you for this trip!”

Rogen ordered the black Phoenix.

The huge bird made a soft tweet and put down the ship slowly.

Three hours later, Rogen and the others returned to the Dragon Root, and the Black Phoenix was condescending and looked at Rogen with reluctance.

“Go back, Black Phoenix, I’ll find you again!”

Rogen was also reluctant.

The bird has an amazing ability and a strong attack, if it stays, it would be a great support, but it has a family also. Short-term help was not a problem, but long-term compulsory stay, that might make an unknown change in its heart.

At that time, whether the black Phoenix will break away from control or not, it wasn’t clear to it.


In the end, the huge bird was reluctant to look at Rogen again, and then flew high and went back to its road.

“Where are we now?”

After arriving at the destination, Rogen wanted to know exactly their location.

The Grand Line was divided into two halves, the first one and the second, and if they enter the second half, which was the world of pirates, dangerous people were located there, and this was extremely dangerous.

“Jason, head north.”

After thinking for a while, Rogen ordered Jason.

“The smell of the sea breeze, haha, I haven’t felt it for a long time!”

Jason laughed.

The ship sailed slowly toward the north.

Rogen asked Rouge to rest in the bedroom, and then he sat in the bow.

The Chi power was constantly being absorbed from his body and then poured into his Dantian. As the Days passed, his internal strength was getting stronger and stronger. Three hundred and sixty-five acupoints, Rogen found that these days of cultivation has run through fifty-six…

His body was stronger at the moment, and he felt that he was like the light.

His Sharingan was upgraded to the second level, it has 2 Tomoe.

Observe and copy, the unique skills of the Sharingan made Rogen happy because it would help him a lot during the battles.

“We have another problem now!”

“We have no money!”

In the battle of Baterilla Island, after the summon of Yamamoto’s soul, his pocket became empty. He was penniless at that moment, except the 30 million left as cash spender.

“We have to expand our resources as soon as possible.”

Rogen’s eyes became very serious.

He was in the Grand Line at that moment, and the most important thing there was the pirates, and Rogen believes that he could quickly fill his pockets there.

“Captain, there’s a pirate ship!”

Jason’s eyes became sharper, he saw a boat sailing slowly ahead.

Rogen’s eyes squinted, and he smiled.

They were hungry for a long time, did they finally find food?

“Let’s go there, speed up!”

“Hai, captain.”

Jason answered loudly.

In a few minutes, they were able to see the pirate ship clearly.

At that moment, Rogen was excited, He had previously judged according to the fish in the sea that the possibility of a new world here is extremely small.

The moment that he saw that ship, he was even more sure about it.

But at the same time, his eyes flashed a strange look.

“These guys?”


When seeing each other, this group of pirates looked at Rogen and his group also.

Unlike the ferocious pirates they have met in the past, the pirates looked at Rogen and his group with curiosity and doubt, they weren’t cruel at all.

Followed by, Rogen was looking at the other side of the ship, there was a blonde guy, wearing a chef’s suit, he looked like a cold-faced captain.

“Is it him? No, no!”

A golden mustache was curled in twisted braids and a faintly discernible face. “This chef captain looks like the Red-Leg, is that Zeff?”

Rogen’s eyes flashed strangely, He didn’t expect to meet him in that place.

At that moment, the appearance of the Red-Leg looks like he was in his twenties. And some of the pirates standing beside him were smiling, they were all young people.

Of course, the most thing important for Rogen was the Red-Leg Zeff.

At this moment, his foot wasn’t amputated.

“Hey, are you, Zeff?”

Rogen asked suddenly in a loud voice.

This sentence made all the people curious to see what was going to happen.

“How did you know that our captain is called Zeff?”

Rogen’s eyes flashed, he recognized him.

Zeff stood on the boat, his face was cold and calm, and he looked a bit harsh. At that time, he kept examining the three people on the ship in front of him.