One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 115: Can We Get There?

A big man, about twenty years old, only because he was rough, he looked like he was in his thirties, a woman with a slightly bulging belly, her eyes curious, was looking at him. In addition, there was a young man of 16 or 17 who just spoke, unlike other young people, this one has a steady eye, which Zeff could hardly understand.

At first glance, Zeff had an illusion that this child was older than he looks.

What makes him felt surprised was that he feels familiar with these faces, but he was very sure that he has never seen them.

“I’ve heard of him.”

Rogen smiled.

Unlike pirates who rob and kill everywhere, these guys were at best-called explorers.

Rogen didn’t try to find Sanji, he knows very well that in this period of time that he wasn’t born yet, and the legend of the Black Leg didn’t exist yet.

He ordered to steer the ship, which made Jason very doubtful.

He knew that his captain was rude when he met a pirate, but this time, he wasn’t like that. After carefully observing the other side, Rogen was sure.

“This group of people doesn’t look like bad guys!”

“Our captain attack only bad pirates.”

Rotating the rudder, the Dragon Root slowly sailed under the skillful control of Jason and passed by Zeff’s ship.

The farther away the two ships were, the more they could only see behind their backs before the discussion began on Zeff’s side.

“How could that little kid be the captain? They seemed to have come to the Grand Line for only a few days!”

“Yes, the captain’s current bounty is not high, but he is much worse than many pirates, if they get here, they will die!”

“That’s weird!”

“What makes me more doubtful, is that kid and the big guy looks familiar for me, I have some impressions.”

“You too? I also think their faces are familiar as if I had seen them somewhere.”

Hearing his own crew’s argument, Zeff’s eyes were slightly glimpsed.

He also feels that way, he knows that he has never seen them before, but somehow, he felt that their faces were familiar.

After careful thoughts, Zeff’s face suddenly changer.

“You just said that you have seen them, right?”

He was very anxious and asked loudly.

In the twinkling of an eye, the crew members became tight and nervous, their captain’s voice was loud as unusual, once he is drunk or angry, they would be in big trouble.

“Captain, we have this impression, but we can’t remember it.”

They were thinking hard about it, but it was hard to recall it at that moment.

“No, we’ve met him. We must have met him!”

“But it may not have been on previous voyages, but rather.”

Zeff turned his eyes and stared at his bedroom on the boat.

“Go and bring me the reward orders on my bedside table!”

Seeing the captain’s face, the crew didn’t dare to oppose it, and immediately a young boy ran to the bedroom.

In less than a moment, the kid came with a lot of papers.

Zeff took the reward orders and so how much papers there were, he slightly frowned and didn’t say anything.


“Not this, and not this….”

Zeff’s eyes were anxious, he knew that the answer that he wanted was definitely in these rewards, but it would take a long time, there were a lot of papers.

“I can’t find it!”

What he just saw was that all the famous pirates in this area were all rewarded above 10 million, which was something he must notice and be careful from it.

After reading the rewards, Zeff threw half of them on the ground.

The crew members were clever enough to pick up these reward orders quickly.

And suddenly, after reading about 13 paper or more, he shook his hand.

“This is it!”

He saw the familiar face that he saw before.

“It’s the pregnant woman!”

In a glance, Zeff’s eyes pupil were shrinking.

“50 million!”

“That woman worth 50 million!”

He was a little shocked but quickly pressed to endure the discomfort in his heart and read another one.

“Scarred Jason, a bounty of 110 million!”

“Up to 100 million guys!”

Zeff took a deep breath, and if he remembered correctly, he was just manipulating the ship, was he just the helmsman?

Then, he took another one.

“Rogen, 150 million!”

“This boy, Is that him?”

These three bounty prints were next to each other, according to this arrangement, it should be issued at the same time. And because these guys have a high reward, he paid a lot of attention for them. Also, in this half on the Grand Line, it was impossible to meet such level of pirates.

But now, he kept scanning these rewards carefully.

“These three, they are not Pirates!”

What he noticed, was that the marines commented on these three as world criminals, not as pirates.

Moreover, what happened a few minutes later proves that they weren’t pirates.

With a sigh, Zeff was somewhat fortunate.

For him, who has a reward of more than 30 million were legendary figures. He has avoided many disasters along the way by virtue of his powerful navigational books and his predictability of danger.

However, in the face of such a person, could he reach its level?

“Captain, those three guys, do you know who are they?”

On the side, the crew asked their captain curiously.

“Yeah, look for yourself.”

The three bounty prints were thrown down, and Zeff went to the bow.

Zeff needed to calm down. He met someone who was stronger than him. Also, he said that he knew him, which made it difficult for the chef to calm down.

“Grand Line, it’s very excited for me!”

“Such a person that can come across, could he be more powerful?”

“Whitebeard, Golden Lion, true legends!”

“Can I get there?”

It has to be said that since Zeff met Rogen, the flame burned his heart and he fell in thoughts.