One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 116: Destroy!

Rogen, who was standing on the bow of his ship, didn’t have many ideas like Zeff, and he didn’t feel that he was a such a big and strong man at that moment.

Actually, he thought that he was just a “Big Fugitive” who was chased around by the Marines and escape with his family everywhere.

Also, this fugitive was forced by the world government.

If the marines didn’t encounter him, Rogen vows that he would be fine.

He only wanted to live quietly in this world, when he is fine, he chases Sea Kings, beating Celestial Dragons when you want to punch people, and of course, when he wants to eat fish, he could go to the All Blue. A simple and beautiful life, isn’t it?

What do you want to do about the marines? Kept running or fight them? Rogen was very confused at that moment.

In the past fights against them, Rogen admitted that he had caused serious physical and mental damage to the marine when he was careless, However, it was his unintentional.

However, the marines didn’t want to leave him alone.

For example, at that moment when he opened the second tier of the Sharingan and got the second Tomoe, the sky was shaking, and it seemed that at any time he would fall into the sea.

Rogen wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, he was smarter than Roger in certain things.

At a glance, he saw that this bird was attracting him.

Therefore, the sigh of breath, these days, the Chi was brewing running from inside Dantian in an instant, through 365 acupoints, just in a moment to reach his palm.


The golden light was shining all over the sky when a golden dragon appeared from his palm.


The Dragon was shaking and rising, its speed was like lightning, and in a blink of an eye, it became in front of the Toy block bird. Closely followed, the two quickly hit, the fragile building block bird was crushed in an instant.

“What is that?”

Jason looked at the sawdust falling in the air, and he was curious.

“The marines should have a special force to pursue us. Otherwise, they can’t catch us!”

Rogen murmured.

The little master clearly saw the scene, and her eyes became very serious at the moment. She went to Rogen and kept meowing incessantly.

“Are you urging us to leave this place?”

Rogen understood and told Jason to move on.

“Don’t worry, we’ll leave!”

“What a surprise! The marines are chasing so hard!”

The marines influence in the Grand Line was much worse, they placed their forces all over the seas four and suppressed the pirates who wanted to go there.

Therefore, Rogen wasn’t much nervous. Moreover, they brought them here from the South Blue across the Calm belt, even if the marines wanted to respond in a timely manner, dispatching forces capable of responding to them would take a long time.

After sailing all the way, and after three days, Rogen had some doubts in his eyes.

During these three days, they didn’t see any marine following them.

“That Toy blocks bird, does it not belong to the marines?”

With a flash in his eyes, Rogen began to doubt.

Thinking carefully, that kind of surveillance, and tracking people means, wasn’t really the marine’s ways.

While Rogen suspected the source of the bird, a small wooden boat approached to the edge of the Calm Belt from the South Blue.

The black-suited man looked at the Calm Belt in front of him, while he was frowning, he seemed to be unthinkable.

He took the Den Den Mushi, and his voice was indifferent.

“I lost them, the target crossed the Grand Line directly through the Calm Belt, the would come to Alabasta soon, the rest is handed over you!”

“Alright good!”

“I’m leaving now. Don’t forget what you promised me.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t.”

From the Den Den Mushi, there was a positive tone.

Nodding, the man in the black suit retook the Den Den Mushi and looked once again to the Calm Belt, he was very confused about Rogen’s group who just crossed it.

“Is it possible to control a giant bird like that? What a magical boy!”

After pressing on his black hat, he sat on the wooden boat and turned it around back to his road.

He has done his best to do what the other side asked for, and the rest has nothing to do with him.

In fact, he didn’t want to provoke a mysterious guy like Rogen.

As an ability, the toy block bird transmits everything it sees to his mind. To sum up, there were only a few words to describe all the actions of Rogen’s group.

If there is God, help!

Controlling big birds, passing through the Sea Beasts with no fear.

He is a superstitious man, and everything was like being blessed by God.

Such a person, he couldn’t provoke him, he didn’t even dare to.

The wooden boat slowly sailed away from the Calm Belt and gradually disappeared into the sea.

The night came, and the sea breeze blew gently.

Rogen and his crew gathered on the deck, they lit up a candle, and prepared a fragrant meal, it was like a candlelit dinner.

“In the past few days, I have found out where we are.”

Jason was excited.

“Now, we are near an island named Alabasta!”


Rogen’s eyes lit up with a hint of curiosity, also Rouge, she was listening to Jason carefully.

“Speaking of Alabasta, it’s a very famous island in this area, and also it’s a part of the world governments. Such an island has beautiful scenery, with its trees, birds, and flower, it’s a wonderful place!”

“If Ace will be born there, it would be perfect for his future!”

Jason said quickly while he was staring at the food in the table.

“Then, let’s go there!” Rogen smiled.

“Well, I agree with you very much, on Alabasta, the Marines have little influence, because it’s apart from the world government, and if they enter it, that will lead to the censure from the world government!” Jason said while smiling.

“These words are certainly not from your own thoughts.”

Rogen smiled.

“I saw it in the book on the merchant ship we met yesterday and I used it!” Jason said.

Jason made a helpless smile, anyone could know such details, but to sum it up, that what was hard for Jason.

“Let’s take a rest tonight, we will sail tomorrow!”

Rogen finally decided.

“Rouge, can you keep Ace inside you a little bit longer?”

Rouge smiled, and she seemed very happy.

Just as everyone was eating a romantic candlelit dinner, a pirate ship was quietly heading on the sea, less than three kilometers from them.

“Captain, there’s a medium-sized wooden boat in front of us!”

“Destroy it, I don’t need any obstacles on my way!”

His voice was very cold.