One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 117: Sneak attack?

The short conversation rang in the dark with a low voice.

Their captain’s voice was full of indifference and hegemony, which made his crew understand deeply. Also, he was full of arrogance, his fame was indeed worthy of such temperament.

At the very least, in these waters, it can be said that their captain was in the peak, even the marines were afraid of his power.

The ships hidden on the sea moved quietly forward, unlike Rogen, who has some bright candles on his ship. The ship was dark and blended with the night, it almost has no shadow or visible shape at all. Only when it crosses beside someone, so he could recognize it.

On the Dragon Root.

Jason kept looking at the food, and his saliva was about to fall. Rogen who was talking about celebrating when they will enter Alabasta and didn’t realize what was going around him.

The clouds shrouded, obscuring the moonlight. In the dark sea, there were only bright candles on the Dragon Root.

“Let’s start eating!”

A while, passed on Jason like long hours while he waited to eat, and finally, Rogen shouted out the words he waited for.

“HaHa! Great, I can finally eat.”

Jason laughed and took the plate.

For a moment, everyone was busy, and Rogen was a great food maker so no one could focus on anything while eating.

The name of the God of Food was definitely not boasted.

Ten minutes later, Rouge almost finished the meal, and she was very happy.

It was great to eat and drink in a good mood.

It was very great to live like this.

Only Jason, who kept dealing with the remaining pieces on the plates. No amount of food was enough for him, he eats a lot.

Jason knew that he could eat a lot, but he shouldn’t do that, maybe because there wasn’t enough food unless they find another ship to take from it.

“Jason, you are responsible for cleaning up!”

These words made Jason’s face became bitter.

Jason was a great and strong person with 110 million bounty, but on the ship, he was just a helmsman and chores.

“Oh, Please, Jason!”

Rouge grinned and laughed, and then she left with the little master.

Shaking his head, Jason bent down and prepared to clean up, and suddenly he felt something.

“How is there wind over here!”

“Oh no, there’s some sand in my eyes!”

Jason rubbed his eyes and squeezed out the tiny sand particles, and he didn’t care much about it. He took the dishes on the table to the kitchen, then he put on the gloves and started cleaning.

At that moment, Rogen was holding the Yuan Hong sword and sat cross-legged on the bow.

Feeling the sea breeze, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Tonight’s sea breeze is a little strong.”

However, he didn’t care, he closed his eyes and began the meditation.

After creating the internal force that suits him, the speed of his inner strength was terrific after the connection of all the stars, according to the ranks of martial arts, he was sure that he reached the first-class masters.

”The Dragon Elephant, Swordsmanship, Sharingan, Martial Arts, and the Buddhist Palm, enough power for me right now!”

With closed eyes, Rogen began to figure out his strength at that moment.

Compared with the strength of the pirate world, he wasn’t much clear about the skills and techniques of the martial arts world. They weren’t the same in characters and abilities.

It was all Japanese anime. And what was the gap between Chinese and Japanese animation? Without a real test, no one could distinguish it from a general realm.

“In terms of strength, I’ve reached the 200 million pirates’ level, but it’s only a rough idea.”

“After all, the reward offered by a pirate is not only based on his strength, but it’s about his viciousness and bad deeds.”

“There are no specific criteria for the reward, one is the strength of the pirates themselves, and the other is about his crimes.”

Rogen has a general understanding of these things. After all, he is the younger brother of the Pirate King, and also a man of the two generations, so he wasn’t strange for the world of pirates.

It seems that Roger, who was taking risks all the way, was taking apart the ugly face of the world government. He was a big threat to them, and his strength was incredible. Rogen has doubts that these amounts were only an imaginary sum.

“It’s not enough, the 200 million sounds like pirates in the first half, once I entered the New World, I would die like a grasshopper!”

Pirates were strong, also the marines. The Pirates might be rewarded by their strengths from the marines, but what about the marines, how could he judge their strength?

Perhaps a strong person, who doesn’t have any official position, already has the strength of an Admiral.

“At that time, Akainu and Kuzan, I’m afraid that they have already possessed the strength of the Admiral, and they would get promoted soon!”

“The Marines of this period are really talented persons!”

Rogen shook his head, the marines pressure on him was considerable.

This generation of the marines, contains the older ones, like Garp, Sengoku, the Black Arm Zephyr, and the new ones like Kuzan, Akainu, and Kizaru. It can be said that this peak strength was enough to deter everything.

For this, Rogen was quite afraid.

Before he got enough strength, he needs to be far from sight. If he got caught, then everything would finish.

Sighing, Rogen looked again at the dark sky.

The clouds began to fade away, the moon showed a little curved corner, and the smooth silver light fell down, making the sea sparkle.

After a while, his eyes shrank.

Under the moonlight, a shadow was slowly coming toward the Dragon Root, the outline under the shadow could be clearly seen. It was a ship!

That ship was twice as big as the Dragon Root, at that moment, it was less than a hundred meters away from them.

Across the sea, facing the moonlight, Rogen saw the other side’s bow, that standing against the wind, with a cold face pirate on it.

“Interesting! Is it a sneak attack?”

His pupils suddenly flashed, and a touch of red blood appeared, and the shape of the pirate became clearer.

“I’m hungry!”