One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 118: Fire!

A hundred meters away, dozens of cold-faced men stood on the bow of the ship shrouded in darkness. The weapons in their hands were glowing in the moonlight, which clearly means that they have no good intentions.

This obviously will, even hundreds of meters away, Rogen could clearly feel it.

The shadows shrouded, and because of the long distance, Rogen couldn’t see their faces clearly.

“Captain, I’ve finished washing!”

At that moment, Jason wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen.

“When do you will make a big meal, I’m still hungry, the last one wasn’t enough for me!”

Jason kept complaining while he approached Rogen.

“Get ready to fight, Jason!”

Rogen’s tone was a bit serious, and he put his right hand on the sword.

The ship was getting closer and closer to them, and Rogen inexplicably felt a severe tension.

The sea breeze became stronger, what makes Rogen more astonished was that he saw grains of sand floating, which was something strange.

“How can there be sand on the sea?”


His eyes were stunned, and he looked again in the distance.

“Devil Fruit!”

The Grand Line was really amazing, in the middle of the night, you could meet a group of unidentified pirates. Moreover, their strength seems to surprise Rogen a bit.

“Are there enemies?”

When he heard the words of Rogen, Jason stopped complaining, he strode forward and looked ahead.

“It’s a pirate ship!”

At a glance, Jason recognized it.

By the moonlight, Jason saw the faint pirate flag on the other pirate ship. Because of the night, the specific symbol on the flag wasn’t clear, but they were pirates inevitably.

“Be prepared, we need to finish them in a short time, and don’t forget to keep your eyes on Rouge, no matter how you’ll do it, but be sure to do that!”

Commanded Jason, Rogen was very serious.

On the Grand Line, when he meets an opponent for the first time, he must be very careful.

The sea surface fluctuated, and the pirate ship approached quickly.

As soon as it was getting closer, the sand that floated in the air became more and more.

“This is a sand controller!”

His eyes flickered, and he had a suspicious on his eyes. But until then, he didn’t see the figure standing on the other side.

“Captain, it’s coming soon!”

Jason looked at the other ship less than 30 meters from them and whispered.

He clenched his fists, and he was ready to attack at any time.

With his instant power, he has confidence that he could break their boat and sink these pirates who dared to attack them into the sea.

“Well, be prepared to attack!”

Rogen nodded and pressed on the sheath at his waist.

At the same time, a brief conversation sounded in the bedroom of the slowly approaching pirate boat.

In the midst of the smoke, a rough face appeared in sight. This was a man with a fierce look, and it was obvious that he was still young. The white smoke kept coming out from the Cigar during the conversation.

“Captain, we are very close to a ship in front of us, there were only two people there!”

“A teenager and a big man!”

The crew’s information was short and clear.

“Only two! So, they are not pirates!”

The captain raised his eyebrows slightly, and the smoke from his mouth became denser. Also, his voice was low.

“Yes, they don’t have a pirate flag on their boat, they should be just ordinary people, but the strange thing is they dare to sail in this sea!”

The crew was surprised.

“There are seven different routes in the Grand Line, which can lead to the same destination. After Rogers death, these seven routes became occupied by pirates, as if it was their paradise. Even the Marines, they don’t dare to dispatch their troops in this mess!”

“Now, the era has gone wild, and people dare to come to this area, they must be careless about their lives!”

There was indifference in his words, and there was no expression on the captain’s face.

“Along the way, we destroyed about 13 idiots who didn’t know what they were doing in here, and the marine raised my reward to 45 million, but there were still many fools on the sea!”

“The world needs neither the weak nor the foolish.”

The captain did not move a bit when he spoke calmly and seemed to have nothing to do with Rogen and the others.

The crew bent over and kept listening to their captain carefully, and they seemed to understand his meaning.

“I think you should know what to do, don’t you?”

These profound words were full of majesty, made the crew tremble, they already knew the power of their captain, they couldn’t help but panic.

“Hai captain!”

With high tone, the crew immediately shouted and walked out of the bedroom.

“The captain ordered, destroy them!”

As the captain said, there was no need for weak people in this sea, neither the fools.

If the other party was weak, then they must die, and if they were idiots, no doubt, they must die for sure.


The crew nodded and then moved quickly. Their movements were tacit, silent, but regular and orderly. Obviously, this has been done countless times.

“Fill the shells!”

“Adjust the muzzle position!”

A cold man stood on the bow, and meticulously ordered.

The crew moved quickly and did everything according to the order.

The ship’s bow was in position, the boards moved, black Muzzles spit out, and then aimed at the Dragon Root.

In an instant, a strong momentum covered the scene.

Jason’s expression changed immediately, the muzzles were pointed at them in such a closed position, which meant something terrible was going to happen.


He couldn’t help but screamed.

Last time, it was so easy for Rogen to deal with the marines’ huge artillery barrage, so Jason pinned his hopes on Rogen.

As if Jason’s hand were tightened, there was absolutely no way to deal with such a situation.

“I see!”

Taking a breath, in front of this pirate group, Rogen was a bit stressed.

The first battle in the Grand Line, there was mysterious and fierce pirates, black cannons, and the floating sand in the air in the middle of the night.

All of this showed that this opponent wasn’t ordinary at all.

“Come on, let’s see what kind of people they are!”

Rogen’s eyes condensed, and he started using the Sharingan.


After a while, a low humming sound blew up the sea on a dark night.