One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 119: Strategic Weapons

In the blink of an eye, the pungent smell of gunpowder filled the sea, and the black cannons spewed hot flames and fired powerful projectiles in front of them.


The piercing sound of the firing broke through the quiet sea.


With a loud voice, Rogen’s sword has been sheathed, and his whole body was like a flying bird.

“Broken Sword!”

The sharp voice came out, and Rogen’s figure flickered, but in a blink of an eye, it appeared in the air.

“Shunpo!” (flash steps from bleach)

Rogen’s pupils shrank, his figure twisted again and disappeared.

Suddenly, he reached the front of the first cannonball.

Dark projectiles carry a terrible potential and kinetic energy, and with simple contact, it would explode. No one could deal with such a situation without having powerful means.

However, Rogen’s expression was a bit serious, he didn’t panic at all.

With a wave with his right hand, the Yuan Hong sparkled, it looks bright and gorgeous in the air.


The sword flashed and suddenly hit the shell from the center.

At that moment, the two Tomoes in Rogen’s eyes were spinning fast, and the sword in his hand was shaking again.


Rogen made three successive attacks on the other three rounds.


At that moment, everyone was stunned, three rounds of extremely fast cannonballs suddenly stagnate and stopped in the midair.

Rogen took his sword and stood up, then he disappeared again.


A series of explosions broke out in the next moment, and the flames in the sky swept around, followed by the explosion of the shells.

With the help of the Sharingan, he accurately judged the attack direction of these shells, so he disappeared and swung his sword and then attacked the cannonballs, which made a big explosion.

In just five or six moments, Rogen’s body flashed again and returned to the Dragon Root.

His eyes lifted slowly and looked at the series of explosions in front of him, his eyes became sharper.

These shells have a strong impact, and it explodes at a simple touch, it was difficult even to change its trajectory, sufficiently demonstrating the extraordinary way for these people. It was different from the one used by the marines or other pirates.

On the opposite pirate ship, the pirates were surprised to see that the shells didn’t reach the target.

“Someone thinks that he’s strong, pull out your swords and get ready to engage in battle!”


The pirates became very angry, they stood up and took their weapons.

On the pirate ship, the flames from the cannons reflected on the sea surface.

“Kill him!”

A thrilling Roar smashed the night and passed to the Dragon Root, which alarmed the rest on the bedroom.

“What’s happening?”

Rouge was about to get up and go out to see what was going on, but she saw the little master shaking his head gravely.

In an instant, she understood.

No matter what happened outside, she must stay inside at that moment, Rogen and Jason in the middle of a battle, and if she went out, she would distract their attention.

“You can’t lead the battle to our ship, Captain. Keep your guard here. I’m rushing them!”

Jason screamed while he saw the other party were about to come to their boat, so he bent his knees, and the power of terror broke out which made the Dragon Root trembled and sinking a little.

At the next second, he skyrocketed and straddled ten meters directly.

When he reached the pirate ship, he whispered.

“Bold boys, how dare you attacking our ship?”

Jason has a huge body, and when he jumped, his speed was incredible. When he reached their boat, the pirates couldn’t respond.

His voice was like thunder striking them, the pirates were shocked, and they hurriedly looked up.

But at the next moment, as a shell hit, the deck was directly fragmented.


Jason stood on the deck. Also, there was a sound of “Crack” under his feet, and around him, the pirates looked panicky, and some did not understand what had happened.

“Were we hit?”

“Oh My God! What was that?”

“Get out of here!”

With Jason’s weight and his horrible explosive power, when his feet fell to the deck, the whole ship broke down and swayed violently.

“Jason, it’s really a strategic weapon. I haven’t seen his strength before!”

Rogen was surprised and kept looking at Jason.

He rarely saw Jason’s attacks, especially this kind of attack.

Holding the sword in his right hand, Rogen was standing on the bow and kept looking at the scene carefully.

By Jason’s sudden hit, the pirate boat’s bow position almost collapsed, and the pirates were panicked.

Then, Jason’s tall figure was clear, standing up slowly from the smoke and dust. And then he stretched out his hands and caught two pirates who couldn’t escape.

“Come here, you idiots!”

With a loud shout, Jason shakes the two men directly, turns them around three times, and flies them out.

He hit more than a dozen pirates that were close to each other when he threw these two.

The horrible scene simply solved nearly 20 people, let the pirate’s eyes tremble.

The smoke slowly dissipated, and Jason’s figure became clear out there.

He stood as proud as a beast with his cold face, big body, strong arms, and almost invincible power.

“Do you want to take our attention with this level?”

The low voice was like thunder contained anger, which made all the pirates tremble.

“Who the hell are you?”

The strength of the other party is beyond their expectation. All the plans they have arranged were in vain. Only because that person has such power.

“What are you afraid of? Come on, our Captain will be furious!”

The man who started the order gave a loud shout.

Upon hearing this, the pirates awoke from their stupor, tightened their weapons and rushed up again.

“It’s only one person, come on, brothers!”

With a loud voice, the pirates rushed toward Jason.

“So Bold!”

Seeing that the other side dared to come up again, Jason roared, and his strength exploded again.


The ship shook, and the deck around Jason was torn apart again.

“Oh, My God!”

The cracks appeared, and the pirates when they saw it retreated.

But just then, Jason had pulled out his legs and strode forward.