One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 120: Be My Man!

When he was striding forward, Jason didn’t care about the deck that was breaking under his feet.

His purpose was to destroy it, and he didn’t care about the lives on that ship.

While he crossed the broken deck and rushed forward fiercely, the pirates shook their eyes, they became brave, they took their weapons and rushed up again.

“Attack him!”

Ordinary pirates were about 1.75 or 1.8 meters tall, two meters, and five meters away from Jason, it looks too bad.

Such height was able to suppress the massive number of pirates in front of Jason, with great momentum.

With a few more steps, Rogen waved his big hand and grabbed the pirate who was about to pull the trigger, he twisted the long gun to the pirate’s frightened eyes and then caught his head and started to move.

“Oh My God!”

As he moved, He used that pirate as a weapon and threw him on the other pirates.

“Hah, go!”

After several throws, more than a dozen pirates rushed forward again with their weapons and tried to hurt Jason.

Jason was afraid to see the sword in his opponent’s hand. Although he was powerful, he was still flesh and blood. He could not help but take a step backward.

At this step, more than a dozen swords were waved, and they reacted immediately.

The swords were very sharp, and now, people who held these swords were very close to Jason, less than ten meters away.

“Cut him and throw hit into the sea!”

The pirates shouted and accelerated.

Jason’s eyes changed, and he had to wave his arms, but the other side was faster, and more than a dozen people hit him.

Suddenly, a powerful impact suddenly came, and Jason couldn’t help stepping back.

“Hit him!”

The Pirates roared, and they gathered their strength and rushed again.


The power erupted, and Jason changed his face again and retreated three steps in a row.

After three other steps, Jason’s face was hard to look at it, and his feet were about to step on the sea.

The first half of the ship leaked when he hit it.

“Cut his feet with your swords!”

At that moment, they shouted again.


The swords waved and rushed towards Jason’s feet.

Jason was so frightened that his face turned blue, he retreated quickly, and he didn’t master the balance of time well, he fell down on his buttocks and sat in the shallow water.

“That’s too bad!”

The breath of the sea swept over him in an instant, making his strength disappear at high speed.

With all the strength left, Jason jumped up and came quickly to the clean deck a few meters away.

“The ship is leaking, repair it quickly!”

When the pirates saw the water, they panicked and shouted loudly.

In the blink of an eye, the pirates rushed to the damaged position with their repair tools in a hurry.

The rest of the pirates kept staring nervously at Jason.

At the moment, Jason’s clothes were wet all over. The brief touch made his whole body come into contact with the sea water. Fortunately, the water looks like fresh water, but it just wears down his strength a little.

“That’s too dangerous, if I stay here for a longer time, I’ll be very weak!”

The sea was the nemesis of the devil’s fruit power. It can resist a little contact in a short time. If it lasts for a long time, it will directly make a powerful strength scrapped.

Carefully glancing at the water, Jason looked again at the pirates in front of him.

“The next step, I must clean up all of you!”

With his knees bent, the deck beneath his feet began to crack again. Followed by the power of terror, his figure suddenly disappeared.


The air seemed to be torn apart, and in a moment, he was in front of the pirates.

With indifferent eyes, ferocious face and tall stature, Jason was unstoppable at this moment.

With a big wave of his hand, several pirates flew out, which made the blood sprayed out from their mouths while they were in the midair, and then they hit the wall, creating a “squeaky” sound.

Jason strode out, as if he wasn’t happy, even if he could sweep several people in one move.

These pirates were like chicks in front of his power.

“He is very strong!”

A pirate with a long gun was staring at Jason, and he was very afraid. Also, he was hesitated to shoot him.

“Come on, shoot him, what are you afraid of!”

At this time, one of the pirates who was laying on the ground shouted.

As he heard his crew mate, the pirate pulled the trigger.


The gunshot sounded, and Jason’s eyes suddenly changed, and his figure exploded again.


The deck beneath his feet suddenly shattered and sawdust flew. In the next second, he was in front of the pirate with the gun.

“I hate when people pointed their guns at me!”

That tone made the pirate tremble in terror.

He grabbed his head with his big hand, which made the pirate felt that he started, and then he lost his conscious.

In just a minute, Jason shook that pirate until he was close to death.

For a while, pirates could only swallow their saliva and breathing nervously.

No one dared to attack Jason and kill him, no one dared to shoot him.

“Is it over?”

Jason looked around and found that no one dared to go forward.

Suddenly, the door opened slowly.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to the open door for a while, and the pirates were very excited besides the panic.

Jason looked at the weird experience of the pirates and had some doubts.

The door opened slowly, and the first thing that came into everyone’s eyes was the continuous white smoke, followed by a rude, somewhat ferocious face.

He wore a large black robe, with a meticulous back, serious face, and what was even more frightening was his height, he was as high as Jason, about 2 meters and five.

The difference was that this guy looks a bit thin but also looks as strong as Jason.

The tall figure with his cigar opened the door, and after a glance at the situation, he stared at Jason.

“You know! After I entered the Grand Line, I regret the recruitment of such small waste!”


The sound of the shoes clicking on the deck came out, and that guy slowly moved forward.

His robes fluttered in the night wind, and there was a unique domineering momentum when he walked.

After a few steps, he was already in front of Jason.

Then, he stopped, and his face showed a sly smile.

“I appreciate you very much. Be one of my men!”