One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 110: Another Bird!!

Jason was very excited, but Rogen expressed his helplessness. In addition to that, he lost his desire to keep talking.

“What do you mean I have his blood? So what? I’m his brother, not his son!”

“His blood is inside his body not inside me!”

Rogen took it as a big matter, and he didn’t want to keep talking.

“Let go, Black Phoenix!”

Seeing all everyone has been sitting on the back of the black phoenix, Rogen shouted to the big bird to fly.


The sharp and powerful claws suddenly propped up, and there were two giant pits clearly visible on the ground. Under the massive force of the black phoenix, the hard ground couldn’t bear it. Closely followed, it was folded on both sides of the body like a sudden fan of a feather made up of countless ice blades.


With that scream, the air trembled, the wind blew, the leaves of the trees flew, and the violent airflow swept out.

In a moment, the Black Phoenix suddenly soared, just an instant, it has flown out of 100 meters.

“Ah ah ah, the wind is too strong!”

Jason shouted loudly, his mouth was blowing by the wind.

“Jason, protect Rouge!” Rogen shouted.

The little master who was holding the wings leaped and hugged on Jason’s arm.

At the same time, Rogen ordered the Black Phoenix loudly.

“Black Phoenix, slower!”

Hearing Rogen’s words, the Black Phoenix slowed its strength and reduced its speed, the submerged airflow slowed down, and everyone was relieved.

“Rogen, look down, There’s a man there!”

Suddenly, Rouge pointed at the trees under the black phoenix.

When Rogen and Jason heard this, their faces changed slightly, and they immediately glanced down.

At that moment, they did see a man in a black suit and hat standing at the top of a tree fifty meters away. At the moment, he was looking up at them with a dull face. He didn’t think they would leave like this.

“That’s right, he’s tracking us!”

Rogen nodded.

Then, he smiled.

“The Marines, they are really tough, it seems that they deeply love me!”

Jason kept laughing. They were on the black phoenix, It was not easy for the Marines to catch up with them again.

But they did not notice the affection on the cat’s face. It changed slightly. She was nervous and anxious. She seemed to recognize the clothes of the man underneath.

In a few moments, The Black Phoenix’s wing-stretching gliding had reached the shore where they anchored the Dragon Root.

Following that, they jumped off the Black Phoenix, packed up the things on the ship, and put them all in the warehouse. And then, Jason set the boat and begun sailing at fast speed.

“Set sail, directly toward our goal!”

Rogen’s eyes were deep and full of excitement.

“Grand Line!”

That’s right, this time, they were aiming to the Grand Line.

All of them looked at each other and laughed.

“Hahaha, captain, I’ve been in the sea for five or six years, but I have never been in the Grand Line!”

Jason was excited, and he seemed to be looking forward to it.

“The place where Roger has been, I didn’t expect that I would have the chance to visit it!”

Rouge smiled.

“I really disapprove of going to the Grand Line at this time.”

Rogen’s expression was not very relaxed.

At the moment when the new era just started, the pirates became crazy and mad, they were like a locust, and the Marines were brutally suppressed. This era was more violent than in any other era. The danger was unimaginable.

Pirates and Marines were at a time of excitement and madness. This kind of peak moment, it was the most dangerous.


The child in Rouge’s belly would be born soon, and any delay would result in unimaginable consequences. Rogen didn’t let the tragedy in the anime continue.

He couldn’t control what other people would do, but, if it were all back to him, he would be very sincere.

But at this moment, going to the Grand Line was the safest and the fasted way.

Rouge and Ace, they can’t die.

“Old man, after you are gone, the task you left for me is not easy!”

Shaking his head, Rogen’s heart felt heavy.

In such time when the four emperors were not established yet, and when the Marines were fighting the pirates fiercely, Rogen wanted to survive, which made the responsibility heavy on his shoulder.

Without a large-scale pirate group, his own strength won’t be invincible. It can be said that during this period, his strength has made great strides, and he was completely forced out.

Dragon Root sailed slowly, in the clouds above, a huge black bird glided and followed the ship closely.

When Rogen and the others had driven the Dragon Root out of the island, the black-suited man walked toward the coast with a cold face.

He looked up at the sky when there was nothing he could do, and he kept thinking about what happened.

Ten seconds later, the man in the black suit took out small buildings blocks from his arms. And then he put it on the ground together meticulously.

In a while, the blocks became like a bird.

The bird was ugly. It has no nose, no ears. It was just a model. It barely has a bird’s appearance.

However, the black-suited man put his hand on that bird, and in a moment, it started flying.


The sound came from the building block bird, and it seemed to be singing.

He was still indifferent and kept watching the building bird flying in the air without saying anything.

Strangely enough, the building block bird looks fragile and scatters at a touch, but it flies as fast as a sharp arrow, tens times faster than a real bird.

Just the blink of an eye, In front of this building block bird, he could see the shadow of Rogen and his group.

The black-suited man saw them, while they disappear little by little.

“The target has been followed up, ready to attack at any time!”

Whispered in the Den Den Mushi and he disappeared.

Three minutes later, a small boat set out from the island coast and sailed slowly into the sea.

On the Dragon Root, Rogen closed his eyes and sat on the deck, he wanted to understand his internal strength.

The lack of money made him feel insecure at that moment. And in the vast sea, it wasn’t easy to meet with pirates and punish them on behalf of the sea.

Now, the only way to increase his strength is to understand his own abilities he got before truly.

Combining the magic of the North, the Nine Yin Jing, Shen Zhao Jing, etc. Rogen found many ways to strengthen his body, in a sense, let the Chi pass through his body, get through these acupoints, and light up the stars.

After a careful check, the time passed slowly. Rogen’s thoughts became clearer.