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S.P.P Chapter 109: Black Phoenix


The empty sky seemed to be full of ripples because of the light of Rogen’s eyes.


The huge Tetoria, when it saw the blood-red eyes, trembled and issued a hiss. That pair of blood-red eyes were continuously enlarging unexpectedly in front of its eyes and then obscured all its vision. In an instant, the eyes of Tetoria turned red.

A huge black tomoe appeared in its blood red eyes, slowly rotating like a whirlpool, and attracting to its mind.

“I am your master. You are my pet I raised you since you are born. Your name is Black Phoenix. You must obey my orders.”

The mysterious tone was constantly echoing in Tetoria’s mind, instilling and imprinting over and over again. The dark tomoe kept turning, and gradually the consciousness of Tetoria’s resistance began to dissipate, and the subconsciously introduced the meaning expressed by that sentence into the depths of his heart.


Another scream, this bird sound was so soft, not a bit fierce.


Looking at the incessant flare in front of him, Rogen sighed with relief as if Tetoria, who was about to tear her to pieces in the next moment, would calm down.

His forehead was covered with sweat beads. The bird control technique seemed simple. It took only a look at the bird, and it could control birds. But it relies on his spiritual strength, which was more laborious than physical strength.

Tetoria was 100 meters long, and it is more powerful than ordinary birds. It consumes a lot of spiritual power.

“Black Phoenix?”

Tentatively, Rogen shouted.


Tetoria’s wings flickered sharply, and its sharp claws gripped it hard. The strong air pressure swept up in an instant.

Rogen’s pupils shrank, and he was about to dodge. But after a moment, he was shocked to find that he could not escape.

Even when his muscles just reacted and were ready for conditioned reflexes, the huge Tetoria had already reached an inch in front of him.

“It’s over, it’s too fast!”

The power generated by the Tetoria’s wings, too strong and too fast, surpassed his imagination.


In the jungle, when he saw the sudden rise of Tetoria, Jason’s color immediately changed.

However, after two seconds, the black, sharp, shining metallic claws suddenly stopped on Rogen’s shoulder, touched it so gently, but quickly returned.

When his body was touched by the giant bird, his whole figure flew out immediately and hit a big tree behind him severely.

“Oh, la la!”

The leaves were scattered, and Rogen’s body was stuck there, tightly attached to the tree.

“Ah, that hurts!”

At that moment, he even felt that his whole body’s intuition as if it had been stripped off, numb up.

But then, when he landed on the ground, Rogen noticed the expression of Tetoria.

Actually with a little expectation, apologies, and nostalgia.


That claw wants to poke out, But it was afraid of hurting him and retracting the cautious wing, as well as the fascination in its eyes, was vividly expressed in this huge Tetoria’s expression.

Just in a blink of an eye, Rogen understood.

“He wanted to stand on my shoulder, but he didn’t realize that he was too big to fly me out.”

He rubbed his ache shoulders until his intuition returned to him. Some helplessly, Rogen knew that this was the result of the memory given to Tetoria by the skills of Sharingan and king of birds.

This memory was also infused by his own fantasy. Although it was very simple, it was enough to treat birds, which were rare in self-awareness.


At this moment, Jason, Rouge and the little master came running and stood in front of Rogen, shouting in fear.

“I’m fine!”

Jason’s burly figure immediately stood in front of Rogen, looking warily at the big bird above his head.


Seeing the sudden emergence of three small points, Tetoria did not have the patience to look at Rogen’s soft eyes, suddenly became fierce, a pair of claws also sprang out.


Jason shouted, his fists clenched and he was ready to fight.

His tall figure, beneath the enormous body of Tetoria, looked very small and somewhat funny.

Rogen pushed Jason aside and shook his head. “Don’t be nervous. It’s under my control.”


Jason’s heart was shocked.

“Black Phoenix!”

Rogen did not explain, just looked up and shouted directly to Tetoria over the sky.


Tetoria gave a soft cry as if he was responding to him.

In this scene, Jason and Rouge were even paler.


At this time, several Tetoria in the sky seems to be aware of this scene. Their wings twinkled, but after only a few seconds, they had appeared in front of Rogen and the others. Their huge body, in the blink of an eye, has covered up the sky and all the sunshine on their heads.


The Black Phoenix looked back quickly and cried sternly toward the other Tetorias.

Soon there was a conversation between the giant birds. About a dozen breaths later, other smaller Tetoria flew away, leaving The Black Phoenix with a gentle look at Rogen.

“Black Phoenix, I need your help.”

The black phoenix seems to understand Rogen’s words, and the huge bird’s head immediately nodded.

With a smile on his face, Rogen said again to Jason and his cat.

“Let’s go up on its body.”

Jason and Rouge’s expression was still somewhat shocked. They could not imagine that Rogen had just gone out and played a strange tune with the leaves. The giant bird really listened to Rogen’s words.

Only when the black phoenix landed on the ground, and they climbed onto the phoenix’s flat back did Jason utter a stunning sentence.

“Captain! Is this the Voice of All Things?”

“Tell me, isn’t it!”

Jason’s voice sounded very exciting.


Rogen looked confused.

What the Voice of All Things? This was just a little illusion of the king of birds and the Sharingan.

“It must be right, the legend Roger will also, You must have his blood on you! It must be so. Only in this way can you control this huge bird! “

“That’s terrific. It’s god’s mount!”

Jason’s face was agitated.

Rogen was speechless and spread his hands.

“What are you talking about!”