One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 108: Control!!

Jason saw Rogen’s confident expression, he was stunned, and in a glimpse, Rogen stepped forward.

Just a few steps forward, Rogen came directly below the 100-meter giant bird.

Watching this huge Tetora at a close range gave them a mix of different feelings. Looking up from the ground, Rogen clearly saw the sharp claws at first sight.

This kind of birds had tall claws and very sharp, Rogen has no doubt that once these claws hit him, it would make big holes in his body.


No word could describe Rogen’s feeling at the moment. Standing under such a bird, he was like a small black spot.

Because of trees, the Tetoria didn’t see Rogen’s figure at this time, it kept looking at the sky and fluttered its wings. Another Tetoria was looking at the sky, with sharp and steady eyes, as if a father was watching his baby.

Jason and the others felt relieved when the Tetoria didn’t notice Rogen.

Rogen was very powerful. Also, there was a mysterious force inside him, but the power of such a huge bird was too big. Jason knew that Rogen hid some power from them and always came up with such a strong attack, but he was afraid that this power probably no longer there.

In such a state, whether Rogen was an opponent for the Tetoria or not, it was a very suspenseful thing.

At that moment, Rogen was standing under the claws of the Tetoria, and his eyes were slightly closed.

“You are King of Birds, you have eyes that control birds all over the world. You can control birds by looking at them, or you can get the information you want to know.”

The system gave him a simple explanation of the White Phoenix ability to control birds.

However, Rogen understood that he must summon the White Phoenix ability at that time.

Such ability, it was very great, and he already mastered it, and also, he doesn’t need to use the Sharingan, he must use his energy to get promoted, which is much easier.

As for the light work of the white phoenix, Rogen already thought about it, but it wasn’t ready for the time being, he mastered the white phoenix skills for sure, but not 100% of it, so maybe he would be unable to achieve what he wanted, such ability need more power from him.

After thinking about it, Rogen smirked and went looking for a leaf.

He wiped the green leaves put them on his mouth.

“What is he doing?”

Jason was curious about the actions of Rogen.

“I don’t know, let’s keep watching!”

Rouge shook her head.

They saw Rogen breathing fiercely at the leaves on his mouth.

Suddenly, a clear and sharp voice came out.

Rogen pinched the leaves and started whistling.


A sharper and louder voice sounded.

It was the Tetora, gusts of wind were made with its wing, and with sharp eyes sweeping, it was looking for the source of that sound. His eyes were full of doubts.

After a while, a black spot was clear under its claws, and then after a careful look, it was a human.


Suddenly, the Tetoria swooped down, it was only an instant, and the huge figure fell 20 meters directly on the head of Rogen.

The huge figure and the heavy momentum immediately gave Rogen tremendous pressure.

Jason and the others who were hidden in the jungle were even more nervous.

There was no change in Rogen’s expression when the Tetora appeared in front of him. He kept holding the leaves and made that sound with it. He wasn’t preparing for the battle at all.


The Tetora stopped and seemed to be calm. However, its claws trembled, like it was still ready to attack in anytime.

That kind of birds swoops and strikes with fierce strength, it was a 100 meters, it was clear why they called it the mount of gods!

If the Tetora caught him, he might die under its claws and couldn’t resist.

The leaves were still shaking, and the crisp sounds were continually coming out. Rogen stared at the Tetora which was swaying and loosening its momentum. Its body was


The Tetora made a tweet again, but this time its voice wasn’t loud.


Rogen blows the leaves and makes a sound as if he was responding.

Rogen and the big birds were screaming at the same time as if they were talking which made a wonderfully natural sound of birds. The strong hostility disappeared little by little.

Aside, Jason and the others hid in the jungle were a bit astonished.

“Could he speak with birds?”

In another place, the black-suited man stood on the treetop, watching the huge bird communicate with Rogen and he was very shocked.

From the beginning, he was staring only at ——, and he didn’t care too much about the others until he saw what was happening between Rogen and the bird, his heart was deeply shocked.

It might be a joke, it was hard to believe what was happening there. That young boy seemed to have mastered communicated with birds. This fierce bird didn’t attack him.

After careful observation and thinking for a while, the black-suited man took his den den mushi silently.


A low voice came from the den den mushi.

“Our target is a bit tricky, if we decided to start a plan, we must increase our attack!”


After a few words, the den den mushi hangs up.

That mysterious guy was stunned; he kept looking at Rogen and thought about how to fight him.

He made his decision clear, man to man, fight or let the others do it.

He was very confident, and he thought that he could solve Rogen and his crew.

In the open space of the jungle, Rogen was facing the big bird, and the melodious song hover up, which made the others happy.

Suddenly, Rogen’s eyes changed.

In a blink of an eye, it turned from black and white to bloody red, followed closely by a little dark.

The Sharingan, the new ability he got from the system and Itachi Uchiha. Rogen really mastered this ability in a short period.

After a while, he slammed and threw the leaves.

And then he looked to the Tetora right in the eyes.