One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 107: Hard To Catch!!

That mighty blow, the horrible vibration potential swept the sea, and directly set off a tsunami, and made the pirates fly directly into the sea.

Ten seconds later, it was slowly moving forward. The floating island has already disappeared in front of every one of the White Beard’s Pirates.

“Terrible, so scary!”

Until then, the separated sea had slowly merged and recombined to form a complete sea surface map.

A lot of the powerful Flying Pirate Group were so powerless when they face the White Beard. The pirates looked at the boat, and everyone looked calm as if the crew of the White Beard had become commonplace, and their hearts shocked even more.

“Is this the strength of the White Beard?”

From their expressions, they could not see the fear of the Golden Lion’s pirates. This is the arrogance of the world’s top pirates. If you don’t agree, then dare to shoot.

And the thought of the battle between the top pirates’ groups made them tremble.

Even though they were such strong men in the new world and with rewards over 300 million Berries, but in the face of such battle, they would still tremble.

The Flying Pirate group came for negotiation, but they did not say another word completely, and they were beaten out by the White Beard.

“I don’t know the so-called kid! The Golden Lion, the more he lives, the more he goes back, sending such a fish and want to talk to me?”

The disappointed voice of the White Beard came out and shook the void.

“Oyaji, don’t want to listen to Shiki’s message?”

Marco asked.

“Whatever he’s going to do, it has nothing to do with me.”

As he spoke, the White Beard suddenly looked at the sea in front of him.

The sea was deep and endless, revealing some strangeness and deepness that cannot be described.

“Time has changed!”

Thinking of the sudden visit of the Golden Lion Pirates, Rogen’s reward poster, the White Beard suddenly sighed.

The crew on board looked at each other but did not say a word.

The Golden Lion Shiki? Perhaps he looks strong to others, like the legend standing at the top. But the white beard pirates were not afraid of him.

After Roger’s death, the white beard became more powerful and grew faster. It seemed that he was going to rule the whole new world as if he were in the presence of the king.

In such a situation, the white beard pirates were not afraid of anyone.

Moreover, the white beard is now prosperous in the spring and autumn. The world was trembling from his strength. Even the Marines don’t dare to poke him easily.

This was an invincible power, in such momentum, they have the pride and have the capital not to put other pirates in their eyes.

On Urgot Island.

Rogen and his group did not know that the Golden Lion and the White Beard had a brief contact.

At the moment, he was staring at the top of the hill with a solemn face, and the huge birds were flying up and flapping their wings.

“The legend, it really is true!”

Muttering, Rogen’s eyes sparkled with surprise and shock.

“Captain, the old man, lied to us, this bird is longer than 30 meters!”

Jason’s face was bitter and helpless.

At this time, they stood in a dense jungle, hidden by the trees, watching the birds flapping their huge wings in the distance.

In other words, this has completely surpassed the category of ordinary birds.

Giant wings, their feathers were like blades, sparkling with shiny light. The huge claws were like steel cast, can easily crush any human being.

His beak was sharp and looked like two swords.

And between its wingspan, the vast volume, there were hundreds of meters, fluttering wings, every time it moves, the leaves in the jungle was shivering and trembling, friction out a sharp sound.

From a distance, it seems as if the old man said it is the Mount of the Gods!

“The old man didn’t lie to us. No one came up these years, so the bird was originally over thirty meters, and now he grew up.”

Rogen whispered.

Rouge’s eyes sparkled with shock.

“It’s terrible to grow up and reach a hundred meters.”

“No, maybe that’s not his limit.”

Rogen shook his head and stared at the bird’s feathers. There were still some spots between the feathers as if they had just grown out, and there was a delicate feeling.

“This bird can even fade its old feathers, like a snake molting its skin!”

After careful observation, Rogen really found that the giant bird’s body paint was black and shiny, just like a metamorphosis, washing away the dust and going to the realm of change. The bird’s eyes were sharp as eagles, very sharp, looking forward, like gods looking down on the world.

“It looks shocking and hard to imagine, such a bird could exist here. I thought that these huge birds like the sea king could only appear in the Calm Belt.”

Jason said with amazement.

“It’s a Mount of God, it’s great.”

Rogen’s eyes sparkled with expectations.

This big bird really fits the image of riding in his mind.

The slender body bird, the sharp eyes, the blade-like feathers, and the tail hanging from both sides, was simply the beauty and ferocity of the perfect and contradictory combination.

“That’s it!”

Rogen stared at the huge bird, and his eyes slowly became fierce.

As he moved, he walked toward the giant bird. But at that moment, Jason grabbed him.

“Captain, don’t worry, there more!”

“Not only this one!”

Rouge went on with a remarkable surprise.

Their eyes, the giant bird flew out to the other side of the mountain and hovered in the sky.

At first sight in the far distance, these creatures weren’t that big, it looks like 30 meters the little ones, and 50 or 60 the bigger ones.

As soon as a considerable bird appeared in the sky, all the beasts of the entire mountain range seemed to be quiet.

“Captain, let’s find another way, these birds are hard to catch!”

Jason proposed to find something else easier, he couldn’t even realize the dangerous fight against these giant birds.

“Wait for me here!”

Rogen looked at Jason and smiled.

In his expression, there was no trace of fear from this big one.