One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 106: Go Back!

Checking the wanted poster in his hand, the giant man touched his crescent-shaped white mustache and smiled.

“Very interesting! Just after Roger death, he came out with such a fascinating kid!”

He stood up suddenly, three or four times taller than the average person, standing there like a hill. Jason’s figure was huge enough by all accounts, but comparing with this man, if they stand together, they would look like a father with his little son.

“Oyaji, he looks a lot like Roger. But suddenly they put a high reward on him. Is it possible that it’s a conspiracy of the Marines?”

A man who was very close to the giant man suddenly asked.

“Marco, take a look at his face!”

The white beard’s gaze became fierce at the moment, he took his Bisento in his right hand and slammed it on the deck. “Boom!” The rumbling sound came out, and the whole ship trembled, and the crew behind him almost fell to the ground in fear.

Marco was shocked and looked again at the reward poster.

The man in the photo was handsome, and his eyebrows looked very similar to Roger, so it’s easy to see that they look the same. But the boy in this poster was named Rogen, oh, no, the man has a deep look in his eyes, if he were a soldier, he would be more like a commander who stood behind the scenes and relies on his intelligence quotient.

Eyes are the window of the soul. Marco was mature enough to know that it was wrong to judge someone’s character by his appearance.

The man in this picture was completely different from Roger. Roger was very bright and honest, but this young person seems to have some scheming.

“A man like him cannot be bound by the Marines! In his eyes, he looks calm and wave-free, but this calm seems to hide a sea behind it! “

“This man, he’s born to live on the sea!”

“Such a man can’t be bound by the Marines. He was born to be the same kind of person as us!”

“At this point, he is consistent with Roger. From his eyes, I saw only a vast deep sea.”

The White Beard spoke slowly.

“This guy, he would be a great man in the future!”

“Wait and see, sons!”

On the Moby Dick, White Beard’s crew looked at each other in shock. They didn’t expect that their Captain would give such a big evaluation on that man on the wanted poster.

“Just his identity!”

The White Beard had doubts in his eyes, he had never heard of Roger’s relatives or sons.

Just then, a panicky voice came from the boat.

“Not good. The Golden Lion is coming!”

Upon hearing this voice, Marco with a cold face swayed his body and said “Why all this chaos? He’s just the Golden Lion!”

Then, he turned his head and looked toward the coming ship.

A huge island ship was about twenty or thirty meters above the sea, and it was floating in mid-air.

Looking up from below, Marco could even see that the island was stretching out and that the power fans, like wings, were shaking violently.

This was their first time that they saw such big pirates with the same name as the white beard, so they were all shaking also their eyes were full of fear.

Such a large pirate regiment who dominates the entire new world, and they brought them endless deterrence and fear.

“Move out of my way, he’s just the Golden Lion, Remember, we’re White Beard’s pirates!”

Marco shouted to rebuke the crew, who stepped back with a blushing face.

They kept looking at the floating island, which was coming slowly.

They still had some fear, such a panic wasn’t easy to eliminate.

Looking at the floating island of Shiki, the White Beard’s crew became nervous.

In this vast sea, when two large pirates meet, the atmosphere would be full of danger.

After a quarter of an hour.

The floating island came to the front of the Moby Dick and stopped far away by 100 meters. Then, under the eyes of the Whitebeard’s pirates Regiment, a floating boat flew off and fell like a leaf on the sea.

Three minutes later, Marco stood in front of the bow, and he was able to see the pirates on the floating boat.

With cold eyes, someone asked from the big ship.

“White beard’s pirates, is your captain there?”

Suddenly, the floating boat stopped 30 meters away from the Moby dick, and in the top, there was a handsome man in a black suit asked loudly.

His momentum was stern, and his expression was calm as if he had opened his mouth. At that moment, the atmosphere on both sides became heavier again.

When Marco heard this, he didn’t answer, but the massive figure of Edward Newgate stepped forward.

“Where did you come from, kid? Let Shiki come!”

The tall man said these few words and gave the pirates of the floating boat a huge pressure.

After the death of Gol.D.Roger, the White Beard has the posture of the strongest man in the world.

Even the person who came to him at this moment was a high-ranking member of the Golden Lion Pirates, but in the face of this burly man, he couldn’t help himself.

“Our Captain!”

When he saw the figure of whitebeard, he immediately wanted to say the purpose of his arrival.

“Go Back!”

The White Beard shouted loudly, and his expression was cold.

“Our captain is going to start a war against the marines, and he asked if you want to join him in this operation!”

The black-suited man quickly said this, because if he didn’t do it, maybe he won’t do anything later, and who knows how the Golden Lion would treat him when he returns.

“I said! Go Back!”

“Let your captain Shiki come over and talk to me, you are just a kid!”

“You’re not qualified yet to talk to me!”

The white beard was colder, clenched his fist, and punched forward.

Vaguely, everyone heard the “Crack” from the void ahead, but they didn’t see anything, then, when they looked at the sea, they found that it split into two halves.

High half and low half, and the higher side was pouring the seawater toward the lower side.

On the lower side, it was the area where the black-suited man was in located.

“Oh My God!”

In an instant, a tsunami was formed and swept toward the boat.


Screaming, everyone on the boat was panicking and shouting in horror.

Facing this natural disaster, they were very powerless.

Over the island, they didn’t even have time to help their friend in the boat below, and they ran.