One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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On the ship, there were few pirates, only twenty or thirty of them, but their breath was fierce, and the captain’s skin was full of scar and gun marks.

Obviously, this was a trance that he has experienced countless battles. Such a team was not afraid of death, even trained swordsmen couldn’t defeat them.

In an instant, the distance between the two ships was getting closer.

The people on the merchant ship became more and more nervous, they will face these fierce pirates, and they were so worried.

“Captain !”

The man with a long knife on his waist came also and his expression was dignified with a hint of despair.

“We had to leave as soon as possible to escape from them, our ship is going to sink soon!”

“Jack I’m leaving, what about you!?” Hina’s eyes flashed. She was looking at the people who had gathered on the deck.

The sailors and the workers had a look of panic on their faces. The attack of the pirates made them fear immediately.

“I think that your life is more important than their lives!”

Jack blinked and said quietly.

“My men will delay the group of pirates for a while, I’m responsible for your protection you until you leave to a safe place.”

Hina was hesitating, at the moment, she didn’t know what to do.

Abandon the life of the entire people on the boat to gain some time until she runs, Or stay here with her crew and die together.

What to choose in the end? She doesn’t know!

“Just go!” Jack said with full of encouragement eyes.

Staying there was too dangerous, she must leave, there was only one way to go.

She kept thinking, Then Hina looked behind and turned to leave.

The escape boat had already prepared by Jack, Hina took the money and the precious goods and boarded on the ship with jack and four or five other people.

Then the boat left quickly.

They pulled out from the back of the boat so no one could found them.

“Captain, someone escaped”

Someone of Sauders’s pirates looked sharp and saw Hina and the others, so he immediately tells his captain about them.

“Sink them,” the captain said with cold eyes.


In a short time, the artillery fire sound began, and the dark cannonball pierced through the air and went toward the ship where Hina was located.


Just for a moment, the shells had reached the top of the group.

Then Hina shouted “Jack!”

Jack suddenly stood up, his eyes become fierce and dignified, He held on to the sword in his waist.

When the cannonball fell on the boat, he pulled out his sword and gave a loud roar.



With his long sword, a stream of light bloomed, and the dark cannonball split in two and went toward the sides of the boat.

“Boom Boom!”

When the bomb’s pieces fell to the sea, all the people on the boat were wet with the water splashed.

Jack shook his sword and began to gasp. It was his limit to contend with the cannonball.

“Jack!!!” Hina shouted and looked worriedly at him.

“I’m fine, keep going, don’t stop the boat” Jack answer her with a self-confident.

The boat continued to sail and disappeared after a while.

On the pirate’s boat, the captain said

“Catch them?”

“Don’t worry about them, they can’t resist our shells, they are so weak, they waste their time”

“Take me to that ship and before sinking it, kill everyone and then take all their treasure!”

Sauder’s voice was cold and cruel and his pirates were all excited.

One minute later, the Sauder’s pirates yelled and rushed to the merchant ship.

All sailors on the merchant ship were panicked at that moment.

Screams, panic shouts continue to ring.

The fighters were very desperate to fight these pirates, they left behind, and a dozen of them had already been killed. These civilians were totally incomparable to those pirates who were fighting in the sea all day.

“Help! Help!…”

People on the boat wanted to run, but there was nowhere to escape, some of them were confused and they jumped from the boat and they were instantly swallowed by the sea.

In this vast sea, there is no chance to survive.

On Rogen’s side, Fred looked at him anxiously and ran around

“It is over, this group of pirates already attacked us, what can we do!?”

“What about captain Hina, where did she go!?”

They kept searching for Hina, Fred asked the crew about who saw her but none of them knew where she was.

In the rear, the sound of swords clashing and people screaming, and a faint smell of blood came over, causing the two-man to become very angry.

“Pirates started killing people!”

Fred said with a trembling mouth.

At this time, Hant strode over and said sarcastically

“Don’t look for her. she followed Jack, the captain of the guard, and left with the escape boat.”

“What did you say!?” the old man Fred shouted and grabbed Hant, “don’t say that, how could she left us and ran alone?”

“And what? She is already on the escape boat which was prepared for Rogen!” Hant mouth was more mocking and disdainful.

“She certainly didn’t leave alone, but also she took her younger brother and who was close to her”

“What about us?”

After listening to these words, even Rogen’s face has changed, he didn’t believe that Hina could do this, but the whole ship didn’t see her around.

“If you are really a big pirate with 110 million rewards, I think that these guys are nothing against you, they are not a problem for you”

Hant didn’t care about Fred’s shock, he said that directly to Rogen who had fear on his eyes.

The reward is real, no matter what kind of secret the person in front of him have, and the marines obviously fear him, this person should have a good idea of how to deal with the present situation.

“Hey! I’m not a pirate!”

However, Rogen who was silent said.

“There is another reason for the marine which made a 110 million belly on me.”

A look of surprise appeared on Hant’s face, and then he asked him “I don’t believe that you haven’t enough strength to defeat all the pirates on the board”

“Why you don’t want to help us? There are many people who are injured on this boat and many of them died already”

Rogen was startled and then giggled a little bit. Then he looked directly at Hant.

“It’s funny, I don’t have that power to do it”

“And if I can deal with them, then I will.”

“Why should I help you?”

“Because you told the marine about me, you put me in danger.”

Hant was shocked.

“If it wasn’t for Hina, I could already beat the crap out of you.”

“Do you understand?”