One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 13: Ge Nie

Rogen’s voice was very unkind. He said those words that made Hant extremely embarrassed.

Indeed, as he said, they thought about hurting him, but now they are trying to use his power to ensure their own safety.

“Isn’t that ridiculous?”

After he completed talking, Rogen left Hant there and took Fred away quickly.

He scanned the whole ship for a few more times, but still didn’t saw Hina, Only then did he confirm that she was indeed afraid and left them.

Hant was very clever and he closely followed the two men, Rogen saw him but he ignored him.

“Some people choose to believe you, Rogen”

When they came to a hidden place, Fred watched Hant and said to Rogen.

“Even if you don’t want to save everyone on this ship, but there are some innocent people.”

“Look, I saved your life once before, so please if you really strong enough, save them.”

Fred’s voice was very heavy and there was an expectation in the eyes.

If someone can survive, who would he choose to die?

Rogen closed his eyes then looked at Fred and Hant. Their eyes were full expectations.

“I don’t have that kind of power that you think I had”

He spoke slowly, and the rays of expectation in their eyes dissipated.

“Well, it looks like we’re all going to die here.”

Fred sighed, They were hiding and could hear the outside.

The pirates had basically controlled all the situations and gathered the crew together in one place. Some people of the crew were arrested and others escaped and died in the sea.

“Hurry up, catch those rats that are hidden on the boat, bring them to the captain, then execute them directly without hesitation!”

The voice of the pirates came over and the hearts of the three men became tight. They immediately held their breath.

Rogen looked closely at Fred and Hant, and found that their cheeks were full of sweat, they were extremely nervous.

The three men hid and didn’t move at all, and the footsteps quickly passed outside, At that moment, they were relieved and began to move to another place.

Three minutes later, they changed their place, but just after entering a room, a chaotic knock came on the door.

“Open the door! Hey, I saw you!”

A rough, raging sound came in, and the wooden door was kicked by the pirates, followed by the intensive footsteps.

“I found them” Hant and Fred faces turned pale.

Rogen with a tight heart clenched his right fist.

“Do you want to use the power of the system?”

He had few gold coins, only about thirty thousand left. and only one orange call can be made.

Last time, the white phoenix possessed power disappeared, because he did not defeat any of the two high-rank marines. So he had only more than 50 attached coins, and could not learn any of the skills of the white phoenix.


The wooden door was finally knocked open, and a big, tall and fierce pirate rushed in.

Hant was scared and continued to recede from behind.

“Damn you bastard, how dare you? How could you hide!?”

A strong man with a big head shouted with rage.

Pirates at the rear immediately rushed in with machetes, and the situation became very hard for the three people.

Rogen glanced at the pirate in front of him.

When he looked at Fred he clearly saw the panic and despair in his eyes.

“Stop it!”

“Alright, I planned to save my power for later, it seems that I must try my best!”

When he saw these pirates, the idea of saving that money and silently escape completely disappeared.

“30.000 belly, should be able to summon a good ghost?”

After laughing at himself, Rogen’s eyes squinted.

This time he consumed 30.000 gold coins. If he didn’t become more powerful than those pirates, so there is no doubt that was wasted.

“Summon the orange ghost! Grade 30.000 gold coins”

He was speaking with the system silently in his mind, when he finished his last word, an orange whirlpool appeared on the system interface.

From there, something stepped out from this whirlpool, it was a tall, burly and cold man. He had a long sword on his waist, his face was full of chivalry, his voice was full of justice and it was clear that he worries about people. In the deepest part, there was still a heavy experience of the vicissitudes of life.

“Summoning soul, Ge Nie, the sword saint, 30.000 gold consumed”

Just for a moment, the swordsman with a long sword stepped out and merged with Rogen.

Rogen was shocked, his Dantian was full of air. it was like an invisible power was merged into his body, his eyes became sharp, at the same time, he didn’t know when he got a long sword with its scabbard.

At that time, Rogen squatted, then he exuded the sharp sword. Suddenly he became vicissitudes swordsman.

Gai Nie, one of the male characters in the Ming Dynasty, he was the best swordsman of Qin.

At this moment, the soul of Rogen and Ge Nie merged and became one, his eyes sparkled, on his waist, there was the famous sword named Yuan Hong.

He has all the knowledge of using the sword, on the next moment, he put his right hand on the hilt of the sword.

At the same time, a group of four or five pirates separated in three ways and rushed.

“Help us…!” Hant shouted out loudly.

The faces of the pirates were full of scorn and grim smiles. They were very calm. Because they used to kill innocent people.


Without a trace of tolerance, the pirates waved their machetes toward targets.

At that moment, Rogen pulled the sword from the scabbard.


The bright and the crisp sound of the sword rang out loudly in this small room.

A little wind blows, the pirates who were standing there only saw the flash of light in front of their eyes. Then the light disappeared, and the man’s body fell softly on the ground.


The echo of the sword didn’t disappear, Rogen slowly put the Yuan Hong in his hand and showed a trace of appreciation.

“This is a great sword!”

The blade of the sword could kill without getting stained any drop of blood, and when he uses this sword with high speed, it reflected the rainbow lights.

The sword was really good at that moment.

Walking toward the door step by step, finishing all those pirates who were rushing, until he got to the door and then he softly said:

“come, what are you doing there?”

His faint voice awakened the two people who were waiting to die.

Fred and Hant just looked up and saw the indoor scene, the blood flowed through the wooden floor and the dead body was everywhere,

“They all dead!?”