One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 14: Wonderful Swordsmanship

At the door, the figure of Ge Nie was very tall and slim, Hant and Fred’s eyes were shrinking.

“He did all of this!”

They didn’t even hear any screams, four or five fierce pirates died here silently.

They knew that these pirates were not ordinary pirates, also they knew that they were in the Grand Line, they went there and came back alive and even the marine didn’t catch them.

When the Sauders pirates left the east blue, they were 1000 pirates, and now, just 50 pirates of them came back on the ship.

That means that the others have died there, and leaving only these elites.

Because of this, these pirates on board were more terrifying. They were powerful and fierce, and the most difficult men to fight against.

But in a moment, these guys were killed by Rogen.

“Rogen, is that you?” Fred stuttered and he was shocked.

“Let’s go, it’s not time to be surprised”

Rogen’s voice was a bit cold, he was influenced by Ge Nie character.

Hant swallowed and didn’t dare to say anything. He can see that the guy in front of him was really powerful, but how strong was he? That was not clear.

“What do you want to do now? There are so many pirates outside,” Fred approached Rogen and he pulled his arm.

Rogen stepped forward and smiled, “I will kill them all!”

He said it with a narrowed voice, while his eyes squinted: “This ship will not hold for so long, we must act quickly”

Fred and Hant looked at each other with wonder in their eyes.” What does he mean by we must act quickly?”

However, Rogen did not pay any attention to them, perhaps because of the integration of Rogen and Ge Nie at this moment, his temperament revealed the coldness and solemnity of the swordsman.

Walking on the deck with great strides, at that moment, Rogen was completely different than before, he walked with a great light, calm face, no fear and the light was shining in the eyes.

“There are people here!”

Their movement and unconcerned walking immediately caught the attention of the pirates.

The dense footsteps rang quickly, but only three seconds later, they saw the figure of the pirates.

Rogen went forward with a serious face, he put his right hand on the hilt.

The pirates on the opposite side raised their machete and rushed toward him, Fred and Hant shuddered and trembled, they were very scared.

Facing the fierce pirates, those two people were scared to death.

After a moment, Rogen was in front of them.


The crisp sheath sound came out, and the stream of light flashed, then Rogen passed the pirates quickly.

Just a moment later, the six pirates had horror and fear on their faces, and then they fell heavily on the ground, without any more noise. Under their body, the blood flowed out and dyed the deck with red.

Rogen jumped over, he came to the board of the ship. Which there was a large number of sailors and the pirate crew gathered around them.

The merchant ship carried more than 100 sailors, crew, and laborers. At that moment, it was firmly controlled by more than thirty pirates who were armed. All the pirates formed a circle and surrounded the crew.

On the board of the pirate ship, wearing a captain’s cap, Sauder was standing coldly and watching everything happened. He had a revolver at his left waist and a long western sword at his right waist, revealing a cruel, bloody smell all over his body.

“Captain, everyone is under control, we knocked out every useful information from their mouth, and we got all their treasure.”

The tall and thin pirate smiled and said that to Sauder, then he glanced at Rogen’s who had a blood his face.

That was not Rogen blood, it was the blood of the dead pirates from the warehouse.

“Do you caught everybody?”

Sauder smiled, and then he moved his eyes and looked directly to Rogen’s direction.

“So, what about those three people?”

“I am quite doubtful about your ability to handle things!”

“If that’s the case, I don’t mind to replace you.”

Suddenly, his voice became angrier.

“Do you understand me!?”

The tall pirate’s face became pallid, the sweat on his forehead rolled out immediately. He bent over and said: “Understand! Captain!”

He turned and waved. Then he rushed quickly with eight pirates toward Rogen.

“Rogen, Sauder’s pirate are coming, is that a problem for you?” Fred said that and he was so afraid.

“Of course there is no problem, Rogen’s bounty is nearly ten times higher than that guy!” Hant was afraid, his heart was beating hard but he didn’t show any expression, he was very calm.

Rogen listened to the words of these two men, then he shook his head and smiled. After that, he looked at the coming pirates with cold eyes.

The front of the ship was full of the crewmembers and dead bodies, it’s clear that they had been dead for a long time.

With his right hand, he took out the Yuan Hong sword from the sheath, which made a crisp sound. Then he pointed it to the coming pirates from the front.

“Huh, A Swordsman?”

“We have guns in our hands!”

The Ge Nie force will end soon, and Rogen didn’t know that, but at this moment, when he saw the pirates raised their guns. His eyes suddenly squinted and a dangerous cold light glowed.


He bent his knees, at the next moment, he disappeared from the eyes of the pirates.

The distance between the two sides was only about 10 meters. When Rogen moved, he was already in front of them.

Ge Nie used his technique hundred steps flying sword, within a hundred steps, his long sword looked like it was flying, his speed was enough to reach the acme of perfection.

Moreover, his control over swordsmanship has reached the realm of culmination.

The hard moment of life passed on him, he has been training for many years of kendo, and Ge Nie was the most powerful swordsman in his time.

At this moment, Rogen with Ge Nie possession showed an exquisite and incomparable swordplay.

He took one step to the left side, then chop horizontally with his right hand.


A pirate was bleeding and screaming, then fell to the ground. In a blink of an eye, Rogen just cut one of the pirates. In the next second, Rogen made another move and stepped in front of the pirate who raised the gun.

His sharp eyes seemed to glow in a dazzling light. That pirate saw Rogen at this moment. His fingers had been placed on the trigger were actually shaking and could not press it.


A loud whisper, Rogen cut him into two parties.


The blood spilled and another one fell to the ground.