One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 15: Hundred Step Flying Sword!

It was crisp and neat, like the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves.

Rogen’s body was incredibly fast, his figure just rushed to the front of the pirate, and then he jumped across them all and the light spread from him. After a second, the blood sprayed and many pirates fell softly on the ground.

His aggressive attack immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Sauder was far from the scene. He found that Rogen was different.

“This sword!”

This legendary sword was definitely not something that an ordinary person could have.

“Who the hell is this kid?” Sauder cautiously stepped forward and jumped directly on the merchant ship. Then he waved his hand “kill him!!”

On the side of the merchant ship, when the pirates saw their captain waved they immediately rushed forward with their weapons.

They all saw the previous scene, which was absolutely extraordinary.

“Aim at him!”

A few people whispered to each other and nodded.


The sound of the gun hung up. Rogen turned his sword around and his eyes were very sharp.

His body was slightly curved and ready to sprint.


At that moment, the pirates shouted loudly and pressed the trigger.


The gunshot rang was low, Rogen slightly Bent his body at this moment, like a leopard tiger, the storm suddenly dropped, he made longitudinal jump left and right.


A bullet flew directly through him, rubbing his cheek, then crashed into the metal behind him making an annoying sound.

At this moment, his keen sense and reaction gave him terrible mobility and conditioning.

Somehow, He was able to saw the trajectory of the bullet, which the real naked eye could not see it at all.

All of this was done entirely by intuition.

Rogen jumped directly to the left, also the pirates moved their guns quickly toward him and fired him again.

Rogen’s eyes condensed, he leaped then he flew into the sky.

He escaped pirate shots again, then he immediately landed on the deck.

This time, he was about twenty meters away from the pirates.


Whispered in a low voice, Rogen figure flashed, once again he rushed away.

“Shoot! Shoot him!”

The pirates were frightened. How could this man easily escape their bullets?

“Bang, Bang, Bang…!”

A series of bullets fired out, Rogen rushed with high speed, the sword in his right hand flashed an icy cold light.

The glowing of that sword was so wonderful.

All the bullets hit the sword then bounced to the other side, producing a crisp sound.

After three rounds of attack, with only five seconds, Rogen has leaped about 50 meters and came to the front of pirates.

This terrible speed, as well as the sharp ability to react fast, that shocked all the pirates in the boat.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

The Pirates opened their mouths and shouted.

However, just after these words, the Yuan Hong in Rogen’s hands flashed again, at the same time, his stature rushed forward and quickly he crossed the body of all pirates on the boat.

“Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!”

A series of sounds spread out, the pirates couldn’t believe that they were bleeding from their necks and their chests. After a moment, they fell softly to the ground.

“What a great a swordsman!”

Sauder’s eyes shrank. He was shocked.

He didn’t hesitate, from these two brief battles, he already saw the strength of Rogen, which was absolutely extraordinary. It was not something that these miscellaneous soldiers could deal with.

“Who are you?”

With a few big steps, Sauder came to Rogen’s opposite, he asked loudly.


Rogen lifted his sword and pointed it toward Sauder “Get to your ship and leave NOW!”

“I won’t kill you.”

Rogen’s words were very heavy, he was very serious while he said that.

How powerful is this Ge Nie? What is the strength of the first swordsman in the great Qin Dynasty?

At this time, it was clear that Rogen was a master of the Kendo and full of abilities. Comparing with the two marine majors he met before, this pirate was so much weaker.

A 15 million pirate, it was easy to deal with him, completely effortless.

“Rogen!” Sauder was stunned, then his pupil suddenly shrank, he remembered that name. The next moment, he carefully observed the face of Rogen, his heart was beating so hard.

“This face! It’s the guy on the reward.”

“A reward of 110 million Belly, you are Gol D Rogen! But the Legend said that the brother of the pirate king Gol D Roger has no strength”

After the death of Roger, his legend would not be lacking in the great waterway and even in the four seas, and everyone will explore to find all the secrets and history of the one piece, as well as the previous history.

“You are Rogen, yeah, Rogen, rewarded of 110 million Belly.”

Sauder with a smile on his face, if he could kill Rogen, his prestige among the pirates will be greatly improved, “It looks like it will be good for me.”

As he spoke, he pulled out the sword on his waist, and then he pointed it at Rogen.

“I will kill you, Rogen, your reward is greater than the treasure on this ship!”

Rogen was indifferent, The Yuan Hong sword in his right hand was pointed at Sauder.

“So you gonna die!”

Sauder’s eyes were blinking, his Western sword was trembling, then he rushed to Rogen. His speed was terrible. Sauder’s strength was undoubtedly higher than many ordinary pirates.

The reputation of this pirate ship can be said that it was only supported by Sauder, his reward was 11 million belly, which was also the reward for the entire ship.

After he went to the great line. he failed there so he returned, but his strength has improved. at this time, his reward should be close to 20 million.

However, all of this was in vain.

Now when he is facing Rogen, Sauder was twice powerful as he was before.

The first swordsman of the great Qin Dynasty, the Sword Saint, the first swordsman in the world, all these powerful names, all concentrated on this man, Ge Nie. With his sword skill, fame and martial arts, which have reached the master level.

How could such a person lose to an unknown pirate?

When the long sword was brightening, Rogen’s right hand flashed and he immediately moved.

Not only moved, also he moved his sword around.

The icy and ruthless Yuan Hong sword, this moment seems to bloom out a bright light, it turned into flying dragon roared and rushed to its enemy.

This sword technique is the highest killing skill!

Hundred Step Flying Sword!