One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 16: The arrival of Rear Admiral.

In the meantime, everyone saw a heavy rainstorm, dark clouds covered the clear sky, and there was a flying dragon coming from the sky and made a loud roar. When the dragon moves his wings, raindrops emitted.

This dragon was greatly moving, he came from the sky and landed on the ground.

The dragon opened his big mouth. This fierce momentum shocked everyone, and it was an unimaginable scene.

On the deck, Rogen took out the Yuan Hong sword, which made a whistle, the sword was pointed at Sauder.

Sauder didn’t even make a reaction, Rogen attacked with the Yuan Hong, and it was very fast.


The blood spilled, his head was turned up to the sky by the strength of the hit. Captain Sauder was fully shocked, and he didn’t believe what was that.

Sauder didn’t imagine that Rogen had the power to kill him in one hit. The Rumor said that Roger’s brother has no power!

Even when he saw him killing his own crew, he thought subconsciously that Rogen was not as strong as he was, but in any case, Sauder could not believe that he could kill him easily.

“Pouff”, Sauder fell heavily on the ground, the Scarlet Blood instantly dyed the deck red.

The rest of Sauder’s crew opened their mouths and squinted. They all saw that scene.

Rogen slowly put his sword into the sheath, then he turned his head toward the other pirates.

At this time, all the pirate shuddered with obvious fear in their eyes. Sauder, their captain who was the strongest in their eyes, was killed by one hit of a sword.

“It’s really a waste when I use the Hundred Steps Flying Sword”

Rogen spat on the dead body while passing him. He walked toward the crowd.

Rogen looked at the merchants who hold their heads and was still afraid. He frowned.

“He is dead, I killed him, you are safe”

“Fred, Hant, let’s go to the pirate ship”

Fred and Hant immediately reacted and began to command the crowd to run toward the pirate ship.

This merchant ship was obviously unable to support them anymore, and soon it will sink in the sea.

Rogen was facing the rest of Sauder’s pirates alone. He looked at them with a cold look.

These pirates saw Rogen coming over. They all shuddered.

“I was going to kill you, but you still have some use, now help my crew to transfer things from our boat to your boat and don’t try to do anything rash, otherwise, I’ll kill you immediately”

Rogen’s voice was very deep, which made the pirates more afraid. But staying alive and follow his orders was better than dying. They quickly agreed and started to help.

About half an hour later, the transfer has been completed, and the merchant ship began to enter the water. The water level keeps rising.

He stood on the deck and watched the merchant ship quietly sinking. Rogen come at the front of fearful pirates and said, “Let’s go to the nearest port”

The pirates quickly followed the order, and immediately the pirate ship started to sail.

About ten minutes later, the pirates panicked.

“Captain, captain! The marine, it’s the marine!”

A tall and thin pirate pointed the two black spots on the sea, with a clear panic on his face.

When Rogen heard those words, he walked quickly to the edge of the ship, then he saw two warships sailing fast and breaking the wind. Because the distance was far away, he couldn’t see them clearly, but the outline of the ship made him recognize it. It was the marine.

Vaguely, Rogen saw a burly figure standing at the front of the ship, with a white cloak of justice.

“Indeed, there’s no doubt it’s the marine!”

“What should we do?” the pirates said nervously.

“Avoid them! Go away from them, as for the port, we will look somewhere else.” Rogen meditated fast.


Rogen’s eyes flashed and said to the pirates, “Control everyone on the boat, don’t let them speak loudly and keep it calm!”

“If you didn’t follow my orders, I will kill you!”

Rogen didn’t forget his identity, he was recognized as one of the dangerous pirates in the world. There was a bounty of 110 million Belly on his head, and for their own safety, it’s necessary to control the entire ship.

The pirates bowed, and they followed Rogen’s orders.

The pirate ship changed its course and headed in the opposite direction from the marines. The two ships that were close to each other, started to separate.

When the Sauder’s pirate ship left, the two marine ships were on its right.

“Rear Admiral Dragon! It’s a surprise for me to see you here!” There was an obvious reverence in the tone of Osaki.

The rank of Dragon was not much higher than Osaki, but this may be the rank that he couldn’t cross in his life. It’s just the strength and the status of Dragon was enough to make him flatter.

Osaki didn’t expect that when he went to arrest a criminal like Rogen, he ran into an elite from the headquarter.

That’s a coincidence.

“Many of prisoner was arrested by Rear Admirals, of course, we do that!” Dragon laughed, “After all, I’m also a marine.”

As he spoke, Dragon’s eyes looked at the pirate ship that was running away, and because of the far distance, he couldn’t see them clearly, he only saw the pirate mark on the canvas.

“They are the Sauder’s pirate, they just returned from the grand line, they are a failure pirate gang, Rear Admiral!” a casual marine saw the look of Dragon and quickly explained, “Do you want to catch them, sir!”

After hearing him, Dragon turned back and shook his head “We don’t need to waste time on them, we will arrest them in the future.”

“And now accelerate forward, we have to catch Gol-D-Rogen, can’t let him escape.”

Osaki’s eyes were very serious, he closed his legs and he immediately saluted “yes, sir!”

He has already decided, that in any case, he would listen to the Rear Admiral, because if a marine in his rank from the headquarter suddenly appeared on the East Blue, that represents that he came following to his superior orders.

Although the East Blue is currently the most powerful sea area, it still has a far lower level of strength than the pirates in the grand line and the new world.

However, at this time, Dragon came here.

Once again, he glanced at the pirate ship that was getting farther and farther, he looked back.

The World Government sent him to the East Blue to be the leader of this area.

They must focus on the sea of Gol-D-Roger! This is the toughest case for the Government.

Code-named clean up the East Blue, the leader Monkey-D-Dragon!