One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 17: Getting Stronger


Gradually, the distance between pirates and the marine was getting farther and farther, and eventually turned into a black spot and disappeared on the sea.

On the pirate ship, Rogen and the pirates were relieved. It was best for them to have no trouble with these marines.

The pirate ship was calm. After 3 hours of sailing, they saw an island ahead of them. Rogen directly ordered the pirates to go over there, the ship approached the port in fifteen minutes.

“Fred, when you get there, you will be safe.”

Rogen went to Fred and said it with a smile on his face.

“Thank you, Rogen! You saved our lives.”

Fred was grateful, and behind him, most people were excited and some bowed their heads feeling ashamed.

They wanted to report Rogen to the marine, they didn’t expect that Rogen was a good guy. It was Rogen who saved them.

Most of these civilians had good intentions. They felt so guilty.

“When we get there, we will separate.”

“In the future, if I have the chance, I will see you again,” Rogen said.

After that, his heart suddenly felt a sense of urgency. He didn’t know where that feeling came from, but he was urging him to get out of there.

Moreover, he couldn’t use this pirate ship anymore.

“This kind of intuition is from Ip Man combined with Ge Nie”

“Why the hell did I felt like this?”

Rogen was very confused but he didn’t dare to ignore that feeling. Those who practice martial arts pay attention to the whim, and this feeling was necessarily harbinger of some kind of foreshadowing.

This feeling came to Rogen at the same time when he was busy talking with Fred. He just suppressed this feeling.

About an hour later, the pirates had already completed the transfer, and Rogen returned all the stolen goods to them.

Later, after the separation of Fred and Rogen, the ship started to sail and they left quickly.

“Captain, where are we going now!?”

There were only twenty pirates left on the ship, their eyes were full of fear but they couldn’t be trusted.

At that moment, the Ge Nie possession had already disappeared, but the temperament still existed, a pair of hermits, so that the pirates couldn’t see the real him.

“Sail in the opposite direction of the Loguetown.” Rogen’s eyes flashed and said softly.

Then he stopped talking to the pirates behind him and looked up at the calm sea before him.

The sea shimmered by the sun, but Rogen seems to see the hidden surges beneath the calm sea.

“It seems that this place is not that calm!”

He murmured and he suddenly shocked.

“Something wrong!”

In his mind, he suddenly flashed a marine warship that had passed by them before, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

“The two warships!”

“There must be a terrifying man on these warships!”

“Because of this, Ip Man and Ge Nie’s sensitives gave me this terrible intuition.”

After thinking about it, Rogen finally understands that. His heart was relieved. He knew the source of that feeling, so he could handle it well.

“Captain, there is an island in front of us, shall we get some supply from there?”

After three hours of sailing, the pirates came over with a look of distress.

Basically, they didn’t eat for a whole day, and they stayed with this strict captain. These pirates were really facing massive pressure all the time. In this case, their physical energy naturally consumes faster because of hunger.

“Keep sailing” Rogen just said those words coldly and he didn’t care about their state.

The pirates were annoyed by the acts of Rogen. Someone wanted to argue, but he was pulled back by his friend.

At that moment, he only cares about himself. He was checking the harvested coins after Ge Nie’s possession.

“I have got 5,600 possession coins”

After he saw his amount of possession coins, he got surprised.

When he used the Ip Man soul to defeat the greedy people in Loguetown, he only got few hundred Possession Coins, but now after defeating Sauder and some of his pirates, he got 5600 coins!

“Oh, you Ge Nie!” Rogen made a sigh, and then he starts looking at what he can obtain from Ge Nie.

“The ability: Hundred Steps Flying Sword!”

“The Rainbow Abyss Sword (Yuan Hong)!”

“The ability: The White Penetration Rainbow!”

Ge Nie had only three skills, but these abilities were more expensive than the abilities than Ip Man. Of course, that’s because there was a huge strength difference between the two men. Ge Nie was stronger than Ip Man.

After reading these three skills. “Shit, 5.600 possession coins is not enough to get those 3 skills.”

Rogen smiled wryly.

These skills were undoubtedly very powerful. At least they would make him equivalent to 20 or 30 million pirate. If he obtained these skills, he would be from the strongest pirates in the East Blue, and able to enter the Grand Line.

“Hundred Steps Flying Sword, 3500 possession coins!”

“Yuan Hong, 2000 coins”

“The White Penetration Rainbow, 3000 coins”

Rogen bit his lips with angry. He wants to earn these three skills but he didn’t have this amount of coins.

“There is no swordsman without a sword, not at all.”

“The Hundred Steps Flying Sword or The White Penetration Rainbow, I can only choose one of them.”

It was too hard for him to choose, the Hundred Steps Flying Sword was the highest swordsmanship method, and The White Penetration Rainbow was developed by Ge Nie himself, which was extremely powerful.

After hesitating for a while, Rogen chose the Hundred Steps Flying Sword and the Yuan Hong sword.

“Deduct 5500 possession coins, congratulations to the host to earn Hundred Steps Flying Sword and Yuan Hong sword!”

Just after the electronic voice said that a huge flow of information came out from the void, rushed to Rogen’s head, and emerged with his mind.

After this action, Rogen opened his eyes. In his right hand, he had a long sword. The sword was crystally clear, that was the Yuan Hong sword.

“Hundred Steps Flying Sword!”

“Instantly mastered.” Rogen murmured and his eyes burst forth by the bright sword.

This was the first time he learned a skill given by the possession system and he also discovered the real power of the system. He had a good mood that’s what helped him learn it in an instant.

However, this kind of sword technique must be trained by thousands of times before he can learn it. But, by the power of the system, he mastered it in a second.

“Unfortunately, I still not that strong! At this time with my physical condition and this amazing sword, I can only beat 15 million pirates”