One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 18: A NEW SHIP

This was just a rough judgment of Rogen. It was not certain how much strength could be expected in a fight.

After all, he didn’t engage in many battles in his whole life.

There was a lack of combat experience, and all the previous battles, he was attached to the others person’s souls, with their strength and their own abilities. They carried out these battles. There must be a huge difference.

He slowly pulls out the Yuan Hong sword and kept looking at it, it was clear like a crystal, and its edge was very sharp. Rogen’s eyes were blooming in the bright light coming from the sword. Then he gently sheathed the blade. It was a very calm moment.

Rogen went toward the warehouse of the ship, he was looking for the treasure.

The pirate’s warehouse was in the basement under the deck. so he walked through it and lighted the candlelight and looked around.

However, the scene that he saw made him frown.

“That’s it!”

He thought that the Sauder was a robber, an evil pirate, who had a great treasure. But he didn’t find that much. There were only two or three piles of gold. their price was probably five or six hundred thousand.

He stepped onto the deck and summoned a pirate.

“Why is there little treasure in the basement? Where is the rest?”

He said that and his right hand pressed the hilt, also his eyes had a cold light, which made the pirate in front of him very scared.

“When we entered to the grand line, we got robbed by other pirates”

“And when we got back to the East Blue we attacked some small pirates and robbed them!”

The pirates were scared and jumped to hide.

Rogen loosened the hilt, he was upset, and he didn’t expect a bad luck like that.

He returned to the warehouse and put all the treasure he found into a black package and then he carried it on his back. The package wasn’t big, but because it was mostly metal, it became a bit heavy.

After returning to the deck, he put the parcel beside him and sat down.

“Keep sailing, don’t talk.”

A pirate next to Rogen just swallowed his word back into his throat.

The pirate ship has been sailing for three days and almost came to the most remote place in the East blue. Rogen just stood up.

“Get close to that island!”

He pointed to a small island in front of him.

The pirates were overjoyed. They didn’t eat for three days, also their captain’s killer ordered them to never stop sailing.

After a while, the ship got near that island.

When the pirates were about to disembark, Rogen stared coldly at them again.

“Get out of Here now!”

“Besides, don’t reveal my location to anyone!”

The hungry pirates glimpsed, and some of them were furious and were about to scream, but their friend pulled them back and covered their mouths.

“Hush, don’t talk, I just saw another island not far from here, let’s go there!”

“If we offend this guy, he will kill us!”

That man was stunned and didn’t dare to talk when he saw that sword in Rogen’s hand had been squirted for half an inch. They immediately shrank and swallowed their angry words into their mouths.

“Rest assured, Captain, we’ll keep silent!”

“Let’s leave right now!”

The pirates were very happy. They were free! They immediately drove the pirate ship away from there.

Rogen stood on the coast and kept watching the pirate ship quietly until it disappeared. Then he turned and walked toward the island.

“Here, the feeling of danger has almost disappeared.”

“But, it still exists.”

“When I learned the Hundred Steps Flying Sword, this dangerous feeling dropped by 30%, and now after three days of sailing, it decreased by 40% more.”

“Now, when I get here, this dangerous instinct is only 30%”

As soon as he saw a village, Rogen went toward it.

The island wasn’t big, there was only one street, behind him there was an endless sea, and in front of him, there were the rolling hills of the village.

The first thing that made Rogen came to this island was to find someone to exchange some of the treasure and get 100.000 Belly. The system doesn’t recognize the treasure, only recognizes Belly, which made him very helpless. Also, if he will go back to sail, he will need some money. Fortunately, people in the village think that gold is more valuable than paper money.

The second thing is to find a bar and start eating. The pirates didn’t eat for three days, but he actually did.

After having a big meal in the bar, he found a hotel and slept in it.

When he opened his eyes the next day, it was already afternoon.

“Now, it’s time to find a boat” as soon as he left the hotel, Rogen began to ask the villagers which ships were the best to sail for a long time.

“Nautical ships? Are you going to travel?”

“If you want to travel far, you have to avoid fishing boats. At least we have a sailboat.”

The chief of the village thought about it and said slowly.

“Yes, I need a boat that can sail for a long time.” Rogen nodded.

“So, there’s only Roth’s family, I remember that they had a sailing boat. but, it seems that they didn’t use it for many years” The chief wanted to help Rogen.

“Thank you chief!”

Finally, Rogen walked toward Roth’s house.

This family was obviously the richest family in the village, walls surrounded their house, and the yard was about five hundred square meters. It was a beautiful garden with a path made of bluestone, and the best thing was the house, it was a three-story villa.

When he entered the house, he found Roth and told him why he came to his house.

“Do you want my family’s sailboat?” Roth looked at Rogen with a strange look.

“Yes, my ship is broken, and I came here yesterday!” Rogen nodded.

“Seeing you with a sword, made me wandering!? You are not a pirate and not a marine. Are you a pirate hunter!?” Roth asked curiously.

Rogen’s eyes flashed and he smiled: “Yes, I’m a pirate hunter, the last time I met a strong pirate, he destroyed my boat and I hardly escaped from him.”

“Pirate Hunter is not a safe job!” Roth sighed and said, “Well, I’ll sell it to you and I won’t ask for a lot of money, 200.000 is enough!”

“At the time, my father spent 700.000 to build it, the keel of that boat is very strong and its durability is absolutely reliable.”

“Just after the death of my father, there was no one in my family who could sail with it.”

Rogen nodded, 200,000 ships, it was indeed very cheap.

“Ok, where is the boat?”

“It’s in the small port behind the island. No one used it for a long time. but I often send workers to repair it. After all, my father gave it to me.”