One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 19: The Dragon Root


“After all these years, it didn’t change at all.”

Roth said that to Rogen while he led him to the small port.

After a few minutes, they came to the port.

The port is actually only one side of the island, but the island shape leads to an inland bay near the sea. At that moment, the ship was quietly anchored in the bay.

Rogen looked at the ship from the distance, showing a trace of satisfaction in his eyes.

From the outside, Roth didn’t lie to deceive him. The ship’s canvas and contour were intact, and there was no accumulation of dust, proved that it hasn’t used for a long time. On the contrary, it looks neat and clean, as if it was a new ship that had never been used before.

The shape of the ship looked very interesting because the structure was concentrated in the middle of the boat.

At the front of the bow, there was a sculpture of a dragon leaping.

“The dragon was added by my father. The ship called the root of the Dragon.” Roth said slowly.

“Wizz.” (Whistle SFX)

Roth blew a whistle to the workers on the ship.

The ship in the distance turned around and came towards them smashing the surface of the water.

“Here it is, goes and take a closer look.”

Rogen nodded. When the ship approached, he discovered that it wasn’t that big. It was about 20 meters long. However, the draft was very heavy, and it appears to be thick and stable on the surface of the water. It was difficult to feel the tremor on the board.

“Root’s material made of the silk wood Nanmu from the four seas. The Nanmu produced in the bottom of the sea and it’s a very strong wood. It has been in the sea for a long time, which makes him more tenacious.” Roth briefly introduced.

Rogen nodded and followed Roth to look around. He picked a few places and knocked them to see the quality of the wood. But all of them made a strong sound.

He didn’t know much about the ships. His brother Roger was actually a very good guy who knows a lot about the history of the world and all walks of life. This affected him, in addition to the martial arts, some people expected him to go beyond Roger’s way.

After half an hour, the two discussed the price. The ship was eventually sold for 200,000 Belly, but Rogen had no cash, so they exchanged some of the treasure with equal value.

Both of them had achieved the desired goals, so they were all very satisfied. Roth was pleased to invite Rogen for a meal so he readily agreed.

In the afternoon, Rogen left the place. After buying some necessities and enough food for 5 months, he went to the Dragon Root.

Rogen looked at the boat in front of him with a big smile.

This ship wasn’t big, but in the future, it may be his home. He has a big bounty on his head so he could not stay in one place for a long time. From then on, he could only live the days of wandering around.

The next day, Rogen drove the boat slowly away from the island.

Just two days before he left the island, the Sauder’s pirate ship came to a small island.

The twenty remaining pirates were starving. They rushed to the restaurant on the island and threatened the shopkeeper to kill him if they didn’t give them a lot of food.

“Give us all the food, or we will kill you all!”

The pirates were screaming with a fierce voice at the waiters and the owner.

The food came up quickly, and they devoured the food.

After the satiated meal, the pirates had a long sigh of relief and a satisfied look appeared on their faces.

“Oh, that’s so good!”

“That asshole, we didn’t eat for days, we almost starved to death.”

“Next time when we see that bastard, we must kill him!”

The pirates complained, but there was still a look of panic in their eyes, so it was just for a vent. They were not willing to meet that kid again in their lives.

Just after they complained, when they were in the middle through their meal. Suddenly a young man said quietly.

“Where’s that bastard you were talking about?”


The Pirates woke up abruptly and turned to see the tough young man.

That man was wearing a black robe covering his body and face. His voice was low and serious. There was some mysterious atmosphere.

“Who are you?” They shouted.

They didn’t dare to talk about Rogen, he threatened them if they said anything about him, he will kill them all.

“Who am I?”

The young man in the black robe burst out laughing. He did not answer the question of these pirates but said that with a low voice.

“Not with you, it’s a very cautious person, this boy is different from the others. He seems to be a very smart guy.”

As he followed, he stood up slowly, at that moment, the pirates discovered that his height was more than two meters, burly and extremely oppressive.

The man took the robe off his head and exposed a red tattoo.

“I’m the Rear admiral Monkey D Dragon!”

He said with Courteous voice. However, the faces of the pirates changed, and their long swords, which had just been picked up, fell to the ground.

After a second, the Marines, which already prepared an ambush outside rushed in and pointed their guns at the pirates.

In fact, on that day, Rogen escaped from Dragon, and the latter didn’t know till he came to the position of the merchant ship and saw it sink.

Recalling the previous scene, he immediately remembered the Sauder’s pirates.

It was difficult for the casual marines to understand that, but in this case when a high-rank marine with them, it was easy. It was only couples of hours and they started following the Sauder’s pirate ship.

After a short inquiry, Dragon’s eyes flashed then smiled.

“That’s it, Rogen is on the island right now, and very close to here.”

“Yes, Rear Admiral!” The pirates said.

“Rear Admiral Dragon, do you want us to start looking for him immediately?” Osaki asked.

“Ha ha.”

Dragon smiled and his eyes showed a wise light.

“No, that kid, I’m afraid he has already run away.”

“What a kid, Rogen!”