One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 20: The Last Voice

When Dragon caught Sauder’s pirates, Rogen had already left the island with his new ship.

“At this time, I think that the marine has caught those weak pirates, huh!”

The danger instinct has disappeared, and Rogen’s face finally showed a smile.

He was with Sauder’s pirates on their ship, then he landed on the island and let the pirates go. Actually, he did that to attract the eyes of the marine toward Sauder’s ship. In this case, he gave himself a chance to escape the marine. Rogen was not stupid. His whereabouts have been known by the marine, and naturally, he couldn’t escape from them easily.

Under such circumstances, if he stayed on the Sauder’s ship, sooner or later he would be caught. He didn’t know who he would face from the marines, but it seems that Rogen knew there was a person from them who had a magnificent strength and could easily defeat him.

Moreover, the warning in his heart has never disappeared, which proves that his guess was correct.

Until then, that intuition disappeared, and Rogen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Rogen stood at the front end of the ship and he was looking at the calm sea. Then his eyes flashed.

“What should I do next?”

Rogen was puzzled, he ran away from the Loguetown, then he suffered a bad injury cause of the fight with the Vice Admirals, then Hina rescued him, also he eliminated the Sauder with some of his pirates, and now. In a short period of time, everything he had experienced was far exceeded than what he has experienced in his 16 years of life. This kind of life wasn’t usual for Rogen, it was very stimulating, so that made Rogen doesn’t know if he should be excited or afraid.

After a half an hour, Rogen was immersed in this exciting and terrified thinking. After a long time, he raised his head and showed a smirk.

“I have to admit that this feeling is really amazing!”

He laughed, then he began to think about his future.

“If I remember correctly, my brother Roger will soon have a baby!”

“And now I have the strength to protect myself. And with this possession system, even if it is a big consumer, it gave me a great power. It’s a very powerful system.”

The boat was slowly going forward, and after an hour, Rogen heard a noisy coming for the front.

“Again? Are these pirates?”

Rogen frowned and looked at the chaotic scene ahead of him. He saw two ships in front of him fighting fiercely. One of the ships had a flag with a skull on it.

“This era caused by Roger, the Pirates era. Which made the sea filled with greedy, shameless and vicious people!”

“These guys are real garbage!”

Because of this, Rogen was more disgusted to become a pirate. All the pirates he saw, except Roger, were scums and murders. They had no moral bottom line. They are the worst.

“I will become a pirate hunter, then I’ll destroy these disgusting pirates and I’ll clear the world from them.”

“Roger’s son, and his wife, I must save them!”

It appeared in front of him Roger figure smiling, he couldn’t help but smile.

Roger was a great brother to him, because of the difference in age between them, Roger is more indulgent to him, they had the same blood, and they were true brothers.

After a while, Rogen approached the chaotic situation ahead.

He grabbed the Yuan Hong sword with his right hand with deadly eyes, and then he took out a mask.

When he was on the island, he asked the master of the island to make him this mask. It’s the mask of Wukong The Monkey King.

The monkey king mask, a black robe, that’s how Rogen looked at that moment.

“It’s really disgusting to see people like them!”

The war between the two ships was very fierce and the blood scattered from both sides.

All of a sudden, a strange voice came over.

The pirates immediately were frightened, then they turned their heads, especially the woman who led the pirate, she was holding a machete, and immediately saw where that voice came from.

A small ship, with someone on the front of it, who wore a black robe and a monkey mask.

“Get out of the way, I don’t have time to deal with you!” Stella yelled.

“The three million reward, Stella. You didn’t have time to deal with me, but I have time to destroy you!’

Rogen took out the rewards papers and said with a chuckle.

“You are a bounty hunter!!?” Stella’s face changed

“You got it right, and the reward is on your head!”

His face suddenly turned cold, Rogen bent his knees, and then he jumped from his ship and in an instant entered the crowd.

Stella was fierce. She waved to her pirates. “Cut him to death for me!”

Immediately, a dozen of pirates ran toward Rogen with their weapons.

As soon as he saw them, his eyes shrank then he leaned forward slightly and muttered.

“I will pass through this road ahead! I’m invincible!”

“You are on my way, so you have to die!”

His voice suddenly became ferocious, then he jumped with incredible speed, leaving a stream of light in his place. He shuttled across over a dozen pirates like electricity.


A gust of wind appeared, these Pirates who were rushing toward Rogen, they were shocked and afraid.


A large amount of blood spilled out and dyed the deck red. More than a dozen pirates fell to the ground without any movement.


Such a crisp and fierce sword technique stunned all the people present.

They were looking at Rogen. Their eyes were full of horror. The fighters on the civilian ship had a sigh of relief.

“You. Who are you?” Stella shouted with fear in her eyes.

Such swordsmanship has already surpassed her a lot.

“If you want my name, I can tell you!”

Rogen said softly while he was stepping forward, slowly moving, and his long sword was leaning to the ground.

“Remember the last voice you heard in your life!”

“Huh, my name!”

With a leap, Rogen rushed toward Stella and stopped in front of her. She wasn’t even able to react and her face became extremely alarmed.


When Rogen turned the Yuan Hong sword, the bright and beautiful rainbow sword glowed and a burst of crisp sound came out.


Cutting the air, the tip of the sword turned and moved toward Stella’s neck.

“The sword saint, Ge Nie!”


Blood spurted out, and her big head burst into the sky.

After that, Rogen stepped in and came to the remaining pirates. The long sword swept around and start cutting everyone, “puff, puff…!”

After two minutes, Rogen smashed this pirate group easily.