One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 21: I Need To Save Money

This was the first pirate defeated by Rogen without possession from the system, but it will never be the last one. His Monkey King mask and his terrifying swordsmanship left a deep impression on the rescued people.


After killing all the pirates, Rogen quietly left. Hidden his face and his name.


He left only the name of the sword Saint Ge Nie. After three days, he went to the marine base.


Rogen’s eyes became deeper when he saw the marine barracks in front of him.


“The safest place is to stand under their eyes.”


“No one would think that I have become a pirate hunter!”


Strode towards the marines branch. When Rogen arrived at the gate, two guards blocked him with a serious face.


“Who are you?”


“The Sword Saint, Ge Nie!”


Rogen coldly answered with these words, such as the words of sonorous, so the two marines suddenly trembled and looked at him with dignified.


“The pirate hunter?”


In the recent days, they also heard of the pirate Hunter called Ge Nie, who was wandering in this sea area. Up to now, there were four or five pirates groups killed and they thought that he eliminated them.


Therefore, when they heard his name, their faces were full of respect.


Rogen was strong, and he maintained the justice of the marines, they had the same enemies, so he was their natural ally.


“Yeah! This is the head of Stella!”


Rogen said with a cold voice, and then pulled out Stella’s head, which surprised the two marine soldier.


There was a rumor said that this female pirate was very cruel, and killed a lot of people. Even some people said she was eating human flesh. She was extremely ferocious and strong and no one could get on her way.


However, in front of them, a thin guy with a monkey mask, holding a sword, has defeated such a terrible pirate.


His strength won him their respect. The two have been good with Rogen.


“Where do I hand over this head, and where do I get my reward?”


Rogen kept talking coldly, his voice does not contain any feelings.


“Come with me, please!”


The two marine respectfully led Rogen into the inside. No one could see his identity below the mask.


After a minute, the soldiers and Rogen came to the office of the chief petty officer.


“ARE YOU the Sword Saint, Ga Nie!!?”


In the small office, the chief asked while he observed Rogen carefully.


The chief petty officer saw the terrifying sword of Rogen as if it wants to rush out from the Sheath. It was amazing.


“Yes, sir! He is Ga Nie.”


In his heart, the chief petty officer raised the respect and the importance of Rogen.


“You two can leave now!”


He waved his right hand and ordered the two marines to leave, and then he let Rogen sit down.


“This is Stella’s head. Where can I get the money?” Rogen directly put the package on the table, just to show Stella’s head to the chief.


The chief’s eyes shrank. He confirmed her identity then his heart trembled hard.


“It is undoubtedly, Stella, we will give you the three million Belly! Just one minute!”


The chief petty officer nodded.


“I want it as soon as possible!”


Rogen said coldly. He was ready to get up.


“Wait a minute, Saint Ga Nie.” The chief suddenly said with a smile on his face.


“I wonder if you are interested to become a Marine.”


“With your strength, if you join us, I guarantee you that once you enter the Marine, you will get directly the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, and the battles will be easier with your skills.”


“As soon as you kill a few pirates, you will upgrade immediately. I promise!”


Under the mask, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and his lips showed a hint of interest, but his voice remained cold.


“Not interested!”


“I’m here only for money!”


After that, he turned away and left, accompanied by the chief, and went to the place where he will get his money.


The finance department of the marine was not far away. Only a moment, Rogen got his 3 Million Belly. At that time, the chief kept persuading, enlightening Rogen of all the benefits of being a Marine.


“Now the marine is preparing to clean up the East Blue. We need the strongest and powerful people to join us. It is a good time for you to join us.”


“You must cherish this opportunity. I assure you, after three years, no, two years later, you will get a rank of Vice Admiral.”


“Even in the East Blue, a Vice Admiral is a very high rank.”


“Believe me, Ga Nie, you will make great progress.”


Even though the chief was so excited and full with expectation, Rogen just said with his cold voice, “I am only interested in money!”


He only needs money to purchase souls. As long as he has a lot of money, he can become stronger and stronger. In this chaotic world, this is his only hope to survive.


Because of the distraction of the chief, Rogen was delayed for a quarter of an hour, so he left the marine base late.


The chief was willing to know who’s under the mask, which made Rogen’s heart trembled.


He turned his head, walked forward and left the place.


“It’s too late, I use masks to cover my identity, and if it wasn’t my strength they won’t be interested in the face under the mask. But, if I join the marine, I won’t be free, and one day, one of the higher ranks will suspicious me!”


“What I must do now with the marine is, don’t get close, don’t leave, keep distance!”


“This is the best way!”


That was the first trade with the marine, and in the next three months, Rogen went all the way back to Loguetown. He killed dozens of pirates, which had rewards over a million on their heads.


This kind of record was to let the name of Ga Nie spread throughout the civilians and marines. The high ranks have also begun to watch him.


After all, killing a tree million pirate could be luck at one time, but after killing so many pirates with bounty more than one million and didn’t get hurt once, that’s mean that this guy is really strong.


Such a talent, the marine needs it during this period.


At the same time, the pirates began to pay attention to this Pirate hunter with a monkey king mask and his terrifying sword.


A powerful pirate hunter was a great threat to pirates.


In the middle of the East Blue, Rogen was sitting alone on the deck of his ship (the Dragon Root), holding a bottle of Sake in his hand and drinking it slowly.


After defeating several pirates, his money has accumulated to 35 million. All of a sudden, he transferred from the poverty to well-off level.


“With my strength, I will kill every disgusting pirate I meet”


“This is the way to became rich.”


Rogen stands on the deck and he was very drunk, he points his hand to the mountain as if he was talking with it and said those words.


In his previous life, he was just a poor boy who never passed the four-digits in his pocket.


“I want to save money!”


“A lot of money!”


“With money, I will be very happy!”


Rogen shouted and there was a blush on his face because of the Sake.