One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 22: The Captain Wants To See You!

Drunkenness made Rogen very arrogant and supercilious, and he shouted loudly at the wide sea.
In these days, so many things happened, the death of his brother, the pursuit of the marine to him, the separation with his friends, the sudden arrival of the possession system which gave him a great power. He suddenly became a strong man and able to ride in the sea.  Above that, he became a pirate hunter.
All these things, he couldn’t even imagine them happening at once, he was only 16.
Everything comes fast, so amazing.
In Rogen’s heart, there was always a pressure, confusion about his future and doubts about his own strength. He didn’t know what he must do. Until recently there was a hint of enlightenment.
It was an experiment and an adventure for him to receive the reward in the marine’s base on that day. He wanted to know if he could stand against the person who’s chasing him, If he had the courage or not, and if they identify him, he will be in dilemma or not.
His heart remained calm as he approached the marine base. Therefore, he finally confirmed that the possession system was strong and he has changed him. His mental state let him became placid and able to face any danger.
He was crazy, also he was very happy, not only because the money he got from the rewards but also because of his strength.
He was very happy.
Rogen sipped his drink and after a while, he fell asleep. The ship slowly followed the sea breeze without a guide.
On the next day, when the sun was rising. The warm sun shone on Rogen’s ass, which woke him up.
“My head!”
After a while, he slowly returned to his mind and thought about everything, then he washed his face. 
“I don’t have enough money, I need more!”
“What I summoned before, I used only 10.000 soul class, the Orange tier, and they were really strong, so what if I use 10 million class, or even 100 million class, how powerful the soul would be?”
“I really want to know!”
Well, Rogen already knew that the more expensive the soul is, the more powerful he would be.
What if he could summon those powerful souls and fight with them, would he gain their power?
For this Rogen was full of desire.
Later, Rogen set the Dragon Root to sail in the East Blue.
Time was fast, and three months already passed.
In the past few months, Rogen’s reputation has become even more famous.
His strength allowed him again to beat three pirates with a reward of around 5 million. This adds up 15 million to the total of his money. Moreover, most of the weak pirates ran far away when they saw the Dragon Root Ship. 
“These small pirates didn’t dare to fight me anymore. In the past three months, I didn’t make much money.”
Helplessly Rogen shook his head. He felt for the first time that his fame wasn’t a good thing, which meant that it becomes hard for him to earn money.
On this day, He went to the nearest Marine base to get the reward of the defeated pirates in the recent days.
It took him three days to sail to the nearest marine base.
In fact, after a long time of sailing, he has almost traveled every area in the East Blue.
Rogen wore his mask and went to the marine base, carrying a black package. Ge Nie was known at all the Marine bases. 
Inside the marine, there was a mutual rumor that this Pirate Hunter with the Monkey King mask was a great swordsman. 
His strength was incredible. He was a terrifying person.
Going all the way to the finance department, he was very familiar with the layout of the Marine base, most Marine bases have the same design, and only special bases were different.
“Silu, his reward is 5.5 million”
 With indifference, Rogen put the black package on the table.
He took off the pirate’s head from the black robe. The inspectors carefully looked at the head and nodded.
When Silu was dead, his pirate group had already been disbanded, such a major event naturally spread quickly among the Marine. Therefore the authenticity of the news is not suspected, and this head was not fake.
“It’s him!” 
The inspector said and then he handed the 5.5 million Belly to Rogen.
“Working hard, pirate hunter, Ge Nie!” 
The inspector said with a smile.
Rogen nodded and didn’t utter a word. He was ready to turn around and leave.
“Please wait, our Captain is interested in you, can you please go to his office and have a cup of tea and talk with him?”
The inspector said again with the same smile.
Rogen frowned. He didn’t want to have much contact with the marine.
“NOT interested!”
Rogen shook his head and turned to leave.
As he walked to the door, two soldiers suddenly blocked the path, and they put their hands on their guns. This action of threat immediately made Rogen’s eyes shrank.
“What do you mean by this?”
“Don’t get me wrong, Captain Ross really wants to see you. He wants to meet the famous swordsman of the East Blue”
The inspector kept smiling but Rogen’s heart has an ominous presentiment.
The marines already gathered the outside of the finance department. They stood in front of it, in case of problems.
This was a deterrent and a threat.
Rogen’s eyes condensed and he looked out.
Seeing that Rogen stood still, and did not say any word, the inspector smiled and got on their way.
Rogen slowly put his right hand behind him, after a half the way he said.
“I hope that there are no more surprises when I meet your Captain!” 
Rogen said these indifferent words with the cold voice.
“Of course, be assured that our Captain Ross is very hospitable.”
The inspector laughed, then he waved to let the two men at the door retreat, and then he led Rogen to the office of the Captain.
Five minutes later, Rogen came to the front of the Captain office on the 3rd floor.
“Knock! Knock! Knock!”
“Please come in”
Rogen took a sigh, and then he entered the room.
As soon as he entered, Rogen saw the simple furnishings, wooden tables, chairs, bookcases and some plants. In addition, there was nothing else.
“The sword saint, Ge Nie!”

At this time, the middle-aged man picked up his eyebrow and looked at Rogen.

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