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S.P.P Chapter 23: Where THE HELL Did He Come From?





Under the mask, Rogen’s face was a bit cold and he nodded indifferently.


In the impression of the marine, the mysterious Pirate Hunter Ga Nie was such an indifferent swordsman. Therefore, Captain Ross didn’t care about that, he just smiled and then he asked Rogen to sit.


“I have always been very curious about you, so this time I wanted to see you and I hope that you don’t mind.”


Rogen slightly nodded, he was sitting rudely in front of him and didn’t say anything.


After waiting for a long time, Ross didn’t want to wait anymore for Rogen to talk, he was a little embarrassed, he smiled and said.


“Ge Nie, please say anything?”


“Say what?” Rogen asked with a strange look.


“For example something about your life, your birthplace, how did you get such strength?”


Ross’ eyes flashed and asked softly.


Actually, the marine wanted to know everything about these powerful hunters, they need so many fighters to deploy them in the East Blue. These Pirate hunters are the best choice for the marine to recruit. They already recruited a large number of pirate hunters to become Marines either by money or by seducing.


In the meantime, many divisions were very curious about this mysterious and powerful swordsman, they collected some information and inquiring about him. What was surprising for them was that Ge Nie, as if he suddenly appeared, before that, there was no information about him.


This person was as if he dropped from the sky, it was something unusual.


“My life? My birthplace?”


Rogen said that with a little smirk and there was a hint of anger in it.


“Huh, Captain, you invited me just to find where I come from?”


After that, Ross smiled and said:” I’m really curious.”


Then he stared deeply at Rogen’s mask.


“After all, you are our excellent partner, and we want such a trustworthy person. Your background is not clear.”


“What kind of person are you under that mask?”


“Unless you are a pirate? That’s would be funny!”


“Isn’t it?”


Then Ross looked at Rogen and said.


”A Pirate!”


“Haha, you can really make jokes. Everyone knows that I, Ge Nie, never showed mercy to the pirates.” Rogen was little angry. ”You want to know my identity, alright I’ll tell you.”


“My hometown is not in the East Blue, but I recently came to this area by coincidence.”


“I learned my swordsmanship in my hometown, Shanghai. My master called Guigu, and he taught me the vertical and horizontal sword techniques.”


“That’s all I can tell you. Go check it out if you want.”


Rogen was full of self-confident, and he shows a strong dissatisfaction with the Captain asking about his identity.


“Haha, don’t be too angry, sir. the marine wanted to know everything, I hope you can understand!”


The Captain Ross Heard Rogen simply explaining his identity, and he just remembered few words from his sentence, then his eyes flashed and laughed loudly.


“You are not from the East Blue! No wonder why we couldn’t find any information, Shanghai, Guigu, the vertical and horizontal swordsmanship?”


The Captain remembered these keywords. Ross was going to report it to his superiors later. The marine has branches all over the world. It was very easy to find out whether the news was true or false.


“Is there something else? You delayed me here for a long time.” Rogen was very angry.


“It’s a bit embarrassing to say, maybe there’s something inconvenience for you to cover Ge Nie, but..”


The tone of Ross was suddenly solemn.


“Please, take off the mask on your face!”


His deep, solemn tone and the momentum that gradually ascended, Made Rogen very confounded.


“Indeed, these guys have begun to suspect me”


Rogen’s heart trembled and he was on alert.


“That’s impossible!”


“Captain Ross, I’m not a marine, please don’t go too far.”


Rogen’s tone was tough, and then he put his hand on the hilt. That fierce sword on his sheath made Ross’s face look dignified.


“It’s worthy of being heard that you are the legend of the sword saint, people want to know your true identity, and with such a sword, everyone would admire you.”


“Today, I must see your face!”


The tone of Ross was very firm, and he stood up.


In a moment, the Captain took the Western sword on the side of the chair, and then he suddenly spurs it forward.


Rogen felt the turbulent flow of the air, and a sharp stream of air broke through and blocked the Captain’s attack, it was a hard slamming impact.


“Do you want to do this?”




The Yuan Hong sword squeaked when it was coming out from its sheath, at the same time the western sword was unsheathed. Rogen stepped back three steps and his right hand was turned. The Yuan Hong sword appeared a beautiful reflection when it stood in the air.


“Here we go!”


The two swords tip collided, which made a crispy sound and the glare came out.


Ross’ eyes contracted, he was shocked and his right hand was trembling.


He attacked first, but Rogen blocked him as if he was waiting for him. At that moment after the reaction of Rogen, a great power came from the Yuan Hong, which made Ross felt as he has a weak sword.


Such a powerful force, great swordsmanship, let Ross admit that he wasn’t good enough as Rogen.


“Great sword master!”


“If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave!”


Rogen looked at Ross’ eyes, and then he slowly put his sword back and left the place.


The Captain looked at Rogen’s back while he was leaving and he pulls back his western sword, his hand starts to tremble and hum, and then he sat down too hard on the chair and he was stunned by that strong block.


“The perfect control power, amazing swordsmanship, this guy, where the hell did he come from?”


After thinking and hesitating, he looked at the Den Den Mushi next to him. Finally, he didn’t give an order to intercept Rogen.


He wasn’t sure whether Rogen used his whole power or not.


Even if Captain Ross knows his face, the marine will arrest Rogen, his confidence and indifference make him suspicious. It seems that, even in he would face the entire marine division, he was confident that he could leave safely.


“Shanghai? Let them check it out!”


“But I think it’s fake!”


“This guy’s identity is definitely a problem!”


Ross’ eyes contracted.


“We must keep an eye on him!”


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